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The GTTP Rebellion 2011

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

By Bill Wilson
Iceland is free. And it will remain so, so long as her people wish to remain autonomous of the foreign domination of her would-be masters — in this case, international bankers.
On April 9, the fiercely independent people of island-nation defeated a referendum that would have bailed out the UK and the Netherlands who had covered the deposits of British and Dutch investors who had lost funds in Icesave bank in 2008.
At the time of the bank’s failure, Iceland refused to cover the losses. But the UK and Netherlands nonetheless have demanded that Iceland repay them for the “loan” as a condition for admission into the European Union.

In response, the Icelandic people have told Europe to go pound sand. The final vote was 103,207 to 69,462, or 58.9 percent to 39.7 percent. “Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying the debts of a private institution,” said Sigriur Andersen, a spokeswoman for the Advice group that opposed the bailout.
A similar referendum in 2009 on the issue, although with harsher terms, found 93.2 percent of the Icelandic electorate rejecting a proposal to guarantee the deposits of foreign investors who had funds in the Icelandic bank. The referendum was invoked when President Olafur Ragnur Grimmson vetoed legislation the Althingi, Iceland’s parliament, had passed to pay back the British and Dutch.

Under the terms of the agreement, Iceland would have had to pay £2.35 billion to the UK, and €1.32 billion to the Netherlands by 2046 at a 3 percent interest rate. Its rejection for the second time by Iceland is a testament to its people, who feel they should bear no responsibility for the losses of foreigners endured in the financial crisis.
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People Would Revolt

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The Government Avoids A Shut Down, But The Dems Had Fun Along The Way

Video by Frank McCaffrey
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Wisconsin’s Dewey Defeats Truman Moment

By Rick Manning
How is it possible to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat simultaneously?

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg declared herself the victor in her big labor funded race to change the balance of power in the Wisconsin Supreme Court last Thursday. breathlessly sent the victory e-mail proclaiming that Big Labor and even bigger government had been saved by a scant 200+ votes.

Then something strange happened. They finished counting the votes and Kloppenberg came up a mere 7,000+ votes short of victory.


Kloppenburg’s classic Dewey Defeats Truman moment is all the more stunning due to the millions of dollars spent by organized labor to flip the Court in response to Governor Scott Walker and legislative Republicans reform of public employee collective bargaining law.
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Black Illinois man charged with sending 'KKK warning'

O'FALLON, Ill. — A 28-year-old African-American man has been indicted for sending threats signed from the KKK to officials in the southern Illinois community of O'Fallon.

A federal grand jury has indicted Justin Lamar Kidd, formerly of O'Fallon, on two counts of maliciously conveying a false threat, said Stephen Wigginton, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois.

Officials claim Kidd is behind two November 2006 letters to the O'Fallon Police Department and City Hall. Both are signed "KKK warning."

The letter sent to the police department warns that an apartment complex would be burned down if "all the blacks" aren't removed.

"Get all the blacks out of O'Fallon before we start burning the(ir) houses down. KKK warning," said the letter sent to City Hall.

Kidd was arrested Wednesday and is being held in federal custody.

A judge has ordered a mental evaluation for him, and the results will be filed with the court within 30 days. It wasn't immediately clear who Kidd is being represented by.

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and up to three years of supervised release on each charge.

O'Fallon is about 20 miles east of St. Louis.

George Soros: Working for World Government and World Currency

George Soros is a Hungarian-American financier, a prominent member of the world’s elite, who is an important actor in the shaping of a New World Order. This former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has supported and funded numerous organizations and policies enabling globalization. He has funded Obama’s campaign and regularly visits the White House to ensure that his policies (which are in accordance with David Rockefeller’s).

The conference he is holding from April 8th to April 11th at Bretton Woods aims to discuss the “Reorganizing the world order” which  “will need to extend beyond the financial system”. Here’s an article on the subject from AFP.
Internationalist billionaire George Soros is holding his international conference April 8 to April 11 at Bretton Woods, N.H., the noted birthplace of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, where he plans to “rearrange the entire financial order,” as he noted in a November 2009 article in The Japan Times Online.
This “Bretton Woods II” comes along just as the Trilateral Commission will be meeting at the same time in Washington, D.C. With an apparent goal of creating nothing less than a new global economy, Soros is spending $50 million in New Hampshire to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders under his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).
As AFP goes to press, the attendees are to include ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World Bank executive and Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz.
The conference is slated for the Mount Washington Hotel, site of the historic 1944 Bretton Woods conference, which established the post-World War II international financial architecture.
Soros chose this site because he expects his proposed reforms to be as radical as those promoted by British economist John Maynard Keynes, the much-praised “genius” of the original Bretton Woods project.
Keynesian economics have been portrayed as a cure to the Western world’s postwar devastation, in that governments were liberated of money creation restrictions imposed by the gold standard, even while global financiers controlled much of the world’s gold like they do now. Governments, under the new paradigm after the war, were encouraged to promote economic growth and macroeconomic stability by creating more debt-based money for everything that ailed the economy—debt that has brought most of the world’s economies to the brink of bankruptcy.
Now Soros comes along as the new Keynes to save the day by proposing another miracle solution to our problems, couched in lofty doublespeak such as “reform,” “cooperation” and “equal participation.” Soros is proposing the end of sovereignty as we know it.
“Reorganizing the world order will need to extend beyond the financial system,” Soros wrote in his opinion piece.
Soros is saying that a washed-up America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule. He also advocates that China should be top dog while we play second fiddle. What Soros doesn’t say is that two decades of outsourcing U.S. industry, opening the borders and bankrupting the economy with pointless wars and other debacles have been intentionally orchestrated so that now international bankers can tell the world the system is broken and that the individuals who broke it need to show us how to fix it.
Georgy Schwartz, aka George Soros, is a Hungarian Jew who has been described as anti-God, anti-family and anti-American. By his own admission he even helped confiscate the homes of fellow Jews in Hungary in 1944.
In an interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes he said 1944 was the best year of his life. Asked by Kroft if he felt any remorse, he answered, “No, not at all; I rather enjoyed it.”
“No feelings of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” answered Soros, “only feelings of power.”
Soros made his first billion as a currency speculator in 1992 by shorting the British pound and causing misery to millions of hardworking British citizens. He went on to cause the 1999 Russiagate scandal, almost collapsing the Russian economy. It was described as “one of the greatest social robberies in human history.”
He did the same to Thailand and Malaysia in 1997, causing the Asian financial crisis of that time. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad called him “a villain and a moron,” while Thailand’s PM referred to him as “Dracula.” He also helped dismantle Yugoslavia and caused major trouble in Japan, Indonesia, Georgia, Ukraine and Burma by raiding their economies.
Soros also fosters cultural degeneracy by supporting abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage etc. Soros funded Barack Obama’s campaign and often visits the White House.
At 81, taking down America appears to be his final challenge. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. The time has come for a very serious adjustment,” he said.

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Egypt: Blogger Sentenced to 3 Years for Insulting the Military

Along the many years where the former president Hosni Mubarak ruled the country we didn’t witness large scale of cases where a blogger gets jailed for a blog-post. The first case in Egypt was in 2007 when Kareem Amer was sentenced for 4 years in jail based on blog-posts, he was charged for insulting Islam and Mubarak.
Maikel Nabil
On 6 April 2011, a military tribunal took place against Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil, 26 years-old, on charges of “insulting the military” and yesterday 10 April the court sentenced Nabil for 3 years in prison. Maikel Nabil is sent to prison over blog-post he wrote about violations committed by the military offices against civilians since the revolution and criticizing the army in Egypt.

During the past few years, Egyptian activists and journalists have broke many taboos through media platforms. The army and military forces was one of the main taboos during Mubarak’s time and is still a “red-line” in the offline media, and now the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is threatening the online community by “punishing” netziens for practicing the right to freedom of expression and speaking about the military behavior.

The army in Egypt is sending a clear message that they don’t accept criticism and the charges against Nabil could be easily set against any other Egyptian netizen and human rights defenders to stop them from addressing human rights violations committed by military officers.

Written by Ramy Raoof

PGCC urges Yemen's Saleh to quit

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saudi Al-Faisal (C) speaks with Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani (L) and his Bahraini counterpart Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmad al-Khalifa in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on April 10, 2011.

Source: Press TV

The member states of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) have presented a united front in calling on embattled Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.

During a Sunday meeting in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, foreign ministers from the [P]GCC urged the long-ruling Yemeni president to hand over power to his deputy to pave the way for power transition in the Middle Eastern country, Reuters reported.

The appeal comes as Yemeni protesters continue to demand an end to the decades-long rule of Saleh, who has refused to step down despite the massive popular protests since mid-February.

The [P]GCC states -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- also called for the formation of a coalition government led by the opposition and the drafting of a new constitution in troubled Yemen.

"The formation of a national unity government under the leadership of the opposition which has the right to form committees ... to draw up a constitution and hold elections" is a way out of the current political crisis in Yemen, the Persian Gulf Arab states said.

On Friday, the Yemeni ruler declined an invitation by the six-nation [P]GCC to a mediation session in Saudi Arabia with the Yemeni opposition to end the months-long unrest in the Middle Eastern country.

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in different cities across Yemen on Sunday despite the government's recent brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters.

The Sunday rallies were held in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a, the western city of Hudaydah along with Taiz and Ibb, both in the southwest part of the country.

More than 40 protesters were wounded by live gunfire in clashes in Taiz between security forces and demonstrators Sunday, AFP reported. In Sana'a, security forces shot and wounded 30 people on Saturday, while 80 others suffered injuries from beatings with batons, medics said.

The protesters are calling for corruption and unemployment in the country to be tackled and demanding Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.

Some 40 percent of the Yemeni population lives on $2 a day or less and one third of Yemenis face food shortages.

The protests have been met with crackdowns by riot police or supporters of President Saleh who are armed with knives and batons.

The CIA Is Out Of The Detention And Interrogation Business

CIA Has Slashed Its Terrorism Interrogation Role -- L.A. Times

The agency has stopped trying to detain or interrogate suspects caught abroad, except those captured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reporting from Washington — He's considered one of world's most dangerous terrorism suspects, and the U.S. offered a $1-million reward for his capture in 2005. Intelligence experts say he's a master bomb maker and extremist leader who possesses a wealth of information about Al Qaeda-linked groups in Southeast Asia.

Yet the U.S. has made no move to interrogate or seek custody of Indonesian militant Umar Patek since he was apprehended this year by officials in Pakistan with the help of a CIA tip, U.S. and Pakistani officials say.

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My Comment:
In the even of another major terrorism attack on U.S. soil, I can hear the chorus line right .... how and why did the CIA fail. Unfortunately for us, harsh interrogations techniques do reveal information, and we in the west are now losing out on this information. 

Constitutional Faces: John Thompson


John Thompson, of Connick v. Thompson fame, tells his story in this piece in the New York Times. What a tragic case.

I don’t care about the money. I just want to know why the prosecutors who hid evidence, sent me to prison for something I didn’t do and nearly had me killed are not in jail themselves. There were no ethics charges against them, no criminal charges, no one was fired and now, according to the Supreme Court, no one can be sued.

Worst of all, I wasn’t the only person they played dirty with. Of the six men one of my prosecutors got sentenced to death, five eventually had their convictions reversed because of prosecutorial misconduct. Because we were sentenced to death, the courts had to appoint us lawyers to fight our appeals. I was lucky, and got lawyers who went to extraordinary lengths. But there are more than 4,000 people serving life without parole in Louisiana, almost none of whom have lawyers after their convictions are final. Someone needs to look at those cases to see how many others might be innocent.

If a private investigator hired by a generous law firm hadn’t found the blood evidence, I’d be dead today. No doubt about it.

A crime was definitely committed in this case, but not by me.

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TSA Failed At Least 23 Times to Detect Subsequent Terror Suspects as They Boarded Planes in U.S., Says GAO

Posted: April 10th, 2011 by Militant Libertarian
by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews

Stephen M. Lord, director of homeland security and justice issues at the Government Accountability Office, told the House Science Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight today that the Transportation Security Administration failed on at least 23 occasions to stop subsequent terror suspects who boarded planes at U.S. airports.

Lord’s testimony presented the subcommittee with analysis of the TSA’s “Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques” program, which goes by the acronym SPOT. Under SPOT, TSA agents known as Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs) attempt to detect potential terrorists at airports by observing their behavior.

The Department of Homeland Security, TSA’s parent agency, began pilot-testing the SPOT program at several New England airports in 2003 and 2004,  expanded it to 42 airports in 2006 and 2007, and now uses it at 161 airports, according to previous congressional testimony by Lord. The program cost $211.9 million in fiscal 2010 and the administration would like $232 million for the program this year, Lord told the subcommittee today.

According to Lord, at least 16 different people who were later charged or pleaded guilty to terrorism-related offenses were able to slip through 8 different U.S. airports where TSA had been employing the SPOT program. These 16 terrorists evaded detection at these airports a total of 23 times.

“Using CBP and Department of Justice information, we examined the travel of key individuals allegedly involved in six terrorist plots that have been uncovered by law enforcement agencies,” Lord said in written testimony presented to the committee. “We determined that at least 16 of the individuals allegedly involved in these plots moved through 8 different airports where the SPOT program had been implemented.
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Olympian Carl Lewis To Run For NJ Senate

Nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis will today announce his intention to run for the New Jersey Senate as a Democrat.
Lewis emailed a media advisory to reporters saying he will be giving a speech at 2 p.m. at the Old County Courthouse in Mt. Holly to "make an announcement regarding his political plans." Democrats have been in talks with Lewis about a potential state Senate run in the 8th Legislative District against incumbent Dawn Addiego (R-Burlington). Lewis, a 49-year-old Medford resident, has never run for office. The 8th District, where Lewis will run, leans Republican. But Democrats feel that a famous and wealthy candidate like Lewis could make the seat competitive.
Although he's one of the most famous athletes in the world, rumors about Lewis' sexuality have been blamed for his lack of post-Olympics endorsement deals. Lewis has always denied that he is gay.

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Egypt: 2 Dead in Tahrir Square as Military Cracks Down, Blogger Sentenced to 3 Years

April 11th, 2011 by Ali

Two people died and fifteen were injured in the early hours of Saturday as the Egyptian military forcibly dispersed protesters who remained in Tahrir Square following Friday’s mass protests. Among the protesters were several members of the armed forces who were singled out for arrest. Political leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood and new parties of the reform bloc have called for reconciliation with the military.  Steven A. Cook views the military’s behavior as part of a drive for stability and as a competition for legitimacy between the armed forces and the revolutionary groups.

Meanwhile on Monday, an Egyptian military court sentenced political activist Mikel Nabil to three years in prison for “insulting the military” and “publishing false information.” Nabil had posted on his blog that the military took part in torturing protestors in the early phase of the revolution.  Gamal Eid, head of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), said that Nabil’s lawyers were not present for the verdict.  Human Rights Watch had called for the charges to be dropped.  HRW’s Middle East and North Africa director Sarah Leah Whitson said the verdict set a “dangerous precedent” just as the country is attempting to transition away from the abuses of the Mubarak era.

Ivory Coast Dictator Captured By French Special Forces

Captured: Ivorian dictator Laurent Gbabgo is seen in footage from local channel TCI shortly after his capture. Photo from The Daily Mail

Ivory Coast Strongman Gbagbo Surrenders After Weeks Of Fighting -- Globe And Mail

Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo has surrendered to the forces of presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara and is being held by them, the United Nations said on Monday.

“The United Nations mission in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has confirmed that former President Laurent Gbagbo has surrendered to the forces of Alassane Ouattara and is currently in their custody,” UN spokesman Farhan Haq said.

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French police arrest protesters before burqa ban goes into effect

(A Muslim woman protests against France's banning of full face veils from public spaces, outside the French Embassy in London September 25, 2010/Luke MacGregor)

French police have arrested 59 people who turned up for a banned protest over the banning of the Muslim full face veil, a police spokesman said. The measure goes into force on Monday and prohibits wearing the full veil, the burqa, in all public places, with a 150 euro ($216) fine for offenders.

The spokesman said 20 of those arrested on Saturday had turned up for the prohibited protest at the Place de la Nation in eastern Paris wearing the full veil. One person was arrested on arrival in France from Britain and one came from Belgium.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and his ruling conservative party, the UMP, face presidential and parliamentary elections in the second quarter of 2012 and have angered many moderates by calling for a debate on the place of Islam in France.

Most French people are of Roman Catholic background but France is home to around 5 million Muslims.
Five of those arrested have been detained in custody, one on a count of possessing a weapon, the police spokesman said. All were being questioned.