Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jayson Williams' Estranged Wife Calls Foul On South Carolina Police After Bizarre Golf Cart Incident

From the New York Daily News
Tanya Young Williams
is calling a foul on South Carolina police.

The estranged wife of disgraced former New Jersey Nets All-Star Jayson Williams charges that law enforcement officials there are dragging their feet over a bizarre May 10 incident. She claims a lawyer - who until recently had power of attorney over Jayson's affairs - took her on a white-knuckle trailer ride after she thwarted his attempt to steal a golf cart from her Hilton Head, S.C., home.

But cops there say they're investigating whether Tanya, a motivational speaker and TV fixture, has turned a classic he-said/she-said civil disturbance into a scene straight out of "Charlie's Angels."

"This is like a soap opera," Tanya says. "I can't believe this is my life."

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Newt Gingrich—An Inevitable Unraveling

By Howard Rich

The unspooling of former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich’s presidential ambitions came fast and furious this week in the wake of his assault on U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposals. After previously offering his support for the Ryan plan — which aims to cut $6.2 trillion worth of deficit spending over the coming decade — Gingrich flip-flopped this week and said the proposal represented too much of a “radical change” for him.

“I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering,” he said during a now infamous interview on Meet the Press.
Those comments sparked a full-fledged uproar — not only among Republican voters who support the Ryan plan, but also among fiscal conservatives who know the Ryan plan doesn’t do enough to address entitlement spending, the root of our nation’s fiscal implosion.

“You’re an embarrassment to our party,” one angry Iowa GOP voter told Gingrich bluntly, urging him to drop out of the presidential race “before you make a bigger fool of yourself.”

So much for the goodwill Gingrich was hoping to earn in the Hawkeye state by pandering on ethanol subsidies. Meanwhile in early-voting South Carolina, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint said he was “dismayed” by Gingrich’s remarks.

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ObamaCare Regulations Can Crush Businesses

Video by Frank McCaffrey
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Economic Benefits of a Right-to-Work Law

By Rebekah Rast
“There is no evidence that this legislation will offer any benefits to New Hampshire’s economy or workers,” New Hampshire Governor John Lynch said in a statement after vetoing the state’s right-to-work legislation.

Taking a closer look at the 22 states that have a right-to-work law proves Gov. Lynch’s error. There are many benefits to working in a state that gives you the option to join a union or not, such as: more new residents, more new businesses, more new jobs and faster income growth, according to a report from South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

Evidence of this can be taken from Boeing, which made a business decision to open a new plant in the right-to-work state of South Carolina and then hired 1,000 new workers. South Carolina would likely disagree with New Hampshire’s governor. Being a right-to-work state has benefitted it greatly.

But this hasn’t been an easy move for Boeing. The company has come under direct attack from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB told Boeing that its move across the country was simply an act of revenge against the workers union in the company’s home state of Washington. Since Boeing did not layoff one unionized worker in Washington, and in fact added 2,000 new union jobs in the state since announcing its South Carolina decision, this argument doesn’t stand much ground.
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The Debt Ceiling ‘Game’ of Chicken

Herman Cain, Tea Party Favorite, Announces Presidential Bid

Herman Cain Announces Presidential Campaign - CSPAN
Frequent Tea Party speaker Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, announced his presidential bid in his hometown of Atlanta today. Over 15,000  gathered for his announcement rally at Centennial Olympic Park. Click on the screen capture to watch his announcement on C-SPAN.
Herman Cain is on fire. He shocked focus group expert Frank Luntz after the South Carolina GOP primary debate by winning the event, hands-down, among an audience of GOP voters who had largely never heard of him before.

And the Leftists are terrified.
Watch his announcement, then listen to the viewer calls afterwards. The Democrat callers are beside themselves…one even seemed nearly incoherent with rage. They call Herman Cain everything but an Uncle Tom (all but one, who is obviously posing as a Democrat who voted for Obama and says he’s switching. But kudos to someone from our side, finally using the tactics of the Left against them. For once.)

We believe this will be the Left’s talking point, when it comes to Herman Cain. He will be called a GOP puppet, an empty suit created just so there would be a black face running against Teh Won. He’s just a shill, a plant, the James Carvilles of the world will say. Members of the Cocktail Party GOP will call him “not serious.”

We’d like to thank Barak Hussein Obama for eliminating experience as a requirement for being elected President of the United States. We’ll be sure to remind Leftists of this when they start howling that Herman Cain isn’t qualified because he hasn’t been taking kickbacks from K-street lobbyists for the past 30 years.
Yes, we love Sarah Palin. And we hope she runs. But as of today, she’s not in the race.

We also love anyone who tells it like it is, and is willing to cut through the B.S. and be honest with the American people. We especially love it when a conservative, pro-Constitution candidate like Herman Cain is willing to take the fight to Obama and say the kinds of things that establishment Cocktail Party GOP bosses don’t dare say out loud, for fear of missing out on the canapes at Mittens Romney’s November, 2012 concession party.

Our favorite bit? Herman Cain’s foreign policy statement:
“Know who your friends are. Know who your enemies are. And don’t throw your friends under the bus.
 by HillBuzz

Why France Believes the Strauss-Kahn Plot

by Roland Michel Tremblay

Fifty-seven per cent of people in France believe the head of the IMF was framed on sexual assault charges.

Le Monde confirmed in a poll conducted by CSA that for 57 per cent of the French population, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the victim of a plot. Reviewing the French press reveals that most of the mass media in France published articles quoting political figures, including political rivals, stating that they do not believe that the sexual assault charges against Strauss-Kahn – allegedly involving a chambermaid at a New York hotel – are genuine.

In the meantime, the career of the former head of the International Monetary Fund and potential future French president, who was seen to be more favourable to people than to global corporations, is over – unless somehow public belief in his innocence could be turned to his advantage, even if found guilty by “forged” evidence.

Here is a review of some of the articles in the French press about this case.
On May 16, Le Figaro published an article entitled, “The thesis of the plot flowers on the web and with politicians,” in which the newspaper argues that the seeds of the conspiracy theory were planted when a “militant” in the UMP, a rival political party to Strauss-Kahn’s Socialists, tweeted news of Strauss-Kahn’s arrest before the press got wind of it. “Denuded of any element of proof, it has nevertheless been evoked by responsible politicians,” the paper reported.

It reported how the website Le Post questioned certain troubling facts in an article “DSK arrested: a young UMP first on the info”: “The promptness with which Jonathan Pinet relayed the information of the arrest of DSK, the fact that Arnaud Dassier, one of the investors of the site Atlantico, already author of revelations about the Porsche, would have been one of the first to have re-tweeted the information, the fact that the site 24heuresactu, reputed close to the right, was the first French site to publish the information.” Le Post mentions that Dassier was responsible for the internet campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. (The Porsche incident stems from when Strauss-Kahn, a socialist, and his wife came out of the said car in Paris in front of their home. At the time, the right took the opportunity to tarnish his image in the media.)

From Le Figaro: “Was [this] the right way of getting rid of a chief of the IMF [who was] too independent in order to instead place someone better adapted to the American economic and financial situation?”, asks Bertrand Neveu on Interrogations linked to the inconsistencies concerning DSK’s schedule were assembled in an article in Les Echos called “Several inconsistencies remain in the DSK timeline.” The article discusses how New York police changed the facts and time of the event after it was shown that Strauss-Kahn was having lunch with his daughter at the time of the alleged offence.

However, this point is of no importance now, since the issue is becoming if sex was consensual. Supporters of Strauss-Kahn wonder why he would contact the hotel to ensure that his mobile phone, which he left behind, could be returned. This does not fit with someone who was trying to flee the scene of a crime, especially since this is apparently how the NYPD found out where they could arrest Strauss-Kahn, on a plane at JFK airport.


Questions swirl around two-tour Iraqi vet shot 60 times by AZ SWAT team

By Fernanda Echavarri, Arizona Daily Star
The man shot and killed by Pima County SWAT officers was linked to a home-invasion crew, the attorney representing the officers said Thursday.

Attorney Michael Storie said authorities found rifles, handguns, body armor and a portion of a law-enforcement uniform inside the house where Jose Guerena was shot by officers serving a search warrant May 5.

“Everything they think they’re going to find in there they find,” Storie said in a news conference called a day after the Sheriff’s Department complained that media reports on the incident spread misinformation and encouraged speculation about events surrounding the shooting. The Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday that it would provide no details about the case to the public until the investigation is complete.

The search warrant and court documents showing what deputies were looking for and seized from Guerena’s home have been sealed by a judge and are unavailable to the public.

Christopher Scileppi, who is representing the Guerena family, said nothing
seized from Guerena’s home was illegal and that Storie’s statements were unsupported by facts and meant to discredit Guerena’s character. Scileppi did not comment on the details of the case.

On Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department declined to comment on what the attorneys said.
All statements made by Storie on Thursday morning came from the five SWAT officers he is representing, he said.
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