Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Senators Barrasso and Heller take a stand for private property

By Rebecca DiFede

The Environmental Protection Agency continues to overstep their boundaries as a government body. Their previous infractions have been partially documented in a previous article from NetRightDaily.com where they imposed regulations on toxic emissions from power plants, causing a massive loss of money and jobs for the sake of (maybe) reducing our carbon footprint.

And now, once again, they have come to fight their battles in the arena of private property. Their latest encroachment is to propose regulatory changes to the Clean Water Act that drastically expand the scope and reach of their power. Regardless of Congressional approval, these mandates give the government permission to take/maintain control of any body of water that exists on private property for the purpose of energy conservation and economic preservation.
However, it is clear that those are not their true objectives. This is a blatant attempt by the EPA to encroach upon the rights of private property owners, thereby hindering their ability to make a living off their land.
Like Rogue, the mutant X-Men character who sucked power from everyone she touched, so Lisa Jackson is going on a spree, touching everything she can so as to absorb (read: steal) its power for herself.
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