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Conrad Murray sentenced to maximum term in Michael Jackson death

Dr. Conrad Murray during his involuntary manslaughter trial in Los Angeles, Friday, Oct. 21, 2011. Murray has pleaded not guilty and faces four years in prison and the loss of his medical license if convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced today to the maximum sentence possible for involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop music star Michael Jackson, four years behind bars Jackson died in June 2009 of an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol Jackson was given as a sleep aid. Murray is unlikely to serve a full term due to overcrowding and prison realignment.

Conrad Murray must also pay "appropriate restitution" to the family and children of Michael Jackson.
Murray was sentenced Tuesday, three weeks after a jury convicted the cardiologist of involuntary manslaughter. The judge chastised him for a "horrific violation of trust" in caring for Jackson.
Judge Michael Pastor criticized lies by Murray following Jackson's death. "Dr. Murray engaged in a continuous, recurring pattern of deceit, of lies, and regrettably, that pattern was to assist Dr. Murray." Pastor listed a litany of other criticisms of Murray.

"Why give probation to someone who is offended by the whole idea that that person is even before the court? You cannot have probation when there is not an acknowledgment of rehabilitation and responsibility." Pastor said that Murray didn't exhibit that.

Prosecutors had urged the judge to sentence the doctor to the maximum, arguing his treatment of Jackson with a powerful anesthetic ended the life of the King of Pop and left his three children without a father.
"He unquestionably violated the trust and confidence of his patient, Mr. Jackson, on a repeated, nightly basis," Pastor said.

Attorneys for the 58-year-old Murray argued that probation was a more appropriate sentence, given his lack of a criminal history and the fact he will lose his medical license.
Murray could serve half of the four years because of overcrowding in California jails.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Was J. Edgar Hoover A Black Man Passing For White?

An African-American author from Maryland claims that former Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was a Black man who was passing for white.

Millie McGhee, author of “Secrets Uncovered : J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White,” says that Hoover was related to her.
My grandfather told me that this powerful man, Edgar, was his second cousin, and was passing for white. If we talked about this, he was so powerful he could have us all killed. I grew up terrified about all this.”
Read more at TheRoot.com

Egypt Protesters Reject Military Concessions

Egypt’s political crisis deepened after tens of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square demanded the country’s top general step down and rejected an offer by the ruling military council to speed up the transition to civilian rule.

Demonstrations and clashes continued in several cities Wednesday, with one man shot dead by security forces in the northern port city of Alexandria. Police have denied using live ammunition, but most of the 30 people killed nationwide during the latest unrest have suffered bullet wounds.

The head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mohamed Tantawi, vowed in a rare public address Tuesday to hold presidential elections by July 2012 and suggested he is willing to hold a referendum on whether military rule should end earlier.

The proposal is seen by many as a ploy designed to appeal to the many Egyptians who fear further upheaval and to divide them from youth activists.

Tantawi’s speech followed crisis talks with political and Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, which is expected to win a major share of parliament in staggered elections scheduled to begin Monday. Most liberal and secular opposition parties – who have called on the military to immediately cede power – declined to attend the meeting. They accuse the Brotherhood of selling out the revolution for short-term political gain.
Egypt’s parliamentary elections have been hastily organized by the military. While Tantawi pledged Tuesday that the polls would go forward as planned, many opposition leaders believe that to be increasingly doubtful.
Tantawi also told the nation Tuesday he had accepted the resignation of the civilian Cabinet of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, but that it will remain in place until a new government is formed.

Protesters vowed not to leave Cairo’s Tahrir Square until the military council steps down. Clashes between police and demonstrators angry at Tantawi’s speech erupted in several other cities, including Alexandria, Suez and Ismailiya.

In Washington, the U.S. State Department condemned “the excessive use of force by police” and urged restraint.

In an apparent concession to demonstrators, the military council earlier issued a law that bans anyone convicted of corruption from running for office or holding a government position. The move could restrict members of ex-president Hosni Mubarak’s former ruling party from competing in the upcoming elections.
Amnesty International on Tuesday accused Egypt’s rulers of brutality sometimes exceeding that of Mubarak.
Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.

Monday, November 21, 2011

LeBron James, star pals to lead tour

Google+ is sponsoring and live streaming a four-game NBA exhibition tour starring LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and other big stars next month.

NBA players have been staging these quasi-pickup games all summer because of the lockout.
The Google+ "Homecoming Tour" looks to be the biggest barnstorming tour yet.

LeBron, Carmelo, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade will each host a game in their respective hometowns between Dec. 1 and Dec. 10.

Chris Bosh is expected to come along for the ride as well.
So if you're pining for NBA hoops, dust off that Google+ account that you haven't used in a few months.

Dr. J mementos sell for $3.5 million

6 Erving memorabilia auction nets $3.5 million   National Post

 Erving memorabilia auction nets $3.5 million   National Post

SCP Auctions ѕауѕ more thаn 140 items frοm Julius Erving's personal pool sold fοr a record .5 million. Thе auction ran frοm October until Sunday. Amοnɡ thе highlights: Hіѕ 1974 Nеw Jersey Nets ABA championship ring sold fοr 0471; ]

Gingrich and Romney top Gallup poll

Republicans are most likely to name Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as their first choice for their party’s 2012 presidential nomination, with Herman Cain close behind. Among all Republicans nationwide, Romney is the choice of 20% and Gingrich 19%. Among Republican registered voters, Gingrich is at 22% and Romney at 21%.

Mid-November 2011 results: Next, I'm going to read a list of people who are running for the 2012 Republican nomination for president. After I read the names, please tell me which candidate you are most likely to support for the nomination, or if you would support someone else.
These results are based on a USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,062 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents conducted Nov. 13-17. Compared with the prior poll, conducted Nov. 3-6, Gingrich’s support has increased from 12% to 19% among all Republicans. His support has gone up in each of the last three polls after bottoming out at 4% in August, and is now at his highest for the campaign to date.
Meanwhile, Cain, who has been dogged by allegations of sexual harassment, has seen his support dip slightly, from 21% to 16%. However, it remains well above the levels from earlier this year, which were generally in the single digits.

Rick Perry’s support also slipped, to 8% in the latest poll, conducted after the two most recent candidate debates, including the Nov. 9 debate in which Perry failed to remember the names of all three cabinet departments he vowed to shut down if elected. Perry’s support has declined in each of the last three updates after peaking at 29% in mid-August, shortly after he entered the race.
Romney, meanwhile, has been the leader or tied for the lead in nearly every poll conducted since May, when the Republican field largely came into shape.

Trend in Preferences for Republican Nomination, Recent Gallup Polls
Most of the candidates, including Romney, receive roughly equal support from conservative and moderate or liberal Republicans. Cain and, in particular, Gingrich, have greater appeal to conservative Republicans.
Overall, Gingrich has a slight edge over Romney and Cain among conservatives, while Romney has a wider margin over the others among moderates and liberals.

Preferences for Republican Nomination, by Political Ideology, Mid-November 2011
Conservatives outnumber moderates and liberals by better than 2-to-1 in the Republican rank-and-file.
Gingrich and Cain appear to have benefited most from the decline in Perry’s support. In Gallup’s August update, when Perry was the overall leader, 33% of conservative Republicans favored him, making him the clear leader in that subgroup. At that time, 16% of conservative Republicans supported Romney, 5% Cain, and 4% Gingrich.

Older Republicans Lean Heavily to Gingrich, Romney

Republican presidential nominee preferences vary significantly by age. If the nomination were contested solely among senior citizens, it would be a two-man race between Gingrich (34%) and Romney (28%), with 6 in 10 Republicans aged 65 or older supporting one of those two candidates, and no other candidate above 8% in that age group.

In fact, Gingrich’s support is heavily concentrated among Republicans who are at least 50, while his support is 4% among Republicans younger than 30. This pattern may reflect the fact that he has been out of public office for more than a decade, and thus a less familiar figure to younger Republicans.

Cain and Ron Paul do much better among younger than among older Republicans, a consistent finding for Paul throughout the campaign. And while Romney is competitive with the leaders in every age group, his support tends to be greater among older Republicans.

Preferences for Republican Nomination, by Age, Mid-November 2011
Older Americans in general are more likely to vote in elections than younger Americans, suggesting that Gingrich’s and Romney’s greater support among older Republicans may translate better to actual voting than Cain’s and Paul’s among younger Republicans.

With the first official nominating contest, the Iowa caucuses, now just six weeks away, there is no clear national front-runner for the Republican nomination. Romney remains at the top of the list, along with Gingrich, whose campaign has mounted a comeback in recent weeks, and Cain. Gingrich’s rise coincides with the recent declines of Perry and, to a lesser extent, Cain,

Typically, well before the Iowa caucuses, Republicans have anointed a dominant front-runner who wound up being the nominee. The major exception was in the last campaign, when Rudy Giuliani led national polls by a healthy margin for much of 2007 but was largely uncompetitive in the 2008 primaries and caucuses.
Thus, the current contest stands to be the most competitive and perhaps most unpredictable for the Republican nomination since 1972, when the parties shifted the power to choose their presidential nominees away from party leaders at the national convention to the rank-and-file voters in state primaries and caucuses.

First Lady Booed at NASCAR Event

Daily Mail

Appearing yesterday at a NASCAR event in Florida, First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden received audible boos from the crowd after being announced. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden were in attendance at the NASCAR event to

UC Davis police chief put on leave after pepper-spray incident – The Guardian


The University of California, Davis has placed its police chief on administrative leave after campus police deployed pepper-spray at close range on students during a protest on Friday. UC Davis said early on Monday that it was necessary to place police

The capture of Gaddafi’s son – Reuters

Globe and Ma
Globe and Mail The capture of Gaddafi's son Reuters OBARI, Libya (Reuters) – The chic black sweater and jeans were gone. So too the combat khaki T-shirt of his televised last stand in Tripoli. Designer stubble had become bushy black beard after months on the run.

ZINTAN, Libya Nov 19 (Reuters) – Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib said on Saturday he had confidence that the authorities in the town of Zintan holding Muammar Gaddafi's son would take care of him until he received "proper justice". …

A day after Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam was captured in the same general region, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga told a news conference that Senussi, the elder Gaddafi's brother-in-law and loyal confidant, had been seized. Earlier, an NTC military official said …

LIBYA: Saif al-Islam, Muammar Gaddafi's son and one-time heir apparent, was captured early on Nov. 19 in southern Libya; meanwhile, the Libyan the prime minister-designate, Abdurrahim El-Keib, tried to put together a new government which will balance …

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Choose a President

By Richard A. Lee

The topics dominating the discussion about the Republican primary for president – Rick Perry’s inability to recall the details of his own campaign proposal and the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain – may be captivating, but they don’t tell us what we need to determine who is best equipped to serve in the Oval Office.

Sure, we’d like our leaders to be pillars of virtue, but there have been some very effective presidents, governors and mayors whose personal lives were not exactly role models. Likewise, Perry’s gaffe in the CNBC debate was downright embarrassing, but should our judgments on the next leader of the free world be based on a 53-second YouTube moment? There must be better ways to gauge who would be a good president.

Mitt Romney would have us believe that a proven track record of running a successful business will produce similar results in the White House. It’s a message that resonates well with voters who often lament that government should run more like a business. It sounds good in theory, but how it plays out in practice is a different story.

Leadership in the public sector requires a different skill set than in the business world. CEOs can put their initiatives into action without having to negotiate and broker deals with legislatures and without worrying about transparency, public opinion polls and re-election.

Take former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for example. With experience as CEO of Goldman Sachs, he appeared to be a perfect candidate to lead the Garden State through a series of daunting fiscal challenges. But Corzine did not have political skills that matched his fiscal experience, and after a tumultuous first term, he failed to win re-election.

Take former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for example. With experience as CEO of Goldman Sachs, he appeared to be a perfect candidate to lead fiscally challenged New Jersey. But Corzine – even after having spent a few years in the U.S. Senate – did not have political skills that matched his fiscal experience. After a tumultuous first term, he failed to win re-election, and returned to Wall Street (and now is at the center of a major fiscal controversy).

When I was part of a new administration in Woodbridge Township, N.J., in the early 1990s, we thought it would be a good idea to tap some of the fiscal and management expertise in the Fortune 500 companies operating in the township. We invited them to explore the municipal budget and develop recommendations to run our government more cost effectively.

Their proposals would have saved money, but they were not feasible – unless we could have figured out legal and politically viable means of eliminating labor unions, Civil Service regulations, and costly programs that provided needed services, such as health-care screenings for individuals who otherwise would be unable to afford them.

So, if business skills are not the answer, what qualities should we look for in the candidates to determine who is best to lead the nation?

When I was working at the Hall Institute of Public Policy, I asked that question to Michael P. Riccards, the institute’s executive director, who also is a presidential scholar.

Leadership was at the top of Riccards’ list, but he noted that our greatest presidents not only were great leaders; they also stood for something greater than themselves. They were linked to a larger ideology.

Secondly, he said great presidents need the ability to assemble a good, working team. Like a successful baseball manager, they need to bring out the best among a group of highly talented, often egocentric individuals and convince them to work together.

Making the right judgments also helps, Riccards said, as does a little savvy – the ability to live off the capital of past presidents who laid the groundwork for programs that achieve success after they leave office. Building consensus also is critical, but very difficult in today’s political environment, he said.

Lastly, Riccards said a great president must be articulate in the media of his or her time.

I am sure there are compelling arguments for other factors that make great presidents, and I also am certain that some people would disagree with Riccards’ suggestions. But as a starting point for discussion, they are much better place to begin than Rick Perry’s debating skills or charges leveled against Herman Cain that may or may not be true.

# # #

Richard A. Lee spent more than 30 years as a journalist and government communications professional in New Jersey. He now is an assistant professor in the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication at St. Bonaventure University near Olean, N.Y. Read more of Rich's columns at richleeonline and follow him on Twitter @richleeonline.

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Breaking News:Man arrested in White House sharpened probe

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Washington (CNN) — A masculine wanted in tie with a White House sharpened occurrence was arrested Wednesday in Pennsylvania, a U.S. Secret Service announced.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, who was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police nearby Indiana, Pennsylvania, was allegedly concerned in a sharpened Friday night that might be obliged for dual bullets found during a White House.

One bullet strike a window and was stopped by bulletproof glass, and another was found on a White House exterior, a Secret Service said. Both bullets were found Tuesday.

There is no specific regard for President Barack Obama’s safety, a Secret Service central not certified to pronounce on a record told CNN.

The bullets were found on a south side of a White House, a central told CNN.

“A turn was stopped by ballistic potion behind a ancestral extraneous glass. One additional turn has been found on a extraneous of a White House. This repairs has not been conclusively connected to Friday’s incident, and an comment of a extraneous of a White House is ongoing,” a Secret Service matter said.
Last Friday night during about 9 p.m., U.S. Park Police and a Secret Service investigated after conference shots dismissed about 700 to 800 yards from a White House, a Secret Service matter said.

Within 5 minutes, officers located a automobile in a 2300 retard of Constitution Avenue.  “Evidence in a automobile led to U.S. Park Police receiving an detain aver for Oscar Ortega-Hernandez,” described as a 21-year-old Hispanic male, 5 feet 11 inches high and weighing 160 pounds.

A arms purebred to Ortega-Hernandez was found in a car, according to a law coercion source informed with a investigation.

The Secret Service interviewed people who know Ortega-Hernandez, and dynamic he had a “direction of seductiveness toward a boss and a White House” — a tenure that does not advise a approach specific threat.

The FBI, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and a Metropolitan Police Department all took partial in a hunt for Ortega-Hernandez, officials said.

“There’s always an outdoor fringe and this was on a really outdoor fringe of a security,” a Secret Service central said. “The gun and automobile were found within several minutes. We have a lot of confidence — a lot of layered confidence down there and a confidence worked.”

The law coercion central informed with a review pronounced when shots were listened Friday night, there were reports of tires screeching and cars racing.

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Should A 10 Year Old Girl Be Charged With A Felony?!?

Scoot over, Latarian Milton! There's a new sheriff of pre-teen ratchetnes in The Sunshine State, and her name's Miesha Bryant.
A 10-year-old Florida girl is facing a felony charge for allegedly attacking her elementary school teacher and threatening the educator’s life. The assault, police report, was triggered when the teacher seized a bag of Halloween candy that the girl brought to class.

Fifth-grader Miesha Bryant was arrested last Tuesday after an Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy was summoned to the girl’s classroom at Zellwood Elementary School. The child is pictured in the below mug shot.

According to a sheriff’s report, teacher Kelly Sanchez told investigators that she was holding the candy until the end of the day. At one point, Sanchez said, the girl “went behind her desk and took the bag of candy without her permission.” The child then began throwing pieces of candy at classmates, added Sanchez.

After Sanchez again confiscated the bag of candy, the girl “started throwing items” from the teacher’s desk. While Sanchez waited for a school resource officer to arrive, a deputy reported, Miesha struck the teacher in the stomach and side and “also stated that she would kill Ms. Sanchez and her family.”

The resource officer brought the girl to an assistant principal’s office. When a sheriff’s deputy later arrived at the Zellwood school, the 4’ tall, 80-pound Miesha was handcuffed and “being held down in a chair while she was screaming and flailing her legs around.” She was transported to a juvenile detention facility, where she was later released into her mother's custody.

In a TV interview, Sebrina Bryant said she was angered that Miesha was arrested for the incident, and did not believe her daughter would hit or threaten a teacher. But when a WFTV reporter asked the child why she threatened the teacher, the girl replied, “I was mad.”

The State Attorney's Office will soon decide whether Miesha will be prosecuted for battery (and a misdemeanor count of disrupting an educational institution) or whether she will be placed into a diversion program.
Here's the obligatory regional news story, courtesy of that bastion of Negro Nonsense, World Star Hip Hop.
Parents, we need to be honest about our kids and their capabilities. This mother is in serious denial. The kid's saying "she did it" all while Mom is saying "my baby wouldn't do that". Open up your eyes, Mom!

I, for one, am hoping this doesn't turn into another fullblown Jena Six/Troy Davis/Genarlow Wilson internets civil rights crusade. This little miscreant punched a teacher in the stomach, and she deserves whatever punishment the judicial system hands out. Question: Does this child deserve a felony charge?!?

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Kagan refuses to recuse herself on Obamacare

By John Vinci

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the so-called “26-state lawsuit” against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. This announcement ends speculation whether recent Obama appointee Justice Elena Kagan will recuse herself from the case.

It is clear that Justice Kagan has refused requests that she not participate in this ruling. The failure of the Court order to note that Kagan had recused herself indicates that she has not. Traditionally, when a justice decides not to participate in a decision to hear a case,the Court order notes that fact. No notification means that it can be assumed that each justice participated in the decision, including Kagan.

The calls for Justice Kagan to recuse herself are based upon her role as Obama’s Solicitor General when Obamacare was passed. In this position, she must have been involved in the strategy decisions on how to defend Obamacare. In fact, and by her own admission, she “was present at ‘at least one’ meeting in which the challenges to PPACA were discussed.”
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The Week Ahead: Drilling For Oil In Alaska And Occupy Movement's Loss Of Control

Video by Frank McCaffrey
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Senators Barrasso and Heller take a stand for private property

By Rebecca DiFede

The Environmental Protection Agency continues to overstep their boundaries as a government body. Their previous infractions have been partially documented in a previous article from NetRightDaily.com where they imposed regulations on toxic emissions from power plants, causing a massive loss of money and jobs for the sake of (maybe) reducing our carbon footprint.

And now, once again, they have come to fight their battles in the arena of private property. Their latest encroachment is to propose regulatory changes to the Clean Water Act that drastically expand the scope and reach of their power. Regardless of Congressional approval, these mandates give the government permission to take/maintain control of any body of water that exists on private property for the purpose of energy conservation and economic preservation.
However, it is clear that those are not their true objectives. This is a blatant attempt by the EPA to encroach upon the rights of private property owners, thereby hindering their ability to make a living off their land.
Like Rogue, the mutant X-Men character who sucked power from everyone she touched, so Lisa Jackson is going on a spree, touching everything she can so as to absorb (read: steal) its power for herself.
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There are limits to what a central bank can do

By Robert Romano
“If a monetary deal’s going to work, the central bank has to have unlimited powers to intervene to support economies, and indeed banks, to prevent collapse.”

That was how the UK’s Business Secretary Vince Cable, a Liberal Democrat, put it on the BBC, speaking on the European Central Bank (ECB). He was basically complaining that Article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty, which created the Eurozone, expressly forbids the ECB from making direct bond purchases of government debt.

Rarely are politicians so blatant about the pernicious practice that central banks engage in to prop up their host governments — i.e. print money to pay the debt.

While it may make one think of the historical examples of Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic, the practice is actually incredibly common. In fact, these examples pale in comparison to the largest debtor in history, the United States of America.
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Midnight Raid: NYPD Invade Zuccotti Park, Force Out Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Posted by BZ Riger
Two articles from the Huff Post and the BBC.

Midnight Raid: NYPD Invade Zuccotti Park, Force Out Occupy Wall Street Protesters

By Lila Shapiro and Maxwell Strachan
First Posted: 11/15/11 05:59 AM ET

In an unexpected move, the New York City Police Department descended on Zuccotti Park around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, proceeding to evict protesters, clear the park and arrest those that stood in their way.
Police told demonstrators that the 2-month-old camp must be temporarily emptied for cleaning, citing “health and fire safety” hazards, and that protesters could either leave on their own volition or stay and be arrested and stripped of their belongings. By 4 a.m., the park was cleared and hundreds of protesters, uncertain of their next move and blocked by police barricades, wandered the financial district.

According to The Associated Press, 70 arrests had already been made.

While police say protesters will be allowed back in the park in the morning, their tents will not, according to an eviction notice handed to occupiers.

“You are required to immediately remove all property, including tents, sleeping bags and tarps from Zuccotti Park. That means you must remove the property now,” the notice read. “You will be allowed to return to the park in several hours, when this work is complete. If you decide to return, you will not be permitted to bring your tents, sleeping bags, tarps and similar materials with you.”

Although the park was cleared, some protesters did not appear ready to give in to the eviction notice’s demands.
“This is a standoff,” said James Rose, 39, an artist who had been occupying the park on and off for a month. Rose is a member of the Arts and Culture working group, and had been out for the evening at an Occupy Wall Street arts show offsite. He returned home to find himself locked out by the barricades.

He gestured at a line of roughly 30 cops, setting up a fresh row of metal fences along the side of Cortland Street, one block north of the park. “We’re being herded like sheep now,” Rose said. “But this is so not over.”

Garrett Perkins, 29, standing with two stuffed camping backpacks, said he had been sleeping in Zuccotti when hundreds of cops surrounded the tents. Most protesters did not move, he said, even after the police first announced that the park must be cleared. Then the police began throwing out tents, cuffing occupiers and using pepper spray.

Perkins travelled to Occupy Wall Street from Alaska with a large collection of cold weather gear. When the choice came down to losing his gear or walking, he opted to hold onto his belongings.

“I thought it would be a blow to myself and the movement if I lost all this cold weather gear,” Perkins said. “This is a long uphill battle and we’re going to need it.”

Protesters did not appear ready to give up the fight — or the occupation of Zuccotti — despite the setback.
“The movement started at Zuccotti, but it’s bigger than Zuccotti,” said Jerry Letto, a 24-year-old deliveryman from Brooklyn. Letto said demonstrators would “definitely” return to Zuccotti, although the time frame remained unclear at that time.

“I don’t know about that,” Billie Greenfield, a 24-year-old standing nearby said. Greenfield wasn’t without hope, however. “This will only make us stronger,” she said.

Through the night, protesters routinely sang “We Shall Overcome” and chanted “We are the 99 percent.” Others beat drums and yelled: “New York, Cairo, Wisconsin, push us down we’ll rise again!” They did so under the watchful eye of hundreds of police officers.

Shen Tong, a protester and former leader of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, tried to calm the growing tension between protesters and police. Addressing a crowd of about a hundred people two blocks from the park, he shouted, and his words were echoed by all those standing near.

“Brothers and sisters of the NYPD who used to think you’re not part of this. Tonight, you’re a part of this,” he said. “You used to think you could just keep your head down and get along, or maybe get ahead, but tonight, we tell you, you are involved!”

Shen said the key to winning the night was to stay mobile. In light of the night’s events, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly planning to address the situation at an 8 a.m. press conference. Demonstrators had previously planned to stage “a block party the 1 percent will never forget” on Wall Street Thursday in commemoration of the Occupy Wall Street’s two-month anniversary.
Molly O’Toole contributed reporting.

Occupy Wall Street: New York police clear Zuccotti Park

There were chaotic scenes as protesters resisted police
BBC News, 15 November 2011
New York police have dismantled the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park and arrested about 200 people following a raid in the early hours.
Protesters were ordered to leave at about 01:00 (06:00 GMT), before police began removing tents and property.
The New York camp was set up in September to protest against economic inequality – it inspired similar demonstrations around the world.
It was the latest camp to be cleared by police in US cities in recent days.
Legal challenge
Following Tuesday’s eviction, a New York state judge issued an order ruling protesters could return to the park, pending a hearing at 11:30 (16:30 GMT).

Gingrich jumps to front of Republican pack – AFP

The Guardian Gingrich jumps to front of Republican pack AFP JEFFERSON, Iowa — White House hopeful Newt Gingrich, the former US House speaker whose campaign to win the Republican nomination appeared all but over just weeks ago, has surged toward the front of the pack. His campaign's revival follows the rise and … Gingrich: I've had moments of “regret” in personal life CBS News Can Newt Gingrich Win Iowa

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Gingrich jumps to front of Republican pack – AFP

NBA Lockout: Michael Jordan’s Legacy Tarnished After Flip-Flopping on Players

Everything you know is a lie.
Michael Jordan die-hard fans, owner sympathizers and those who couldn’t care less about the lockout will continue to see MJ as the greatest player in basketball history with no strings attached. 

NBA players themselves and the fans that strongly back them, though, will never look at Jordan the same again.  The players who idolized Jordan growing up now look back at their childhood hero as a lie.

Washington Wizards shooting guard Nick Young declared his boycott of Air Jordan on Twitter tweeting: “im not wearin jordans no more cant believe what i just seen and heard from MJ #ElvisDoneLeftTheBuilding.”

Stephon Marbury isn’t even in the NBA anymore, but according to CBS, he ripped the six-time league champ apart on Twitter as well saying:
“Micheal Fake Jordan is a sell out. #Period. He forgot which hole he came out of. I said it “Stephon X Marbury”… MJ went from MJ the black cat to a guy who forgot he was a player. Sell your team if you can’t make a profit.. Your just a regular dude now! … When he rapped the Bulls for 36 million for one year no ones said nothing about that…He’s just a man. I know he’s some people’s GOd but real is real. Dude forgot he played and demanded millions… he wasn’t my idol I just loved his game. He never did nothing that I knew about to change the life off of the court other then hit cats over the head for a 100 150 dollar sneakers and still doing it. Jim Brown said it best. Micky mouse type cat. Wave and break you pocket for as long as he can…he didn’t create nothing. The game was played way before him…”
The Herald Sun reported that Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest also gave his two cents on the issue:
“He’s an owner now, so I guess [as] an owner, he’s on the other side.  The players, we didn’t say Jordan’s name. We were just supporting each other.  And then Jordan came out and said, ‘the players need to do this and do that.’  But we’re the same guys who looked up to Michael Jordan when we were kids, the same guys that wanted to fly like Mike and be like Mike.”
Artest, I mean, World Peace, insisted that the players still respect Jordan, but he added that: “Guys just felt like he didn’t support us when we most needed him.”

Everyone, minus major MJ homers, knew Jordan as one of the cockiest athletes alive during his time in the NBA, but that ultimate confidence is what made him great and you couldn’t hate him for it.
That same attitude has been on display during negotiations between the players and owners.  Instead of being a ball hog, though, Jordan has been hogging the mic leading the charge of the owners that aren’t in favor of proposed BRI split.
Jordan’s killer instinct made him legendary on the hardwood, but it will make him infamous on the negotiating table.
The love of money…

David Daniels is a featured columnist at Bleacher Report and a syndicated writer.  Follow him on Twitter.
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Dr. Boyce: Race Written All Over Penn State Sex Scandal

Dr. Boyce: Race Written All Over Penn State Sex Scandal

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

Like the rest of America, I found myself getting sick after reading about the sex abuse scandal at Penn State University.  The detailed reports are nothing less than mortifying, and I am among those who believe that this university should pay tens of millions to victims and their families in order to make things right.  I also find myself wondering if anyone other than former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky should be going to jail over this – there appear to be numerous accomplices who should be losing more than just their jobs.

But a radio conversation I had this afternoon with Santita Jackson (the daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson) led me to reflect on the buzz that this case has suddenly created within the African American community.    Black folks are increasingly concerned about the fact that many of the victims were Black boys, and wondering if race created an additional layer of vulnerability.  In light of this, I thought about a few things that I’m asking myself about this pathetic and tragic situation.

 1)      How many of those boys were Black?

 Many of my associates noticed that media reports of the Penn State/Sandusky sex scandal featured a great deal of code language:  At-risk youth, under-privileged kids, etc.   In many circles, and in a country that enjoys hiding from racial realities, these words effectively mean “Black boys.”   This is supplemented by the fact that many programs to “help” Black youth are also feeder programs for universities seeking to extract wealth from the extraordinary abilities of the Black male athlete.   Based on my (as my friend calls it) “negro intuition,” I’m willing to bet that more than a few of these boys were Black.

 The fact that the children might have been Black boys doesn’t make the scandal any worse than it already is.  But it does create a heightened reaction from a community that is sick of seeing Black men victimized in far too many walks of life.   It also leads some to wonder if race played a role in Sandusky’s fetishes, or the tone of the university’s response.

 2)      How did NCAA economic power play a role in the cover-up?

 It’s a common fact that the NCAA earns hundreds of millions of dollars each year on the backs of unpaid athletes.   Many of these athletes come from underprivileged communities, and already find themselves dominated by the massive financial power of this professional sports league.  Yes, I said “professional:” everyone in this league makes professional money except for the individuals who actually do the work.  We can’t let a mere technicality keep us from calling out the system for what it is.

 Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno and other administrators likely swept Sandusky’s activities under the rug because they were trying to protect their massive cash cow.  In that regard, the university came to the concerted conclusion that protecting the reputation of the Penn State University football program was more important than protecting the innocence of young children.  Only a keen addiction to the power of money can make a group of educated men and women do such an evil thing.

 If the Penn State program were truly amateur (as the NCAA would like for us to believe), there would not be millions of dollars on the line and the Penn State football program would not have an economic value that matches many professional sports organizations.  This would have made a difference in the degree to which administrators felt pressured to make unethical decisions to protect a billion dollar brand.  In other words, the Penn State University sex scandal was yet another example of just how far NCAA members are willing to go in order to protect their wealth.

 The Penn State/Sandusky child sex scandal is simply among the worst and latest of a slew of ethical compromises regularly made by universities that earn millions from collegiate athletics.  Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen students taken out of classes for big games, having their majors changed to fit their football schedules, and even leaving college without ever learning how to read with administrators hiding the fact that the star on the team barely knows his A-B-Cs.  The pattern is reprehensible, and reminds us of how NCAA athletic money has served to corrupt numerous institutions, turning them into a glaring hypocritical embodiment of capitalism gone wild.

3) Did race play a role in the way Penn State responded to the abuse?

One can only hope that race wasn’t a factor in the decision of leading Penn State officials to overlook a serial child predator in their ranks.  But African Americans have good reason to be concerned and skeptical.  When Black kids go missing, the media almost never notices.  When Black children are being shot in “the hood,” nobody cares.  Black men are incarcerated at holocaust proportions, but few politicians show even a hint of concern.  In light of these realities, it’s not entirely inconceivable that Sandusky chose his targets for the same reason that many serial killers murder prostitutes with no family…..it’s easy to get away with the unthinkable when you go after the victim that no one cares about.

This leads me to my final question……

4)      What if Jerry Sandusky was a Black man having sex with white boys?

 While I hold that we don’t know the race of all the abused children, I truly believe that many of these young men were Black.  While the race of the victim has no impact on the severity or relevance of the crime, it has been proven in numerous academic studies that race does impact the magnitude of the punishment.  For example, had OJ Simpson not killed a white woman, his case would have been in the media for about a week.

 The NCAA has ruined the careers of numerous Black male athletes over even the tiniest of infractions:  Getting free tattoos, taking a few hundred dollars from a booster, or asking to be compensated in a manner that is remotely consistent with their massive market value.   You would expect that an institution (the NCAA) that has the ability to catch an athlete taking free lunch would also be able to identify a man who has been sexually abusing children in campus facilities for decades.   The truth, however, is that we tend to only find the things that we’re actually looking for, and I suspect that the desire to protect young men and women hardly inspires as much passion as the NCAA’s desire to protect its money – for example, the NCAA has no problem seeing the star player’s mother being evicted rather than share its money with the players and their families.

 I can’t help but wonder if the Penn State scandal would have been swept under the rug had a Black coach (or athlete) been found abusing a young white kid in the showers in the same manner as Jerry Sandusky.   Would the free passes Sandusky has received from the judge (who volunteered with his charity), prosecutors and the university have come to pass if the situation has been shaped differently? While we might presume that any Penn State coach would have been protected in the same way, it’s not difficult to speculate that race might be a factor in a case such as this.

 Only time will tell how Penn State University overcomes one of the most tragic scandals in the history of college sports.  But I hold to the premise that these kids were sold out for money, and it is for this reason that we should all be ashamed.   I can’t begin to name the number of reasons that this situation could have been easily avoided; if Penn State were truly an amateur athletic organization, such a terrible cover-up would never have happened.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Syracuse Professor and founder of ALARM, the Athlete Liberation Academic Reform Movement.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Colorado Rockies - Nationals Catcher Ramos Kidnapped Outside Home In Venezuela - Sporting News - Mlb

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped by four gunmen Wednesday nighttime at their home within his native Venezuela.

A source near to Ramos' family members informed The Associated Press on condition of anonymity the fact that gunmen took Ramos through his or her home with his pops in addition to brothers present.
Ramos' situation can be not known, plus there is not any concept out of his captors.

Nationals officers could not reply to asks for pertaining to comment.

Ramos' kidnapping may be the hottest in a very sequence regarding reports regarding important league online players in Venezuela, nonetheless it will be very first time that a gamer has been taken. Players' households have been kidnapping targets for years.

In June 2009, this 11-year-old son of then- Colorado Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba was kidnapped, nevertheless delivered safely. No ransom seemed to be paid, in accordance with reports.

In November of their year, that mother of pitcher Victor Zambrano had been consumed from Zambrano's neighborhood in close proximity to Maracay. She ended up being rescued several nights later.

In September 2004, your mummy connected with then-Detroit Tigers pitcher Ugueth Urbina has been rescued right after staying stored captive regarding some 1/2 months.

Earlier inside the decade, Magglio Ordonez along with Richard Hidalgo were thievery victims, while relations associated with Melvin Mora along with Omar Infante were murdered. Kidnappers hit a brick wall in an hope to catch Mora's mother.

Will the U.S. and China Crush Germany into Submission?

By Bill Wilson
There has been no clearer articulation of the coming tyranny to be imposed on the once-sovereign nations of Europe — and what may be in store for the debt-addled U.S. should it fail to restore order to its fiscal house — than a recent piece from the UK Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, “America and China must crush Germany into submission”.

In it the columnist advocates that the U.S. and China essentially force Germany to bail out financial institutions that bet poorly on Greek, Italian, and other troubled sovereign debts, writing, “it would not surprise me if U.S. President Barack Obama and China's Hu Jintao start to intervene very soon, in unison and with massive diplomatic force.”

“One can imagine joint telephone calls to Chancellor Angela Merkel more or less ordering her country to face up to the implications of the monetary union that Germany itself created and ran (badly),” he writes. He accused the Germans of “lacking in deep understanding of what it has got itself into.”

At issue is just who will be bailing out the banks that lent the money to Greece and others in the first place. The consolidated debts of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain, the so-called PIIGS, total more than €3 trillion. Evans-Pritchard wants that somebody to be the European Central Bank.

In the way, Germany has vetoed the use of the ECB to leverage the €440 billion European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) upwards to perhaps €1.4 trillion — since such a decision would violate a recent German constitutional court ruling declaring that “the Bundestag, as the legislature, is also prohibited from establishing permanent mechanisms under the law of international agreements which result in an assumption of liability for other states’ voluntary decisions, especially if they have consequences whose impact is difficult to calculate.”
Moreover, such a move would violate Article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty that brought the Eurozone into being, which expressly prohibits the ECB from printing money to buy sovereign debts.
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History’s Records

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Kasich’s defining moment

By Rick Manning
Ohio Governor John Kasich faces a moment in history where his major initiative to reform the relationship between public employee unions and the taxpayers who pay for them has been soundly defeated in a state referendum.

The question Kasich must answer is whether this was a battle lost due to the mistaken tactic of including highly popular police and firefighter unions into the reforms or whether it is a lost war, dooming the state of Ohio to spiraling public employee costs that are political suicide to attempt to contain.

Public employee unions spent close to $30 million to defeat Kasich’s reform. Ironically, those unions got that money from mandatory dues collected from public employees who are paid by taxpayers. In a nutshell, $30 million of tax dollars that were paid to public employees were then used to convince the voters of Ohio that public employee union reforms should be rejected.

Public employee unions legally used their member’s dues to paint a picture of an Ohio where public safety is at risk due to changes in the relationship between police and firefighter unions and their taxpayer employers.
And Ohio voters, by a 61 percent majority bought it.
Now, reality strikes.
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Rising income inequality?

By Adam Bitely

Numerous reports have come out over the past many days (here, here, and here) disputing the new claim from progressives everywhere that a recent CBO report finally proves that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Well, it seems that those who have closely studied the data believe that claims of an ever widening wealth gap seem to be, well, not exactly true.

As Sheldon Richman put it, “Today low-income people have things the middle class didn’t dream of 40 years ago — and even some things the rich couldn’t have had at any price because they hadn’t been invented yet. And this is not primarily due to consumer debt.”

Even further, as GMU economics professor Don Boudreaux explained several years back, people that bang the drum loudly that the wealth gap is beginning to widen out of control forget to consider that even though the wealthy get wealthier, the poor get wealthier too:

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Joe Paterno: American Icon, American Hero, made a mistake?

Note: The whole situation causes vertigo, makes one nauseous. The hurt is the bigger story, the tragedy for the families and children. This post is way way way down there in importance compared to the horror of what took place. This post only talks about an old man.
Support Joe PaternoAn Ohio State Buckeye friend wrote to me today. “It’s a shame what they are doing to Joe PA.”
I agree. 84 years of integrity and people want to hang the old man.
My take:

He’s a coach. He follows the rules.

He reported it. He knew there was an ongoing investigation. He thought it was being handled, he was told it was being handled.

It’s not in that generation to second guess the line of command.

What’s he supposed to do? Become a cop? A private citizen trying to get to the ‘bottom of things’ like in a cheap movie after he told his superiors about the ex-coach Sandusky?

What about the human factor? He worked with Sandusky, built Penn State with the guy for thirty years and he hears this? Wouldn’t that shock you to the core? Wasn’t Joe in shock?

He must have heard about the prior complaints after this happened and that there was an investigation ongoing. What was he to do? Wouldn’t anyone assume the poor child was attended to?

Joe’s a coach. A single minded driven entity. Most wins in history. You don’t get that type of single minded success being the most well rounded human. He probably just turned it off after reporting it and went back to Penn State football and the next game, just like he wanted to this week.

What gets me are all the losers pointing their crooked fingers at the great man and trying to dance on his misery and burn him at the stake. I guess it takes them out of the reality of their failed lives for a while and makes them feel superior for once in their lives. Good for them. Good for the mob.

Did he make the best decision on the matter? No. He should have assumed his bosses wouldn’t call the police and that they would try to cover it up. He should have assumed gross incompetence and criminal acts from his bosses.

He should have got a Colombo coat and ‘sniffed around for clues.’ But he didn’t, he’s not perfect, who is?
Nope, he’s just an old coach that loves Penn State football and he assumed too much and put his head down and went about his business.

Posted by Uzelac

Richard Uzelac, Penn State 1980 

Nixon nearly "blew my stack" over Watergate tape gap – Reuters

AP Photo - FILE - In this Aug. 9, 1974, file photo, Richard Nixon says goodbye to members of his staff outside the White House in Washington as he boards

Nixon nearly "blew my stack" over Watergate tape gap
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Richard Nixon told a US grand jury that he "practically blew my stack" when he learned of the long gap on White House tape sought in the Watergate scandal investigation, according to ...

Nixon defended his legacy in grand jury tapeAtlanta Journal Constitution

Nixon's long-secret grand jury testimony releasedLos Angeles Times

Nixon shed no light on tape gap to grand juryAlbany Times Union

KSRO -ticklethewire.com

Breaking News: Fear of a Black Republican Film comes to Trenton

From the Civil War to FDR, the GOP was the party for African-Americans.  Today, less than 10% of African Americans consider themselves to be Republican.  This documentary film explores the phenomenon of Black Republicans, their battles with Democrats and their own Party, their struggle for power and acceptance within the African-American community and how this affects Black America and Urban America.

Today, many Black Republicans keep their political views to themselves or within family circles.  Some endure insults like “Traitor,” “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo Cookie.”  Based on their political beliefs, some question whether one can really be Black and a Republican at the same time.  What does this mean for the future of America’s Two-Party Political System and Urban America?
Film Maker Kevin Williams

Beginning in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, independent filmmaker Kevin Williams takes a non-partisan journey over four years, two Presidential Elections and eleven states to find out if the Two-Party Political system in Urban America may be failing his city and the country.  In taking a self-critical look at his own Republican Party, Williams focuses his camera on the GOP’s efforts in the African-American community and examines the history and lives of Black Republicans; the GOP’s campaign strategy in urban areas versus the suburbs; media perceptions of Black Republicans; Republican Party efforts to recruit African-Americans; Democratic Party efforts and success in retaining the African-American vote; what both parties are doing today and what it means to be a “Black Republican.”

After Williams’ mostly failed attempt to find Black Republicans at the 2005 Bush Inauguration, FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN follows the GOP’s efforts to improve their standing in the African American community around the country.  To explore what Black Republican candidates go through, the film takes an inside look at the 2006 Republican Congressional Campaign of Catherine Davis for Democratic U. S. Representative Cynthia McKinney’s seat.  The results are eye-opening and an example of what happens when a Black Republican runs for public office in a Black majority district.  The sights, sounds and struggles of the campaign bring the audience to some real-life experiences that they will never forget.  Heading into the 2008 Presidential Election, Williams attends the Conservative Political Action Conference to see where the Republican Party was headed and what the future may hold.

To complete his journey, Williams speaks with scholars such as Professor Cornel West and  Professor Howard Taylor; political leaders like former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and now Republican Party Chairman, Michael Steele and previous RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman; Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Jim Gilmore and John McCain; Conservative thinkers such as Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist and Ann Coulter; and Political and Media Commentators Tavis Smiley and Michelle Malkin; amongst others. Also interviewed in the film is the first and last Black Republican Senator popularly elected since Reconstruction, former Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusets.

On Nov. 12, the film will have its hometown premiere at the New Jersey State Museum Auditorium, 205 W. State St., complete with a 5 p.m. kick-off reception followed by the 6 p.m.


Michael Steele, former RNC Chairman in Trenton NJ Nov 12th at the New Jersey State Museum.

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Meet Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek

I've gotten to the point where I am completely disgusted by progressives and their despicable actions. These two faced, brainwashed loathsome sheeples have come to show normal people just how low they can sink, when they want to attack and destroy any person who isn't like them.. Progressives have shown themselves over and over to be the true racists they "allege" conservatives are. I don't care how many times they try to deflect their racism off of themselves and onto the right, their true colors show every time a minority who isn't a progressive comes forward aka Herman Cain.What is happening to Cain is anything less then shameful and despicable, but that is how progressives operate. The ends justify the means and nothing else matters.

The definition of the word allegation by the way is "A claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof." The last two words are important in the definition, WITHOUT PROOF". Anyone can make an allegation about anybody. It's only when evidence is provided that the allegation becomes a "case".

Today, a fourth woman has come forward with her lawyer the ultra progressive democrat hack Gloria Allred. When I heard that the "accuser" Sharon Bialek hired Allred as her Attorney, Ms Bialek's credibility immediately went out the window before even knowing anything about her. Gloria Allred accused the Duke Lacrosse players of raping the black stripper Crystal Gail Magnum back in 2006. She's also the same attorney who represented the illegal housekeeper of then Republican California Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. As I said before, this woman is a hardcore progressive celebrity hack lawyer. It looks like the strategy by the left is to try and destroy Cain by the process of a death by a thousand cuts or in this case a political death by a thousand allegations. With progressives, it's never about having to prove anything, when they smear conservatives. It's about "the seriousness of the charge".

The case against Bill Clinton was made, because the evidence was there to support the allegations against him.This is what is so sad about the lynching of Herman Cain, there is no evidence hence forth, there is no case against him. It's hypocritical of course for progressives and the media to relentlessly go after Cain with no evidence to warrant it, when these exact same people tried to explain away Clinton's admitted and proven activities with Monica Lewinsky. I watched the Gloria and Sharon press conference. I really didn't think much of it at the time. I figured now that one of the supposed victims had stepped out into the light, things would start to be revealed about the accuser.

Why didn't she go to the Human Resources department of the NRA instead? Why did she fly to Washington, agree to go to dinner just so Herman could ask her "why are you here"? Another question I can't stop thinking about, how is it that Sharon Bialek came into contact with Gloria Allred in the first place? Gloria is a very high priced attorney.

How is it that a woman who doesn't even have a job can afford an attorney like Gloria Allred?

How did a woman who isn't politically connect come in contact with Gloria Allred?

If Sharon came forward merely to do the right thing, why didn't she come forward as with the rest of these women when Cain was running for the U.S Senate in Georgia back in 2004?

Why didn't any of the women step forward when Cain was still at the bottom of the polls and wsa on the verge of dropping out?

Don't think for one moment the media will EVER ask any questions like these. Since there is no evidence of wrong doing, I am going to sum it up like this. "If there isn't no stain, then it can't be Cain". Did you know that Sharon Bialek was at Teacon last month, and she hugged Herman Cain? Would any woman worth her weight in salt, hug and take a picture with a man she would one month later accuse of sexually harassing her 14 years ago?

Frankly, I have become tired of even commenting on this soap opera that really has become nothing more then a he said, she said event. Until evidence comes out by any of his accusers or Cain resigns from the race, this is nothing more then a stuck in the mud gossip tabloid story. I know people who don't like Cain would love to talk about this stuff all day long, but I am not going to play into it.