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World Cup star oppose 2022 Winter Tournament in Qatar

Iker Casillas and Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who captained Spain and the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final, don’t want the 2022 edition to be moved to the middle of the European soccer season because of the impact it would have on domestic championships. FIFA President Sepp Blatter said four days ago he expected the 2022 World Cup to be played in December and January because afternoon temperatures in June and July in host country Qatar seldom fall below 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are among European countries whose leagues take a midwinter break between mid-December and early January. A hiatus of about 60 days would be required for players to prepare for, play in and recover from a World Cup, said Van Bronckhorst. “Normally it’s less than a month, or some countries just play on, like in England,” the Dutchman said in an interview in Zurich yesterday. “It may be a two-month break. Obviously, it’s a lot.” — Bloomberg

Egyptian Policeman Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ Before Shooting Six Christians

(AINA) – Six Copts were shot by an off-duty policeman on a train between Assiut and Cairo on Tuesday. One Copt was killed and five remain in critical condition. The gunman, identified as Amer Ashour Abdel-Zaher, was on his way to work in Beni Mazar police station when he boarded the train at approximately 17.00 hours in the town of Samalout in Egypt’s Minya province, roughly 260 km south of Cairo. He shot the six Copts after chanting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) then attempted to flee but was apprehended by passengers.

Fathy Ghattas, a 71-year-old Coptic Christian, died immediately. His wife Emily Hanna underwent an operation to remove her left kidney and spleen. She is in intensive care. Another Coptic woman, Sabah Saniod, 54, underwent an operation on her liver. Three of the injured Copts, Marianne, Maggie and Ashraf, were flown by helicopter to Kasr-el-Aina teaching hospital in Cairo for further treatment.

The communique issued by the Egyptian interior Mministry said the gunman shot randomly at the train passengers, while according to the Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm the assailant had checked passengers for the green cross traditionally tattooed on the wrists of Coptic Christians in Egypt. After identifying several Copts, the gunman shot at them.

The Ministry of Interior later said that the assailant was “mentally unstable” and had been undergoing medical treatment for some time. The Governor of Minya denied any sectarian motives behind the incident and said that the assailant is unstable and shot indiscriminately at passengers.

The Coptic Diocese of Minya said that the perpetrator went up and down the train compartment before shooting at the Copts while chanting Islamic chants.

Dr.Naguib Ghabrial, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations, described the incident as a premeditated “sectarian” attack, aimed at the Copts, since they sat together and sang Christian hymns, and the assailant shouted Allahu Akbar three times before shooting.

Ghabrial criticized the Interior Ministry for downplaying the shooting as usual. “The gunman did not shoot at random, otherwise Muslims would have been wounded as well,” Ghabrial told BBC Arabic TV. “This is one in the series of attacks aimed at Copts, before this there was the Alexandria Massacre.”

“I am sorry that the Ministry hastily issued a statement that the assailant was mentally unstable.” Said Ghabrial. ” Would someone who is mentally unstable be issued with a weapon and ammunition, would he be able to differentiate between Copts and Muslims?” he said. “I am telling the Interior Minister do not under-estimate Coptic intelligence and do not undervalue Coptic blood, for Coptic blood is not cheap.” He called once again for the minister to resign after all these Coptic Massacres.

Coptic activist Mariam Ragy reported that a clash took place between Muslim youth and more than 200 angry Coptic protesters who converged outside the Good Shepherd Hospital, which belongs to the Coptic Diocese of Samalout, where the wounded were brought. The police tried to disperse the Copts with tear gas, rubber bullets and stones. Several Copts were injured (video showing security hurling stones and firing tear gas at Copts in front of hospital).

Father Estephanos Shehata from Samalout Diocese said in an interview on Coptic channel Hope-Sat that witnesses told him the policeman called out Allahu Akbar and shot the Copts who were in the cabin. He confirmed the clashes between Copts and security forces outside the hospital. “Security fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd. Live ammunition was also fired but not by security, we do not know who fired them,” he said.

On January 11, Egypt recalled its ambassador to the Vatican for consultation over comments made by Pope Benedict XVI following the bombing of the Christian Coptic church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve which killed 23 and injured more than 100. The Pope commented that the mass attack “offends God and all of humanity.” He called on world leaders to protect Egypt’s Copts.

Egyptian foreign ministry issued a statement saying “Egypt will not allow any non-Egyptian faction to interfere in its internal affairs under any pretext. The Coptic question is specifically an internal Egyptian affair.”

Commenting on tonight’s train shooting incident, Coptic activist Mark Ebeid said “What will the government now have to say to the international community? Will they still argue that the Coptic question is specifically an internal Egyptian affair when nearly every 10 days they are massacred?”

By Mary Abdelmassih

U.S to press China on yuan, economy ahead of Hu visit

January 19th ~ Obama to host China’s President Hu Jintao at the White House for an Official State Visit ...

January 11, 2011

U.S to press China on yuan, economy ahead of Hu visit
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States wants a "real, demonstrative commitment" from China that it is serious about shifting away from export-led economic growth, a U.S. official told Reuters on Tuesday ahead of next week's state visit by China's Hu Jintao.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will on Wednesday lay out his vision for how the world's two biggest economic powers should interact. But the official's comments indicate some impatience with China's gradual approach to allowing its currency to rise and building up domestic demand.

Geithner will "stake out the expectations and make the point that the U.S. thinks now is the time to address issues that are contributing to global imbalances and hurting the recovery in the United States," said Adam Hersh, an economist at the Center for American Progress think tank.

Hersh said Geithner would likely try to convey a cooperative tone because of a recognition that taking too hard a line would pose obstacles to solving shared problems.

But Obama is keen to show that China is not dominating the relationship, a perception that has plagued him since a 2009 visit to Beijing that critics said yielded little for the United States.

The administration official said next week's meeting was part of an ongoing dialogue with China, and continuing those regular contacts would help develop mutual trust needed to make progress on economic and political issues, ranging from North Korea to human rights.

Both countries understand they have a role to play in rebalancing the global economy, and both sides would benefit from getting it right, he said.

"It's not done so we can win and they can lose," the official said. "There's a deep conviction on our side that this will benefit China as well."

Geithner has made a similar argument, telling China that it needs to let the yuan strengthen more in order to quell inflation and prevent disastrous asset price bubbles.

Since mid-June, when China announced it was loosening its grip on the yuan, the currency has risen about 3 percent against the dollar.

However, Prasad pointed out that the real effective exchange rate had risen even more when taking into account the difference between U.S. and Chinese inflation rates.

That, along with big U.S. congressional gains by Republicans who are less inclined to press China over its currency, give Geithner some breathing space and allows Obama to focus on long-term strategic issues, Prasad said.

The administration official said bilateral visits were about keeping up momentum rather than coming up with big headline-grabbing agreements.

"I don't think this should be seen somehow as a dramatic moment. It's more part of the building of an important relationship and nurturing of that relationship," he said.
"It's both the pace in which they do it and the conviction with which they demonstrate they're going to do it," said the senior Obama administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"What we still need to see in the first instance is that real, demonstrable commitment to the objective" of rebalancing the economy, the official said.

Washington has pressed Beijing for years to allow the yuan to rise more rapidly to cool its exports, narrow a trade gap, and shrink a $2.8 trillion pile of reserves.

But China counters that U.S. economic policies are responsible for the imbalances and has urged the United States to get its own fiscal house in order before its mountain of debt destabilizes the global economy.

The January 19 White House talks mark the first face-to-face meeting between President Barack Obama and Hu since the Group of 20 summit in Seoul in November, which was widely seen as a disappointment for Washington.

Not only did Obama get scant international support at the G20 meeting for pressuring China to speed up the yuan's rise, but he also got an earful from allies about his own country's economic policy. Topping the list of complaints was the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to buy $600 billion in government debt to try to spur a stronger economic recovery.

Eswar Prasad, a Brookings Institution economist and former International Monetary Fund official with responsibility for China, said Geithner's speech would seek to wrest back control of the economic message.

"There is a sense that at the Seoul G20 summit, China managed to take charge of the narrative, especially about the effects of (the Fed's bond-buying program) on the rest of the world, thereby deflecting attention from yuan and trade policy," Prasad said.

Pressure Eases
Geithner is the first of several top U.S. officials fanning out to preview Hu's visit and detail the White House's aims. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will give what an aide called a "major" address on U.S.-China relations on Friday.

Economic Freedom is Advancing Around the World

The Heritage Foundation and WSJ released the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom today.  Here's the Top Ten (U.S. ranks #9, with a slight drop from last year's index level).  From the Executive Summary:

"Economic freedom advanced this year, regaining much of the momentum lost during the fiscal crisis and global recession. Many governments around the world have rededicated themselves to fiscal soundness, openness and reform, and the majority of countries are once again on a positive path to greater freedom."

By Mark J. Perry

Beige Book shows continued moderate economic expansion

The economy continues its moderate expansion, according to the Federal Reserve.
The first Beige Book of 2011 suggests economic conditions across the dozen Fed districts nationwide were generally better in manufacturing, retail and nonfinancial services than in real estate or financial services during the last few weeks of 2010.

Residential real estate remained weak across all parts of the country, and commercial construction was slow or subdued in all 12 districts. The Fed said commercial leasing activity rose in the Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Richmond districts.

Most districts reported local housing markets as weak and sluggish with little change from prior periods. The expectation is for continued weakness through 2011. Contacts in all districts pointed to weak employment figures and the slow pace of overall economic recovery for the problems in housing.

Kansas City reported a further weakening in housing during the period, and the St. Louis Fed reported additional declines in sales of existing homes although new home construction permits rose.

A few districts reported problems obtaining credit further hindered the housing market demand. Elevated home-inventory levels also continue to hurt the pace of new home construction in a handful of districts. Although some districts saw increased construction of multifamily properties.

Housing prices in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are being hurt by the level of distressed properties in those districts.

The Beige Book gathers anecdotal evidence of economic conditions in the dozen Fed districts nationwide. The Fed will publish the next one March 2.


Tips for Black Men from a Reformed Playa - Too Many Women, too FEW Relationships

This page is dedicated to all real black men. I will offer tips, answer questions and give you my take on relationships between black men and women. My question to you is what are you looking for in a relationship? Do you want a women who is strong, independant, quiet, or talkative- sports anyone :)? Can you imagine your life with a black women who has your best interests at heart?

Seriously, most men want a woman who can handle her own. Like a take charge type. Take charge of paying the bills, keeping the house clean, not a maid, but a person who likes things in order. Housework should be shared, like all chores. I do believe in equality and sharing what must be done. Most of the men I talk to don't want a wimpy woman that can be walked over. Some one who must be told what to do or feels they must ask you for instructions/directions on everything. You can pay $20.00 and get that kind of woman off any street corner. Not the kind of relationship or woman I would want for my own.

Most men are seeking a real relationship with a woman. They are tired (or should be) of one night stands, or someone they see for that booty call. They are looking for that woman you can talk to about any and all subjects, for hours at a time. A women you would be proud to introduce to your family and friends. A lady that can hold her own in conversations with friends or strangers. A women you can trust with your feelings,your possessions and your heart. A person you would enjoy being with and look forward to seeing when you are apart. It is something my wife and I have together. Are you beginning to see how easy it would be to have that beautiful black women in your life?

We started our business, Ebony 1st Impressions to assist black men and women to meet in a safe, attractive environment in the hopes of building stronger relationships with each other.

 The men we are seeking will be real, serious black men. We have listed our expectations for our men (and women) on our Rules and Regulations page. Please review and if this describes you and you live in the Baltimore/Washington area, please contact us. Should you happen to be one of our many global visitors, please read on. We have lots of info for anyone seeking a real relationship or just making their own life a little better. Links to everthing from books to our own online dating website.

This business is about helping black men and women not only get together, but also work thru the trials (hard work my brothas) and tribulations of staying together. Sign up for our ezine below. We will use this to advise you of all upcoming events.
You can improve your success in the dating game by taking your time and not just choosing the prettiest face.


The “Black” Church is the reason why Black Women are single

Every week there seems to be some media analysis concerning Black Women. Last week there was an article The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely  that firmly suggests Black women to abandon Black churches and focus more on themselves. According to the author Deborrah Cooper, Black churches are the true reason there are so many single, never married Black women in the United States. I know opinions are like a$$holes so everyone has them but this has got to be THE dumbest thing I ever read (if I can say that and still be Christ-like) With over 13,000 views people obviously want to read or laugh at her claims.

black_church1First and foremost, there should be no such thing as a “Black church”. If the author was going to make such a bold statement about spiritual leaders falsely leading women, why was the focus on Black churches and Black women? I could respect her opinion more if it was about the business of Church and women and not an attack on Black. I don’t understand how we speak out against injustice and scream equality but yet we publicly tear each other down and cause division amongst ourselves with meaningless opinions from uneducated nobody’s who don’t represent the Black race in a positive light (ie. Slim Thug) Now that Blacks have an outlet why must we focus on race so much? You don’t see Washington Post articles or Nightline specials about Hispanic or Asian women?  I’m extremely fed up with all this nonsense about single, lonely Black women. What about the other single women that walk this earth? Why are we the target? Why does everyone care to know what’s going on in Black women’s relationships? 
In her article she makes strong (and mostly false) accusations against Black churches, pastors, and single Christians. Her generalized statements can be summarized to say, your faith shouldn’t be in God for anything. According to her:

“If you are a single Black woman attending a traditional Black church, you will be surrounded by sexually frustrated single women who feel guilty and confused about their physical desires and emotional hungers. You will be told that it is your responsibility to uplift the Black man and be a “helpmeet” to him. You will be told that your sexuality and sensuality must be contained or you lose value as a woman. You will also be told that it is your job to make Black men the men they need to be.”
“My suggestion is that you get off your knees, stop paying so much attention to what your Pastor says and open your eyes to the world around you. There are millions of really great guys out here that would love you to the depths of your soul and stand by you. There are many single men that will happily honor your spirit and desire to leave your mark on the world. However, he may not EVER set foot in a church, read the Bible or even pray; and he certainly may not be Black.”
“Going to church makes you a sheep, blindly following the mandates of a small group of men you have placed in your life in a position of power. Going to church makes you malleable and predictable, and narrows your thinking and thus limits your options.”

I totally disagree! You attend church for reproof, correction, encouragement, exhortation, and most importantly for collective worship. {Scripture Reference} Would she call her “potential clients” blind sheep if they sought the counsel of a so-called “dating expert” like herself? (I doubt it)  She also claims that the Black men that Black women want can’t be found in church. Without a doubt she classifies 98% of the men that attend church into 1 of 4 categories:  A loser working a 12-step program, openly or closeted gay man, opportunistic player on the prowl, or an elderly reformed player. Straight off the dome without thinking, I know of 5 men who attend church regularly and none of these men fall into none of her ridiculous categories. Next she claims :
“In most Black churches marriage is held up as the ideal state of existence; women that remain single are deemed to have some major flaw in attitude or ability. Thus, no single woman in the church wants to remain single because women are expected to marry and to bear children. For sistahs in the church, the pressure from family and fellow church members to marry can be so intense it may motivate her to make an fear-based decision to marry someone totally inappropriate. Such choices are made out of sheer desperation to avoid being single.”

Uh, where has she been hiding? Since she is the so-called “expert” of 17 years… she should know the pressure to marry and have children exist in AND outside of the church regardless to if you are religious or not. Marriage is a part of life which let me re-iterate has biblical foundations. ..For this reason man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife.(Genesis 2:24)  I believe marriage was solely intended for God’s children, not unbelievers. What I don’t understand is why do people like her, unbelievers (and homosexuals) want to partake in such a sacred ceremony, and vow to marriage before a God they do not know or worship?

This kind of nonsense is what keeps women so messed up! She admits not going to church so what gives her the right to make claims against a place she doesn’t attend? I question what type of church she attended previously because I don’t hear these sorts of things at the “Black” churches I’ve attended. Did she ever ask herself if a Christian woman would even want a man that doesn’t read the Bible or pray? As a Christian woman I wouldn’t and I think its safe to say that no real Christian would.  The relationship issue that women face has much more to do with race. Man is off! PERIOD! And satan has blinded her, along with millions more. I didn’t bother to read the 100+ comments but I had to post this because I wanted to counter her nonsense with a faith-based opinion. If you care, click  HERE to read what other people are saying.

Posted by Total Life Prosperity

..::A Woman's Wants Vs. Her Needs::..

article from
A large majority of my life has been spent working to gain a reasonably sound understanding of the opposite sex. If you noticed, I specifically used the word “reasonable” since the likelihood of me ever fully mastering the complexities of a woman is about as probable as Jermaine Jackson denouncing hair grease—especially not when women change and evolve almost as frequently as the sun rises and sets. No, I’d rather strive for a reasonable understanding, which gives me the best possible chance at successfully loving Mrs. Right when she comes along.
As I prepare for her arrival, I’ve come to understand the distinct difference between a woman’s wants and needs. The wants are typically sexy in nature—the qualities that make leading men in movies so desirable. The needs on the other hand are often more practical, and in the long run turn out to be the things that lead to sustained happiness.
In the beginning, a large majority of women forsake their needs because the wants are so appealing. (I can’t hate though, as men do the exact same thing.) But as most women mature, they begin to develop a greater appreciation for their needs over those enticing wants.
So in the spirit of this concept, I’ve decided to compare some of the typical wants and needs of a woman to see how they stack up against one another.
Her Wants Vs. Her Needs
A woman wants a man that would never be disrespected by others … A woman needs a man that would never stop respecting her.
A woman wants a man with a flawless body … A woman needs a man with an impeccable character.
A woman wants a man 6’3 or taller … A woman needs a man that stands tall in the face of adversity.
A woman wants a man that’s financially secure … A woman needs a man that’s emotionally stable.
A woman wants a man with a beautiful smile … A woman needs a man with a beautiful heart.
A woman wants a man that’s confident in his approach … A woman needs a man that’s dedicated in his delivery.
A woman wants a man with unlimited potential … A woman needs a man with unlimited drive.
A woman wants a man that people think the world of … A woman needs a man that thinks the world of her.
A woman wants a man that’s willing to die for her … A woman needs a man that’s ready to live for her.
A woman wants a man that has seen the world … A woman needs a man that sees the world in her.
A woman wants a man that fulfills her checklist … A woman needs a man willing to love her in spite of his checklist.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles so significant?

Treaty of Versailles
The 'Big Four' at the Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was put together at the Paris Peace Conference starting in January 1919. The main signatories of the treaty were Britain (Prime Minister David Lloyd George), the USA (President Woodrow Wilson), France (Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau) and Italy (Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando). These leaders were known as the 'Big Four' and met to decide the fate of Germany after the First World War.

So why is this treaty so significant? To answer this question, it is important to consider a number of issues.

Firstly consider the attitude of each country that attended the negotiations:

Lloyd George - British PM Great Britain flag
Britain (David Lloyd-George)
Georges Clemenceau (French PM) French flag
France (George Clemenceau)
Many in Britain (having seen their husbands, sons and friends killed in the war) were eager for revenge. A popular saying was "Squeeze them until the pips squeak".

However Lloyd-George himself was worried about the dangers of treating Germany too harshly.
Clemenceau was nicknamed "The Tiger". He wanted to make Germany pay for all the damage that France suffered during the years of fighting.

He wanted to punish Germany so strongly that that couldn't even start a war again.
Woodrow Wilson (US President) USA flag
America (Woodrow Wilson)
Orlando (Italian PM) Italian flag
Italy (Vittorio Orlando)
The USA had only declared war in April 1917 and thus experienced far fewer casualties herself. Wilson arrived in Europe with his 'Fourteen Points'. These were his plans to ensure future peace in Europe.

He believed Germany should be treated fairly and that a 'League of Nations' should be set up to settle future disputes between countries.
Italy had declared war on Germany in 1915, changing sides from her alliance with Germany at the beginning of the war. Italy had been promised territory as a reward for changing sides.

Orlando's main aim was to get the extra land for Italy - he wanted his 'fair share' from the spoils of war.

Germany wasn't even invited to the peace treaty. The German Government expected the treaty to be based on Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points.
Clearly agreement was going to be very difficult, as each country felt they knew best. For example: the USA didn't want Italy getting their territory, France wanted an industrial area called the Rhineland, but Great Britain felt it should only be a demilitarized zone (area where any military equipment or soldiers are banned). The final treaty was published in June 1919:

It is important to actually consider what the terms of the treaty said:
A summary of the terms of the treaty includes:
  • Germany had to take full responsibility for the war.
  • Germany had to pay for all the war damage (reparations) - later set at £6.6billion.
  • Germany’s army was reduced to 100,000 men.
  • Germany could have no airforce or submarines, and was limited to six large ships.
  • Germany to loose territory on all sides, & split in two by new nation of Poland.
  • Germany to lose all her colonies.
You can read an overview of the full terms of the treaty here [from Spartacus].
1. How fair was this treaty?
2. Which of the nations would have been the most pleased with the outcome?

The impact of this treaty is the most important thing to consider:
This is the part where you need to think yourself. Remember that this treaty was to prevent another European war ever breaking out again. You know what happened in 1939....
Ordinary Germans were dismayed when they discovered the terms of the treaty. The Government had expected they would get fair treatment, based on Wilson's fourteen points. However, they were in no position to do anything and simply had to agree with the treaty.

Look at the cartoon below [click on it to get a larger image]

The cartoon above was created (incredibly) in 1920. It was titled "Peace and future cannon fodder". There is a small child with a copy of the Treaty behind them. Above the child's head is a comment "1940 class". The leaders of the nations at Versailles are seen walking past, and there is a caption: "The Tiger: Curious! I seem to hear a child weeping!".
1. How old would a child born in 1919 be by 1940?
2. What is this cartoonist suggesting about the Treaty of Versailles?

The final treaty was not popular. Many in Britain and France were angry that Germany hadn't been treated more harshly and that the German Kaiser (King) hadn't been put on trial. Most Germans were humiliated and horrified by the treaty - disgusted at being made to take the blame for the entire war (the War Guilt clause - 231) and having to pay for it.

The bitterness and resentment of the German people could be used to by someone wishing to unite the German people. This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did. This is why many historians suggest that the harshness of treaty of Versailles helped cause the Second World War. This is why the Treaty of Versailles is so significant.
To find out more about the impact and significance of Versailles use these internet links:
Interpretation: Treaty of Versailles [BBC History]
Verdicts on the Treaty of Versailles []
The Treaty of Versailles []
Public Record Office - making Peace [LearningCurve]

Krauthammer calls out Krugman

The WashPo’s Charles Krauthammer calls out The NY Times’ Paul Krugman for rushing to blame conservatives for the Arizona tragedy and then continuing to blame them after such a theory was thoroughly debunked by facts and reality.
The origins of Loughner’s delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Krugman’s?
Game.  Set.  Match.

Sarah Palin Stirs Controversy with Blood Libel Reference

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

In a video message (embedded above), author and politician Sarah Palin compared negative media attention to “blood libel.” The phrase refers to historical myths that Jews kidnap and murder Christian children.

Here’s the controversial passage: “If you don’t like a person’s vision for the country, you’re free to debate that vision. If you don’t like their ideas, you’re free to propose better ideas. But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.”

The phrase “blood libel” exploded on Twitter as people scrambled to decode the speech. Andrew Breitbart circulated the phrase on Twitter: “And to the gutless GOP establishment who watches in silence the blood libel against @SarahPalinUSA. We will remember.”  Below, we’ve included digital links to three scholarly books about the terrible legacy of blood libel in history.

ALG Urges Senate to Repeal EPA Carbon Endangerment Finding

January 12th, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today urged the Senate to enact legislation that would repeal an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finding classifying carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
Wilson said “the EPA has set itself up as a legislator by arbitrarily amending the Clean Air Act, when it is up to Congress to make determinations about what the law should be. This is about the constitutional principle of the separation of powers.”

Politico reports that the issue may come up again this session. Last year a similar proposal by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski failed by a vote of 53-47. “Four Senate Democrats still serving this session supported it, and with 47 Republicans in the Senate now, it will be more difficult for Senate Democrats to block a bill that a majority of the Senate supports,” Wilson said of the proposal’s chances.

Wilson thanked Senator Murkowski for her prior proposal and urged her to bring it back. He also praised the four Senate Democrats still serving who voted for it, led by Senator Jay Rockefeller (WV). Senators Mark Pryor (AR), Ben Nelson (NE), and Mary Landrieu (LA) joined with Rockefeller.

“It’s going to take bipartisanship to defeat the EPA, and Americans for Limited Government thanks Senators Murkowski, Rockefeller, Pryor, Nelson, and Landrieu for working together to save the U.S. economy from being strangled via regulation,” Wilson said.

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The tale of two Americas

By Rick Manning

John Edwards ran his ill-fated presidential campaign around the theme that there are “two Americas,” one that is wealthy and powerful, and the other that is poor and weak.

Events that have occurred since the Tucson shooting tragedy have revealed that there are indeed two Americas, just not the two that Edwards envisioned.

The first America exists largely along the coasts and big cities, gets their news from Katie Couric and reads the Huffington Post or Daily Kos.

The second America exists in the heartland, the suburbs, exurbs and rural area, gets their news from FOX, the radio and regularly visits Drudge, Redstate or NetRightDaily.

The first America believes that government is the solution to problems and that paying unemployment benefits has far more stimulative effect on the economy than lowering taxes.

The second America believes that individuals and private enterprise are the solution to problems and the government’s role is just to make certain that people play by the rules.
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“Mandatory” Spending and the Budget Fairy

By Bill Wilson

All budget-cutting proposals currently being discussed will do nothing to eliminate the $1.3 trillion annual budget deficit any time soon. The Simpson-Bowles Commission does not foresee a balanced budget until 2037. House Republican proposals to reduce non-defense discretionary spending to FY 2008 levels will save perhaps $66 billion.

These proposals essentially accept that mandatory spending remains at its current $2.1 trillion level, continuing to grow on an annual basis. Without making cuts in so-called mandatory programs, it is impossible to balance the budget. In fact, the entire non-defense discretionary budget of $553 billion could be eliminated, and the budget deficit would still be about $747 billion, as noted by the blog, Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis.

A reader, David, writes to Mish, “I went back to the data after getting into one too many arguments with people who claim that we can solve our budgetary problems by eliminating government ‘waste’ — the programs that study the sex lives of jellyfish and that sort of thing — without real cuts in entitlement programs.”

David continued, “Unless the Budget Fairy waves her magic wand, it’s not going to happen.”
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California dreaming—or nightmaring?

By John Nichols

Attention Delaware drivers. Effective with model year 2014, all new vehicles sold in Delaware shall comply with California emissions standards. Delaware standards are no longer sufficient. New “green” standards make First State emission rules more stringent than even Federal regulations.

Thus spoke Delaware Secretary of Natural Resource and Environmental Control Colin O’Mara, in issuing his December 11, 2010 Order No. 2010-A-0039, amending Title 7 of the Delaware Administrative Code.

The new program will bring “considerable benefits to human health and the environment,” asserts a news release issued by Secretary O’Mara, a self proclaimed “energy entrepreneur” from California. However, since current model year cars already emit 95 percent fewer emissions than their 1970 predecessors, actual health and environmental improvements are likely to be minimal.

Thus an additional justification for the edict is the claim that it will protect planet Earth against “dangerous global warming.” That is equally dubious.
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