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Beck Slams Huckabee: “Progressive”, Huckabee Slams Beck: “Inept” – With Video

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Huckabee’s response on his website, titled, appropriately, “Response To Glenn Beck”:

“This week Glenn Beck has taken to his radio show to attack me as a Progressive, which he has said is the same as a ‘cancer’ and a ‘Nazi.’ What did I do that apparently caused him to link me to a fatal disease and a form of government that murdered millions of innocent Jews? I had the audacity—not of hope—but the audacity to give respect to the efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to address childhood obesity. I’m no fan of her husband’s policies for sure, but I have appreciated her efforts that Beck misrepresented—either out of ignorance or out of a deliberate attempt to distort them to create yet another “boogey man” hiding in the closet that he and only he can see. The First Lady’s approach is about personal responsibility—not the government literally taking candy from a baby’s mouth. He seems to fancy himself a prophet of sorts for his linking so many people and events together to describe a massive global conspiracy for pretty much everything. Sadly, he seems equally inept at recognizing the obvious fact that children are increasingly obese and that we now see clinical evidence of diseases in children that as recent as 20 years ago were found only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes. The costs to our nation are staggering in increase health care expenses, but it even effects national security with now 75% of young men between the ages of 17 and 24 are unfit for military service primarily due to obesity! His ridiculous claim that John McCain and I collaborated and conspired in the 2008 campaign is especially laughable. Is he not aware that McCain and I were competitors—not cohorts? Beck needs to stick to conspiracies that can’t be so easily de-bunked by facts. Why Beck has decided to aim his overloaded guns on me is beyond me. But he ought to clean his gun and point it more carefully lest it blow up in his face like it did this time.”

Clark Atlanta Intern Allegedly Stole $10,000 From Steve Harvey

Comedian turned author Steve Harvey was allegedly robbed by a Clark Atlanta University intern!
Earlier this month, $10,000 was delivered to the funny man’s office by a bank employee. Moments later 22-year old Kyle Reynolds was seen going into Harvey’s office to “get a coke” although he was not authorized to be in there. *side eye* Surveillance shows he returned empty-handed…but im sure his pockets weren’t! When questioned by Harvey and his supervisor, the intern denied stealing the loot. Reynolds later sent a text to his supervisor stating,
“I am gonna get him the money just so I can end this.”
What?! Who offers to pay back money they didn’t steal just so they can “end things”??Does that make sense to anyone else? Didn’t think so…

New Hampshire Senate Passage of Right-to-Work Bill is to be Praised

April 21, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement praising the New Hampshire Senate for passing right-to-work legislation:

“The New Hampshire Senate is to be commended for adopting a right-to-work law by a veto-proof majority that will give workers the choice of whether or not they want to pay union dues. The issue comes down to individual choice, and whether New Hampshire and other states are going to respect the right of the freedom of association.

“This follows the House’s passage of similar right-to-work legislation, and the historic passage of a balanced budget that reins in out-of-control public sector unions. The budget also takes the necessary step of increasing public employee contributions to their own pension funds, and now needs Senate approval.

“New Hampshire is taking the lead in pushing back against the excesses of public sector unions, and restoring the freedom of choice to its citizens to decide for themselves who they associate with. Now, the House and Senate need to work together to produce a right-to-work bill that will pass both houses by veto-proof margins.”

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Obama to Implement Gag Order by Decree

By Bill Wilson

On April 18, the Heritage Foundation’s Hans A. von Spakovsky, a former Federal Election Commissioner, broke a story for Pajamas Media about a draft executive order by the White House to compel companies, their directors, and officers to disclose donations to candidates, parties, campaign committees, and non-profit groups that make independent expenditures during an election cycle.

The executive order would apply to both “[a]ll contributions or expenditures to or on behalf of federal candidates, parties or party committees made by the bidding entity, its directors or officers, or any affiliates or subsidiaries within its control” and to “[a]ny contributions made to third party entities with the intention or reasonable expectation that parties would use those contributions to make independent expenditures or electioneering communications.”

As von Spakovsky notes, contractors are already barred from making “[a]ny contribution of money or other things of value, or to promise expressly or impliedly to make any such contribution to any political party, committee, or candidate for public office or to any person for any political purpose or use.” So why the seeming redundancy?
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ALG's Don Todd Explains Why Credit Mentality Has Hurt More Than Lay-Away Mentality

Video by Frank McCaffrey
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1,147,271 Words of Obamacare Regulations Published So Far—270% as Long as the Text of the Statute

By John Vinci
Originally published at
Last year Congress passed the 906-page “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” followed by the 55-page “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.”[1] Together, they form what is better known as Obamacare.

If you thought that Obamacare was long, it is only a fraction of the length of the regulations.

Obamacare contains over 700 directives for HHS and other agencies to implement Obamacare.[2]

We went through and counted all of the Obamacare regulation documents published so far.[3] We found that the number of pages in regulations are already 114 percent as long as the number of pages in the Obamacare statutes! The statutes contain 961 pages compared to 1,093 pages of regulations.

But regulations published in the Federal Register are published in small font, three columns wide.
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The U.S. Should Follow Europe’s Lead

By Paul Driessen

President Obama and environmentalists often say America should follow Europe’s lead on energy, climate and economic matters.

Recent events suggest that we should listen more attentively to the Europeans.

Two brutal winters have awakened Europe to the fact that global temperatures stopped rising in 1998 — and that frigid days and nights pose far graver dangers to the elderly and poor than warm weather and moderate global warming.

Germany and the Netherlands were gripped by near-record lows this past winter. People suffered frostbite and some froze to death in Poland and Russia.
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TV on the Radio Bassist Gerard Smith Dead After Lung Cancer Battle

Gerard Smith, bassist for rock band TV On The Radio, died of lung cancer on Wednesday. He was 35. Smith had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and opted to stay home during their current tour to receive treatment.

Investigators Looking For Who Planted Pipe Bomb at Colorado Mall

Investigators are searching for whoever planted a pipe bomb among propane gas tanks at the Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, Colorado shopping mall on the 12th anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

  The bomb and propane tanks were discovered after the fire department responded to a small fire at the mall. The bomb squad was called to defuse the bomb. The FBI has identified a person of interest, based on surveillance video:
The FBI has released these surveillance pictures of the man they are looking for. The subject is describe as a white male, with graying hair, a silver mustache, wearing a dark colored cap with a light colored logo on the front, gray and white horizontally striped shirt, dark jacket with silver buttons, blue jeans, and dark colored shoes.

Anyone with information about this man is asked to call Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tipline at (303) 271-5615.

Members of the Jefferson County Bomb Squad found two propane tanks and a pipe bomb inside the mall after a fire broke out near the food court. The mall is expected to remain closed until Thursday.

The fire started at about 11:50 a.m. Wednesday. By 11:59 firefighters had extinguished the fire. Firefighters found a suspicious device at the origin of the fire, including two propane tanks and what was later revealed to be a pipe bomb.
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