Monday, October 3, 2011

Term Limits—Not Totalitarianism

By Howard Rich

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue’s recent suggestion that federal elections should be suspended until after the economy improves is a testament to political tone-deafness. Self-serving career politicians in Washington, D.C. are directly responsible for our nation’s ongoing economic malaise — and the last thing we need to do right now is reward them for refusing to clean up their own mess.

Also, Perdue’s statement blindly assumes that the American economy is going to get better in the not-too-distant future — a dubious assumption under the best of circumstances, but a guaranteed loser if our current crop of “leaders” is permitted to keep pursuing its failed policy of neo-Keynesian interventionism.

No wonder Perdue and her staff have been furiously backpedaling — attempting to pass off her remark as “hyperbole” or “sarcasm.”

Audio recordings make plain that Perdue wasn’t joking, though. And believe it or not, there is actually a kernel of truth buried deep within this otherwise ludicrous assertion.

“Our political system would function better if politicians weren’t constantly positioning themselves for re-election,” writes Peter Tucci, an editor at The Daily Caller. “This permanent campaigning prevents politicians — especially House members, who are always within two years of an election — from reaching compromises or embracing unpopular but necessary measures.”

Tucci’s prescription for ending this dysfunction? Not totalitarianism — but term limits.
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