Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street moves uptown

News: 'Occupy' protesters march on Anaheim bank | bank, protesters, chase, protest, america, anaheim, march, banks, fees, closed.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, like the Tea Party, is a sign of a broader "anxiety" among middle-class Americans, Jon Corzine, ex-Goldman Sachs chief executive and Governor of New Jersey, told CNBC Tuesday. "It happens to have a more left-wing point

COM STAFF Speaking to a crowd of several hundred at Westlake Center gathered to support the "Occupy Seattle" protests, Mayor Mike McGinn said the group needed to "fight to get jobs, fight to get justice" as the effects of the Great Recession continue.

So, Kanye West stopped by Occupy Wall Street. Nobody´s quite sure why, as he was wearing his usual very expensive gear, and just showed up and then proceeded to leave. After Russell Simmons
Protesters with Occupy San Francisco, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, rally against the financial industry Friday outside the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. San Francisco — As kooky as the Occupy Wall Street protesters may seem.

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