Thursday, November 3, 2011

Y’all Ready? ‘Occupy Black America’ is coming

Occupy Dat Ass

Could this be the movement that unites and awakens Americans of color? Occupy Black America is in effect, according to the Black Institute. And according to some, it’s about time.

This from the Huffpost: “Occupy Wall Street is not a quote-unquote white thing. It is a white thing that the 1 percent and the bankers are representing white oligarchy and white plutocrats for the most part,” Bailey said. “But this is an organic movement from the bottom up. Now we have to take advantage, seize the time and the moment … and it is time that we become part of this landscape so we can begin to highlight our issues.”
Watch: Michelle Alexander says black incarceration the ‘new Jim Crow’ (VIDEO)

According to a new report by the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), “Jim Crow still exists today in the (U.S.) job market,” with more black and Latino workers relegated to the realm of “second-class workers, over-represented in low-skill, low-wage occupations with limited chances to move up the ladder of opportunity”.

Lupe Fiasco was the first “celebrity person” to join the Occupy Wall Street movement, and now, following his lead and the lead of thousands like him it has grown into a movement no man can stop. It resonates with all working people but especially with the historical disenfranchised people of color.
Watch: Lupe Fiasco @ Occupy Wall Street: Day 1 (VIDEO)

“People of color cannot get to job centers far from their homes due to inadequate public transportation services. Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, and particular populations of Asians, live where employers don’t locate, where local and county governments have failed to build public transit, and where the tax base is too small to properly fund schools,” the report said.

Check the Joy Road Project for insight on the prison industrial complex currently in place in the United States.

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