Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is Sharia Law? Why it threatens America.

Listen to the words of Wafa Sultan. An American-Syrian who escaped Shariah Law 22 years ago. " I fear Shariah has followed me here. For Women and non-Muslims, Shariah Law effectively means slavery".

If you have limited time...start at minute FIVE. .....

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Anonymous said...

Which is the bigger threat, Sharia Law somehow being implemented in the United States or peaceful Muslims being persecuted because of their religion? Most Muslims who immigrate to the United States do so to escape tyranny, not to bring tyranny with them. I have several Muslim friends, they love their daughters and wives as much as I love mine. They want peace as much as I do. Of course we should resist law of ANY religion from being implemented in our law, however we also need to be tolerant and welcoming towards Muslims.