I reported  this a few months ago (Carmelo Anthony To The Los Angeles Lakers) and people dismissed it, but it always made sense to me.

Anthony and his wife LaLa want to be in large market with best chance to win a Championship. His preference is the Knicks, but the Lakers should be a viable option and now what was just a rumor before is picking up a little stream.
The Denver Nuggets have had preliminary discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers on a Carmelo Anthony trade, league sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard on Tuesday.
The Lakers’ package would be built around center Andrew Bynum. Denver has no interest in Ron Artest and isn’t particularly interested in Lamar Odom either, sources said. A straight-up deal of Bynum for Anthony works financially, but there could be other players involved since Denver would look to shed more salary if possible.
If I am the Lakers, I would fly Bynum on a private jet to Denver right now. Not that Bynum isn’t a good player but there is a shelf life on his knees.

The fact that Anthony could lessen the scoring burden on Kobe Bryant, would open up the floor for Pau Gasol.

Would you rather have Wade, Bosh and Bron or Kobe, Melo & Gasol?

Plus you would still have Odom, Artest and Fisher. Lakers need to aggressive and make this move and if you wondering how Kobe Bryant would feel sharing the spotlight with another Superstar.
I wouldn’t worry too much about that because Melo and Kobe are very close.