Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch your back, America! Obama is listening.

By Rebecca DiFede

Imagine for a second, a world in which people could tell on their fellow neighbors, friends and enemies for speaking out against government actions or policies, and deliver that information to the leaders themselves.
Think about the unspeakable horror that could occur when people with a grudge make false accusations against their counterparts, and those accusations are followed by direct action from the government against the nay-sayers. Sound familiar?

History is replete with examples of governments turning citizen against citizen in cynical attempts to retain power. This tactic has been used by governments as a mean of controlling their citizenry. During World War II the German people were encouraged to hand over their Jewish neighbors, and report those who they believed might sympathize with them.

Unfortunately, in this age of rapid communication, our leaders have to be much more careful not to set up systems that can effectively have a chilling effect on our American freedoms.

In order to keep up with the Jones’, or rather, what the Jones’ are saying about him, Obama’s presidential re-election campaign has created; a website where citizens can tattle on their fellow Americans for saying mean spirited things about our illustrious president.

In the wake of his failing administration, sinking ratings and titanic debt, he has attempted to build himself a fortress where he can construct answers to all of his detractors insults, essentially the adult version of ‘sticks and stones will break my bones.’

However, luckily for Americans, our Constitution protects us from actually being prosecuted in any way for our beliefs or thoughts about Obama’s policies. In fact, the most that AttackWatch can do, is compile an ever-growing list of people who are dissatisfied with the way Obama is running the country. Legally, it can serve no other purpose.
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