Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek

I've gotten to the point where I am completely disgusted by progressives and their despicable actions. These two faced, brainwashed loathsome sheeples have come to show normal people just how low they can sink, when they want to attack and destroy any person who isn't like them.. Progressives have shown themselves over and over to be the true racists they "allege" conservatives are. I don't care how many times they try to deflect their racism off of themselves and onto the right, their true colors show every time a minority who isn't a progressive comes forward aka Herman Cain.What is happening to Cain is anything less then shameful and despicable, but that is how progressives operate. The ends justify the means and nothing else matters.

The definition of the word allegation by the way is "A claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof." The last two words are important in the definition, WITHOUT PROOF". Anyone can make an allegation about anybody. It's only when evidence is provided that the allegation becomes a "case".

Today, a fourth woman has come forward with her lawyer the ultra progressive democrat hack Gloria Allred. When I heard that the "accuser" Sharon Bialek hired Allred as her Attorney, Ms Bialek's credibility immediately went out the window before even knowing anything about her. Gloria Allred accused the Duke Lacrosse players of raping the black stripper Crystal Gail Magnum back in 2006. She's also the same attorney who represented the illegal housekeeper of then Republican California Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. As I said before, this woman is a hardcore progressive celebrity hack lawyer. It looks like the strategy by the left is to try and destroy Cain by the process of a death by a thousand cuts or in this case a political death by a thousand allegations. With progressives, it's never about having to prove anything, when they smear conservatives. It's about "the seriousness of the charge".

The case against Bill Clinton was made, because the evidence was there to support the allegations against him.This is what is so sad about the lynching of Herman Cain, there is no evidence hence forth, there is no case against him. It's hypocritical of course for progressives and the media to relentlessly go after Cain with no evidence to warrant it, when these exact same people tried to explain away Clinton's admitted and proven activities with Monica Lewinsky. I watched the Gloria and Sharon press conference. I really didn't think much of it at the time. I figured now that one of the supposed victims had stepped out into the light, things would start to be revealed about the accuser.

Why didn't she go to the Human Resources department of the NRA instead? Why did she fly to Washington, agree to go to dinner just so Herman could ask her "why are you here"? Another question I can't stop thinking about, how is it that Sharon Bialek came into contact with Gloria Allred in the first place? Gloria is a very high priced attorney.

How is it that a woman who doesn't even have a job can afford an attorney like Gloria Allred?

How did a woman who isn't politically connect come in contact with Gloria Allred?

If Sharon came forward merely to do the right thing, why didn't she come forward as with the rest of these women when Cain was running for the U.S Senate in Georgia back in 2004?

Why didn't any of the women step forward when Cain was still at the bottom of the polls and wsa on the verge of dropping out?

Don't think for one moment the media will EVER ask any questions like these. Since there is no evidence of wrong doing, I am going to sum it up like this. "If there isn't no stain, then it can't be Cain". Did you know that Sharon Bialek was at Teacon last month, and she hugged Herman Cain? Would any woman worth her weight in salt, hug and take a picture with a man she would one month later accuse of sexually harassing her 14 years ago?

Frankly, I have become tired of even commenting on this soap opera that really has become nothing more then a he said, she said event. Until evidence comes out by any of his accusers or Cain resigns from the race, this is nothing more then a stuck in the mud gossip tabloid story. I know people who don't like Cain would love to talk about this stuff all day long, but I am not going to play into it.

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