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Economic Terrorism Plot Against U.S. Exposed!

The Left's Sinister Plot of Economic Terrorism Revealed! Plans to Bring Down The U.S. Economy! A Coalition of Unions, Community Groups, Lawmakers and Students Make Plans to Take Down US Capitalism and Redistribute Wealth and Power! - Courtesy 'The Blaze'

Uncut Video

Analysis by Henry Blodget of Buisness Insider With Partial Transcript 

                                                 Stephen Lerner, formerly of SEIU.

Audio: Glenn Beck Breaking the story of former SEIU leader Steven Lerner's plan to attack JP Morgan Chase

On radio this morning, Glenn broke a story that he called a “clear case of economic terrorism”. In shocking audio Glenn received over the weekend, former SEIU leader Steven Lerner lays out a plan to attack JP Morgan Chase.

“Yesterday afternoon in my office, Scott Baker came in from The Blaze and he said here is the tape I said I want the unedited tape.  He said it’s 25 minutes. This is the unedited tape.  We listened to it,” Glenn described.

“I called in all of the producers.  I called in all the heads of my company, and we sat in a room and we listened to Americans describe how they were going to take down a major U.S. bank in May and how they were going to collapse the stock market and bring on a second economic collapse, how this could not appear to be coordinated and could not appear to be coordinated or union‑backed, how the unions were dead and the only way to really restart the unions is to collapse the system.”
“When you hear this tape, you will recognize some of the things that we have been warning about.  You will recognize what I believe the Pentagon was warning people about.”

Stu gave the context on who exactly Steven Lerner is, “The entire time [Glenn was] speaking about SEIU, this guy, by his own description, was the director of SEIU’s banking and finance campaign.  He’s not just some guy in some little group.  He is a big figure in SEIU until very recently and the entire time you were talking about SEIU, this is the guy heading up the banking.”

Thanks goes to Glenn BeckPam Key of Naked Emporer News, & The Blaze

Possible Apology to Recy Taylor for Obstruction of Justice in Racist Gang Rape

This morning in an op-ed at the Anniston Star, I reported that an apology to Recy Taylor may be forthcoming soon from the city of Abbeville and Henry County, AL.
Last Wednesday, I reported for that state Rep. Dexter Grimsley, D-Newville, wants Alabama to issue a formal state apology to Recy Taylor, 91, who was abducted and raped at gunpoint by seven white men in Abbeville on Sept. 3, 1944.
“The circumstances merit it,” Grimsley said recently. “It’s something that should be done. Recy Taylor found herself in a situation that wasn’t responded to, the way that the law would respond to something today.”
Now it appears that an apology from Henry County and the southeast Alabama city of Abbeville may come as soon as Monday, but it is unclear whether the state will take part. In a follow-up interview last Thursday, Rep. Grimsley said he would hold a press conference with Abbeville Mayor Ryan Blalock and County Commission Chairman Joanne Smith and “present a formal letter to the family.”
Asked if the apology would also be on behalf of the state, Grimsley said, “We haven’t addressed that level yet.”

Recy Taylor in her Florida home (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Henry County Public Information Officer Chad Sowell has told me on the phone that there will be a press conference tomorrow, Monday, March 21, 10:30 am Central Time, at the Henry County Courthouse.

Officials scheduled to be there are Alabama State House Representative Dexter Grimsley, Mayor Ryan Blalock and members of the Abbeville City Council.

Whether an apology will be issued to Recy Taylor tomorrow has not been verified. Abbeville Mayor Ryan Blalock and Alabama Representative Dexter Grimsley have asked Recy Taylor’s brother Robert Corbitt to attend the press conference, and he has told me that he plans to be there.
Margaret Burnham stated the importance of an apology.
“Clearly there should be an apology from the state here as well as the county,” said Professor Margaret Burnham, director of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Program at Northeastern University School of Law. “Each failed to pursue the investigation aggressively and promptly, and more generally afforded utter impunity to white men who raped black women. Such a statement would not only honor Recy Taylor and her family for their courage and tenacity in seeking justice, but it would speak to scores of victims who similarly suffered in silence.”

Other Questions

Even if Recy Taylor gets her due from Alabama officials, many questions remain about how countless other cases of decades old racially motivated rapes will be addressed. There are some states where the FBI could play a role.

The FBI’s role

Though Alabama and five other Southern states have no statute of limitations on rape, only civil rights-era homicides of African Americans — mostly of men — have commanded the official attention of the FBI and other federal and state officials.
The six Southern, formerly segregated states with no statute of limitations on the crime of rape are: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.
Yet, local police and county sheriffs rarely have the staff or the budgets to conduct such investigations. Further, officials in small communities may lack motivation because they would be investigating their own relatives or the politically powerful.
When it comes to decades-old racially motivated deaths, the FBI can investigate cases even when there is no federal jurisdiction. The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act of 2008 directs the FBI to investigate and do community outreach with the express purpose of supporting or encouraging state and local action.
Asked if the FBI could play a similar role in addressing decades-old racially motivated rapes, FBI spokesman Christopher Allen said, “The public is always welcome to report an allegation of a crime to their local FBI office, where it will be reviewed to determine if a federal violation exists.”
No special consideration would be made. “We would handle [it] as we do every other allegation of a crime: on its own merits,” Allen said.

Testimony of black women

In an e-mail interview, Professor McGuire says her research “covers about 64 cases of white on black rape from 1940 to 1975 and is not exhaustive in any way.
“I found black women’s testimonies of sexual violence everywhere I looked.”
Does Professor Burnham think the Department of Justice ought to address civil-rights era, racially motivated rapes in states like Alabama?
“The Emmett Till Act itself only covers murders,” Burnham said. “But the animating spirit of the act is to encourage law enforcement and courts to redress the racial wrongs that locked black crime victims out of the justice system during the mid-20th century. Certainly, if opportunities for prosecution remain open, the Justice Department should play a role.”

Give The Woman A Kiss

Helen Staudinger was arrested in Florida yesterday after she fired at her neighbor who had refused to give her a kiss, she is 92. Seems Dwight Bettner (53) was not willing to pucker up to the elderly woman, who has a big crush on him. Ms Staudinger has been obsessed with Mr Bettner since he moved into the neighborhood six months ago and had even tried to strangle a woman she thought was having an affair with him.The recent incident happened after Ms Staudinger went to speak to Mr Bettner and an argument ensued after he refused to give her a kiss, so she then stomped off and got her .380 semi-automatic handgun and fired at his house.

EX-FBI Agent Takes Shots at Brooklyn Prosecutors in His New Book

By Allan Lengel

Ex- New York FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio, who beat a murder wrap in 2007 after being accused of advising a mob informant to kill four turncoats, is going after the  local Brooklyn prosecutors who unsuccessfully went after him, according to the New York Daily News.

In his new book “We’re Going to Win This Thing: The Shocking Frame-Up of a Mafia Crime Buster”, DeVecchio takes a shot at the Brooklyn Distict Attorney Charles Hynes, suggesting he was “always more interested in publicity than doing his job,” and was hoping that prosecuting an ex-agent would promote a novel he’d written, the Daily News reported.

And DeVecchio  goes after the controversial frontline local prosecutor Michael Vecchione, who unsuccessfully prosecuted him in 2007, the Daily News reported .The case imploded during trial when it was discovered that a key witness , a gangster’s mistress, was lying. The case was subsequently dropped.

DeVecchio said the trial  was set up so that prosecutor Vecchione would be the good Italian and he would be the bad one, the Daily News reported. And he had little good to say about Vecchione.

“Despite having never seen him, I could tell who he was right away,” he noted in his book.  “Dark-skinned, vacant-eyed, with an aggressive, bulky body topped by a moon face and a graying crew cut. He always seemed to be on the verge of toppling forward.

“He had one of those rock star beards that never grows more than a quarter-inch and endows the wearer with a degenerate look. Someone should tell him that it looks ridiculous on a middle-aged man with a potbelly.”

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office declined comment, the Daily News reported.

Barry Bonds’ Trainer Refuses to Testify in Fed Court: Ordered Back to Prison

By Allan Lengel

The Barry Bonds slugfest began Tuesday with some drama  as the baseball slugger’s trial got underway in federal court in San Francisco.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ordered Bond’s boyhood friend and longtime weight trainer Greg Anderson back to prison Tuesday for the duration of the trial after he refused to testify, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury when he said he didn’t take steroids.

“If you change your mind and want to testify, just let everyone know ASAP,” the judge said, according to the paper.

Anderson is no stranger to prison. He’s already served more than a year for contempt for refusing to cooperate with fed prosecutors, who want him to deliver some damaging evidence. And the San Francisco Chronicle reported that he also severed several months in prison for steroid dealing.

In opening statements Tuesday, the prosecution portrayed Bonds as a experienced steroid user who lied about his use, the paper reported. Bond’s attorney countered by saying that Bond told the truth and was falsely accused by former bitter friends and associates.

Border Agents Bust 13 Illegal Immigrants in Marine Uniforms

By Allan Lengel
The game keeps changing.

In a new twist, Border Patrol agents busted 13 illegal immigrants in California who were wearing U.S. Marines uniforms and driving in a fake military van, FOX News reported.

The station reported that the illegal immigrants were nabbed at the Campo Border Patrol Westbound I-8 checkpoint at 11 p.m. on March 14 near Pine Valley, Calif., authorities said.

The station reported that authorities discovered that the driver and passenger were Americans trying to smuggle the people in the U.S.

“This effort is an example of the lengths smugglers will go to avoid detection, and the skilled and effective police work and vigilance displayed everyday by Customs and Border Protection personnel,” the agency said in a written statement, according to FOX.

Census: Detroit population falls 25 per cent in past decade, losing more than 237,000 people...


Detroit Skyline

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Hammered by the auto industry's slump, Detroit saw its population plummet 25 per cent over the past decade, according to census data released yesterday that reflects the severity of an economic downturn in the only state whose population declined since 2000.
Statistics show Motor City's population fell to 713,777 in 2010, compared to 951,270 in 2000.
Although a significant drop was expected, state demographer, Ken Darga, said the number is "considerably lower" than the Census Bureau's estimate last year.

"That's just incredible," added Kurt Metzger, a demographer with Data Driven Detroit, a non-profit that collects statistics used by area planners.

"It's certainly the largest population loss percentage-wise we've ever had in this city."

Mayor Dave Bing disputed the numbers, claiming his city has at least 750,000 residents, which he called an important threshold for qualifying for some state and federal financial programs.

He didn't say how so many people were missed by census workers, but he said he planned to appeal.
Detroit's population peaked at 1.8 million in 1950, when it ranked fifth nationally.

Yesterday's numbers reflect the steady decline of the auto industry — the city's economic lifeblood for a century — and an exodus of many residents to the suburbs.

"The census figures clearly show how crucial it is to reinvent Michigan," Gov. Rick Snyder said.
"It is time for all of us to realign our expectations so that they reflect today's realities.

"We cannot cling to the old ways of doing business."

Metzger said the drop-off in Detroit partially reflects the migration of middle-class blacks to suburban counties, a trend begun by whites decades ago.

The numbers also show many blacks have given up on Michigan altogether: the state's black population fell by 1.8 per cent.

That marks Michigan's first drop in black residents since statehood, and a historically significant change for a state long a magnet for blacks leaving the South to escape discrimination and seek jobs, said William Frey, a Brookings Institution demographer.

More recently, the housing crisis has accelerated foreclosures, and driven down prices, which Metzger said has enabled more black families to buy houses in the suburbs.

The statewide population fell 0.6 per cent over the decade, although it did make gains with Hispanics and residents of Asian origin.
The Asian population was 236,490, up 35 per cent over the decade — Michigan's fastest growing racial group.
Asians now account for 2.4 per cent of the state's residents.

Michigan's Hispanic population grew by 34.7 per cent, to 436,358 or 4.4 per cent of the overall population.

Also up slightly was the Native American population, which rose 1.3 per cent.

Tensions Soar in Gaza After Israel Kills Eight in Strikes

Two Children Among the Slain in Latest Attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed “regret” Tuesday after Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip left eight people, including a number of civilians, dead and 13 others badly wounded.

Israeli officials insisted that four of the slain were all “field commanders” for a militant group, but the other four have been confirmed to be civilians, including two children who were playing soccer at the time.

The strikes destroyed one family’s home and also hit the nearby soccer field. Israel promised an “inquiry” into the killings but insisted that they were within their rights to launch the attack.

The killings have escalated tensions between the two sides, which have been trading fire over the past several days, and the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip promised to get revenge for today’s killings.

by Jason Ditz,

Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

ABC News is reporting that Elizabeth Taylor died earlier today at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

"She was surrounded by her children -- Michael Wilding, Christopher Wilding, Liza Todd and Maria Burton," Taylor's publicist, Sally Morrison, said in a statement.

I don't know how you can be shocked that a 79-year-old woman in poor health -- who has come this close to dying on countless occasions -- has died, yet someone I am. I audibly gasped in the newsroom when I saw the flash. Truly the end of an era. As much as I adored Taylor's work on the silver screen -- "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Suddenly, Last Summer" are my faves -- it was her willingness (and fearlessness) to fight against AIDS when doing so wasn't fashionable that I will remember about her most. She was the anti-Reagan -- and there will never be another star that shines this bright.

RIP, Liz. We miss you already.