Monday, December 5, 2011

Joe Siano on: Republican Jewish Coalition

Dear Mr. Menken,

It is an absolute farce that your organization will not allow Ron Paul into your debate.

He is the only candidate who consistently speaks the truth on the real problems that are dragging down America such as fiat money, a shadow government at the Fed and a Federal Government that holds no regard for the Constitution.  Bush did not care whit about the Constitution and neither does Obama.

Is it that radical to insist upon free market capitalism and denounce the corporate cronyism, big business bailouts, subsidies and set asides that characterize both parties?

Is it "outside of the mainstream" and "extreme" to have a voting record that is in 100% alignment with the Constitution?  Is it so outrageous to require a declaration of war before placing America’s brave young men and women in harm’s way?Wasn’t it the Founder’s vision to strip the Executive of the war-making power of the King and vest it in the representatives of the people? Is the Imperial Presidency a mainstream Republican principle?

Is it a crime to suggest that we stop sending taxpayer dollars to foreign thugs and tyrants to prop up corrupt and oppressive regimes?  Is it a sin to insist the developed industrial nations of Europe as well as South Korea and Japan pay for their own defense?

Wasn’t it Robert Taft, “Mr. Republican” himself who advocated a strict policy of non-interventionism?  Didn’t the Republican Party excoriate President Clinton for his interventions in the Balkans?  Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who pulled our troops out of Lebanon after they we attacked, confessing that Mid-East problems were too irrational for us to resolve?  And didn’t George Washington himself recommend a policy friendship and commerce with all but entangling alliances with none?

How could it be anything but duplicitous to deny that Federal War on Drugs is anything but a failure?  U.S. drug usage is at an all time high while billions of dollars are squandered while innocent lives are lost in clashes with quasi-national drug cartels.  We saw this same gangsterism rise and fall with alcohol prohibition.  And who can deny that this drug war unfairly targets inner city minorities and ruins young lives? You must admit that Dr. Paul is clearly in the Republican mainstream when it comes to border security and defense of the unborn. I can only recall Barry Goldwater’s mantra that “Extremism in the pursuit of justice is no vice.

 Moderation is the defense of liberty is no virtue.”  Goldwater was another brave statesman who preferred the truth to platitudes and would rather be right than popular. You owe Ron Paul a spot on your stage.  Anything less is a disgrace.

By Joe Siano

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