Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senate may vote on Mari Del Carmen Aponte appointment to Ambassador to El Salvador

By Rick Manning

Americans for Limited Government led the charge against the confirmation of Barack Obama’s appointee to the ambassadorship of El Salvador, Mari Del Carmen Aponte until August of 2010, when Obama gave her a recess appointment to serve until Congress went out of session in 2011.

Now, Aponte’s name is back in the news as Senate Democrats moved her nomination through the Foreign Relations Committee on a party line vote. The White House is pushing for her nomination to be brought up for a full vote of the Senate as her temporary appointment is scheduled to end in January, 2012.

Aponte’s nomination has been in trouble since the outset due to “unanswered questions” related to her 1990s romantic relationship with Cuban spy, Roberto Tamayo, and because those questions go to the heart of whether the nominee can be trusted with U.S. national security sensitive information, Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson believes Aponte’s nomination should be rejected.

“Because Aponte refused to submit to a polygraph test, the American people still have not received a full, public accounting of the extent of Aponte’s relationship with Tamayo. Instead, all they have received are vague assurances from Senators who claim to have seen the FBI records regarding Aponte and Tamayo,” Wilson said.

“Is Aponte a loyalty risk or not? It is up to the U.S. Senate’s confirmation process to answer this fundamental question and if there is any doubt, reject her nomination,” Wilson explained.
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), had defended Aponte after he said he had seen some of the FBI's materials on Aponte and Tamayo. Wilson said that was “not good enough.”
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