Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's News NJ: Book of the Month "EMPATHY"

Timaira Whiteside currently resides in Philadelphia Pa where she was born and raised. Her writing first began when she was in middle school. It started off with poetry and short stories. At age 15 she began writing local newsletters and continued that for a year. Around 2004 she decided to write her own work of fiction which birthed her book, EMPATHY.....

Empathy is a passionate,love-filled, drama novel. It's a tale about a young married couple. Markel and Jisela share a love so strong, that there in tuned into one another. A chemistry that causes them to stay united at last. Read how they battle the pressures of the modeling industry. Discover how Jisela handles being raped, a strong lust for the men who come into her life, and a jealous, and hot-tempered husband. Embark on this journey with them as life-altering experiences take them through ups and downs.

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