Thursday, March 17, 2011

UN Security Council to Vote on Libya No-Fly Zone Resolution

The U.N. Security Council will vote Thursday evening on a resolution that could authorize a No-Fly Zone over Libya, as concern grows for civilians caught in fighting between forces loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi and rebel fighters.

Ambassadors met in the early part of the day to go over the draft resolution written by Lebanon, France and Britain that aims to establish the No-Fly Zone requested by the Arab League.

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German embassy in Japan moved to Osaka amid nuclear fears

BERLIN, March 17 (Xinhua) -- German embassy in Japan would be moved to the southern city of Osaka temporarily, as the capital Tokyo is being threatened by radiation from damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The German Ambassador to Japan and his staff will continue their duties in Osaka, 600 kilometers southwest of the quake- crippled Fukushima nuclear power station. Germans can contact the team in Osaka if they need help or want to leave Japan, the ministry said.

The ministry added that the move was a precautionary measure amid escalating Japan nuclear crisis, while some embassy offices in Tokyo is not to be completely closed, the ministry added.

The announcement came one day after the ministry advised its citizens to leave Tokyo's metropolitan area and other northern regions of Japan for safety reasons.

Since Saturday, several explosions and fires rocked the nuclear reactors in Fukushima plant, pushing radiation near the area to harmful levels. Higher-than-normal level of radiation was also detected in the densely-populated Tokyo, which is about 250 kilometers away from the plant.

The Japanese government has set up a 20-kilometer exclusion zone around the nuclear plant and asked people living in 10 kilometers beyond zone to stay indoors

On Thursday, emergency workers are using water cannons, heavy- duty firetrucks and helicopters to cool nuclear fuel rods, hoping to prevent more radiation from leaking and spreading. Until nightfall, it remained unknown whether the attempts worked.

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L.A. Reid Named X Factor Judge

It looks like Simon Cowell has found the next version of... himself?
Record executive Antonio "L.A." Reid has been tapped as a judge on The X Factor, the singing competition Cowell is bringing over from Great Britain and which will debut on Fox in the fall.
L.A. Reid Picture
While he makes no mention of the new gig, Reid sent out an email to his staff this morning that read: "I have decided to leave my position as chairman of the Island Def Jam Music Group. I have always thrived on growth and the next great challenge, and I look forward with much enthusiasm to what the future holds."
Reid is a three-time Grammy Award-winning executive who is responsible for signing such talents as Mariah Carey, P!nk, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kanye West and Usher.

An official announcement of his X Factor role is expected soon, but Cowell said of Reid a couple weeks ago:
"We always wanted to work with L.A., whether it was now or in the future. Because in terms of his credibility and what he’s achieved, he’s always somebody who we would love to work with... He’s had so much success. And he’s also a good friend of mine."

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Pakistan drone strike 'kills 12' in North Waziristan

Nice one, That's getting your moneys worth.

At least 12 suspected militants have been killed in a drone strike in the Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, officials say.

The US missiles hit the Datta Khel area approximately 40km (25 miles) west of the regional capital, Miranshah.

Those killed were believed to be linked to Taliban commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur, unnamed intelligence officials say.

The area is a stronghold for militants linked to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

It is the second drone attack in the same area in as many days. On Wednesday a missile strike killed five suspected militants in Datta Khel.


Bilawal Zardari, the son of Pakistan's president. The leadership in Pakistan are dealing with Mossad, the CIA, RAW and MI6, who reportedly want to break up Pakistan, using agents such as Raymond Davis.
One of the Pakistanis shot dead by CIA agent Raymond RAYMOND DAVIS was Muhammad Faheem.

Faheem's widow, Shumaila, 'committed suicide'.

On 17 March 2011, The Nation quotes Muhammad Afzal, the uncle of Shumaila, as having said (Shumaila kin threaten suicide):‎

"We never demanded blood money...

"We did not accept any money nor did we pardon the American killer..."

He said the Pakistan government bowed down to US pressure.

On 16 March 2011, the police arrested Shumaila's uncles, mother, sister, and other relatives.

The CIA plan is for Balochistan to become 'independent' and to be used as a route for heroin?
Earlier, on 23 February 2011, three men forcibly gave poison to one of Shumaila's uncles, called Sarwar. (Shumaila's uncle forcibly given poisonous pills‎)

"According to sources, two motorcyclists had warned Sarwar on 11 February not to pursue the case registered against Raymond Davis...

"Afzal, another uncle of Shumaila, told Dawn that three men entered the house through a ventilator, grasped Sarwar and subjected him to severe torture.

"Afzal claimed that they administered him poisonous pills, citing the recovery of one tablet from the spot.

"He said the men remained in the house for about half an hour and fled when other family members woke up. Sarwar was taken to hospital..."

In February 2011, Pakistan Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and American military top brass met at a secluded luxury beach resort in Oman to work out a deal on Davis. (Raymond Davis's release based on ISI-CIA secret deal: Report)

General Kayani (right) with his boss.
ROBERT ANDERSON, on 8 March 2011, at just-international, wrote an article entitled "I Had Ray Davis's Job, in Laos 30 Years Ago. Same Cover, Same Lies‎"
According to Anderson:
"In Laos the program I was attached to carried out a systematic assassination of people...
"It was called the Phoenix program and eliminated an estimated 60,000 people across Indochina...
"I saw one team of mercenaries I was training show us a bag of ears of dead civilians they had killed..."
The CIA ran an illegal drug operation "to pay for their operations."

The CIA's Raymond Davis, who was allegedly organising acts of terrorism in Pakistan On 16 March 2011, it was reported that the USA had suspended aid to Pakistan.

(US 'blocks' aid over Raymond Davis issue. / Raymond Davis row leads to suspension of US aid)

On the same day, the CIA assassin Raymond Davis was released from custody in Pakistan.

According to Muhammad Afzal, a relative of one of the slain men:

"Family members were told they were being taken to the police station to make statements.

"Instead, they were taken to a secret location and held in isolation and told that unless they signed a letter pardoning Davis, 'you will never see daylight.'"

(Veterans Today Exclusive: Raymond Davis Release, the Inside Story ...)

"Initial media reports surrounding the release of Raymond Davis suggest that the families of the victims killed in the Lahore shooting have left the country on a second plane.
"Their neighbours say they haven’t seen the families in two days and that their homes are empty and locked.

"Sources say an aircraft carrying more than 10 people left Lahore airport and is headed to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

"They also say the families have been given Green Cards and homes in New York state and Washington DC." (Raymond Davis saga: Victims' families leave country say sources )
The US government did not pay any compensation to the families of two Pakistanis killed by Raymond Davis, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on 16 March 2011. (U.S. did not pay compensation in Raymond Davis case)

•On 27 January 2011, three young Pakistanis were killed by US spooks in Lahore.
•The Police arrested US citizen Raymond Davis at the crime scene.
•On 6 February, the widow of Faheem, one of the victims, committed suicide.
•On 22February, US officials confirmed that Raymond Davis worked for the CIA.

Jonathan Azaziah explains more about Raymond Davis And A Travesty Of Justice

The Pakistanis were shot dead "because they witnessed Davis and another group of mercenaries loading their cars with machine guns and explosives, and overheard them discussing their trip into an area of Lahore known for 'terror bombings.'

"While Davis was detained, the other car, full of mercenaries, jetted away and ran over another innocent Pakistani in the process.

"The phone found in Davis’ car, revealed that the CIA-Xe murderer made several calls to an organization known as the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban,’ a group linked to hundreds of bombings across Pakistan in the last 10 years.

"Pakistani police also discovered photographs of sensitive military defense installations on Davis’ camera, including the Balahisar Fort, the headquarters of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the strategically important city of Peshawar and several Pakistan Army bunkers on the border with India...

"Mossad and RAW, the two principal executors of 'the Dragon Policy', set up four agencies in 2001 which would target Pakistan’s societal top tier, from finance to politics, religion to military.

"These agencies would seduce, blackmail, train and employ young Pakistani men from different sects and serve as their handlers in carrying out terrorism across Pakistan.
"Once the recruits are in the field, they are met by their handlers under the guise of ‘Al-Qaeda’ or the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ and issued money, weapons and other supplies.

"These meetings are then reported by the Zionist media as coordination between terror groups.

"When these stooge agents are unable to secure a ‘checkout,’ or completion of their mission, the ordnance units of Mossad and RAW take to the field in collaboration with sleeper cells of Xe contractors to spread the chaos.

"The blood-drenched end result is still reported by the cabalistic Zionist media as “Islamic extremism,” to the detriment of Pakistan..."

Sec State Hillary Clinton Says Leaving Post At End of 2012

By Barry Rubin

In a CNN interview, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she will not serve in a second- term administration of President Barack Clinton. She added that she didn't want any other high-level post and wasn't planning to run for president in 2012.

Some will attribute this to exhaustion or "been there, done that." But my assumption is that it isn't any accident that she's announcing this at the time of the biggest internal policy dispute of Obama's term. In handling the Egypt crisis, it seems apparent that Obama didn't listen to her, perhaps didn't even consult her. On this internal conflict over foreign policymaking read here and here.

Moreover, it's long been a joke that Hillary has been shoved into a lot of minor assignments. And her husband, Bill, has just criticized Obama's energy policy. What do you want to bet that every night (you can put in a joke here because I'm not going to do so) they talk about how Obama is messing up and that she could have done a much better job.

And she's right, too!

I wonder when Secretary of Defense Robert Gates makes a similar announcement. Oh, wait, he already said he'd leave by August 2011.

In my humble opinion, Clinton--who has given many hints at our disagreement with Obama's approach--realizes that the White House's foreign policy is disastrous. A major dispute broke out over how to handle Middle East upheavals. Clinton  endorsed a traditional U.S. approach of supporting friends and opposing enemies, which seems revolutionary under the current president.

The way these things usually happen is that she'd make such an announcement in, say, August 2012, a few months before the event. Nobody wants to be in a high-ranking post for 20 months with everyone knowing their days are numbered. Perhaps she will be out well before the end of 2012.

Who will replace her? Well if she does wait until November 2012 we will only find out if Obama is reelected.  But maybe Obama will have her leave sooner due to policy disputes or because he wants to have his own person in rather than a self-admitted lame duck.

And remember what I have warned: If the new secretary of state is Senator John Kerry then I recommend you buy a fallout shelter in New Zealand, lay in a supply of food, and hide there. Otherwise, disregard anyone else named as a candidate because nobody knows who it will be and when it will happen.

Let's recognize that this is not just the result of Clinton being tired. A key element here is the heating up of the conflict between the liberal and radical wings of the Democratic Party.

Trump Sides With Birthers

Donald Trump continues to talk up a potential presidential run in 2012. He says he is prepared to spend $600 million of his own money if he decides to run. I find it hard to believe he would have that much money to spare, but he does like talking a lot about his money. I don't think he'll run; rather he's just using it as a way to promote his brand and TV show, The Apprentice, to make even more money. I did find his comments on the so-called birthers, who he says shouldn't be so casually dismissed, noteworthy:

Trump seemed to throw his lot in with the discredited rumors that President Barack Obama wasn't born in America, saying he's a "little" skeptical of Obama's citizenship and that every so-called brother who shares the view shouldn't be so quickly dismissed as an "idiot."

"Growing up no one knew him," Trump told ABC's "Good Morning America" during an interview aboard his private plane, Trump Force One. "The whole thing is very strange."
Exactly. The American people still have no clue who this man is even after he's been president for more than two years, and he's using a battery of lawyers to make sure none of his records are unsealed. The total disinterest of the media in finding out the most basic biographical information on Obama that they dig, prod and probe to obtain on any other person seriously seeking the presidency is indeed befuddling.