SI has eyewitness accounts. Floyd Landis recalls a 2003 incident where customs agents found “a bag full of drugs and shit” with syringes belonging to Armstrong. An aide convinced the customs agent they were vitamins. Stephen Swart, a 1995 teammate, calls Armstrong “the instigator” behind using EPO. He claims seeing Armstrong with an illegal Hematocrit level during the 1995 Tour.

They have a paper trail. Armstrong was part of the clinical trial for the drug HemAssist in the late 1990’s. It’s used to raise the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, essentially a less harmful version of EPO. There are also texts and emails connecting Armstrong’s team to shady Italian doctor Michele Ferrari as recently as 2009.
SI also has some murky test results. Lance appeared to test positive for an abnormal testosterone-epitestosterone ratio three times in the 1990s, but none of the samples were confirmed.

There’s no firm evidence here, which is why the preview is written in insinuations.  However, I believe he’s as innocent as Roger Clemens.