Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obamacare regs grind on as courts debate

By John Vinci

Last Friday marked one and a half years since the passage of Obamacare. The more the Obama Administration implements Obamacare and the more Americans discover what it actually contains, the more we realize how disastrous it is.

Just this week Milliman, Inc. issued a report for the Ohio Department of Insurance that estimates Obamacare will cause individual health insurance premiums in Ohio to increase by 55 to 85 percent.

Milliman also calculates that Ohio’s health insurance exchange (now called “Affordable Insurance Exchanges” by the Obama Administration) will cost between $19 million and $34 million per year.
A health insurance exchange is an online marketplace for health insurance — just like Expedia and Orbitz are online marketplaces for the airline and hotel industries. Every state must be on track to have their own exchange set up by 2014 otherwise the federal government will be required to run an exchange for that state. As running an exchange is a substantial undertaking, the Obama Administration is working very hard and somewhat unsuccessfully to encourage states to start their own health insurance exchanges. With only 13 states having passed exchange legislation into law, there’s a good chance the federal government will have to run a significant number of state exchanges.

Obamacare gives the State exchanges the authority to issue subsidies to assist some people with paying for their health insurance. But a federally-run exchange, due to a glitch in the Obamacare statute reported by Investor’s Business Daily, does not have the statutory authority to issue such subsidies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the administration has ignored the plain text of the statute and is proceeding as if both state and federal exchanges can offer subsidies. If the federal government continues to go beyond the congressionally approved law and provides people with health care subsidies it will mean tens of millions of additional taxpayer dollar expenditures.

Then there’s the High Risk Pools. Due to pre-existing conditions many individuals find it difficult to find health insurance. A high risk pool is an insurance plan for people who can’t get health insurance elsewhere because of their pre-existing conditions. Obamacare sets aside $5 billion to subsidize high risk pools called “Pre-Existing Condition Plans” in every state. While early estimates predicted that the program would quickly run out of money, the program has instead been unsuccessful in attracting people who were presumed to be the most in need.
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Cripple America

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Obama’s latest jaw dropper

By Rick Manning
The Obama Administration has one shining quality — an ability to dumbfound and amaze through some of the most ill-conceived proposals in human history.
I’m talking bad like, “Abe, let’s go see the new play that is at Ford’s Theatre,” bad

The latest gem out of the White House comes via Robert Pear of the New York Times, who reports that Obama wants to provide civil rights protection for people who are unemployed.

Apparently, Obama believes that the reason that there are 14 million unemployed Americans is because employers are discriminating against them.
His remedy?

Allow an unemployed person to drag an employer who doesn’t hire him or her into federal court to prove that the reason they weren’t hired, and presumably, someone else was, is because they were unemployed.
I’m pretty confident that threatening job creators with lawsuits by 14 million people who were not hired is not going to encourage opportunity.

In fact, I’m pretty confident that threatening legal action against job creators for failing to hire someone who is currently unemployed is going to significantly reduce the willingness of that business to put out a help wanted sign at all.

While stunned by the approach, in retrospect, no one should be surprised.
Remember, this is the Administration who made certain that lawyers were among the first Obama Administration officials on the scene during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Somehow, in the warped world of the White House, threatening lawsuits equates to helping solve the problem.

It almost seems that in Obama’s hope-y, change-y world, the ambulances chase the attorneys, and patients are healed by a lawsuit.
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Watch your back, America! Obama is listening.

By Rebecca DiFede

Imagine for a second, a world in which people could tell on their fellow neighbors, friends and enemies for speaking out against government actions or policies, and deliver that information to the leaders themselves.
Think about the unspeakable horror that could occur when people with a grudge make false accusations against their counterparts, and those accusations are followed by direct action from the government against the nay-sayers. Sound familiar?

History is replete with examples of governments turning citizen against citizen in cynical attempts to retain power. This tactic has been used by governments as a mean of controlling their citizenry. During World War II the German people were encouraged to hand over their Jewish neighbors, and report those who they believed might sympathize with them.

Unfortunately, in this age of rapid communication, our leaders have to be much more careful not to set up systems that can effectively have a chilling effect on our American freedoms.

In order to keep up with the Jones’, or rather, what the Jones’ are saying about him, Obama’s presidential re-election campaign has created; a website where citizens can tattle on their fellow Americans for saying mean spirited things about our illustrious president.

In the wake of his failing administration, sinking ratings and titanic debt, he has attempted to build himself a fortress where he can construct answers to all of his detractors insults, essentially the adult version of ‘sticks and stones will break my bones.’

However, luckily for Americans, our Constitution protects us from actually being prosecuted in any way for our beliefs or thoughts about Obama’s policies. In fact, the most that AttackWatch can do, is compile an ever-growing list of people who are dissatisfied with the way Obama is running the country. Legally, it can serve no other purpose.
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Lebron’s All-Star Classic

The Big Three is back

MIAMI ( – Miami Heat fans won’t have to wait until the NBA’s owners and players settle their differences to get their next glimpse of the Big Three. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will come together next week to host and play in “The South Florida All-Star Classic,” according to sources close to the project.

The game will be held on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. ET at Florida International University, where Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is coach. All proceeds will go toward a charity supporting the educational community of South Florida.

A number of NBA players are slated to join the Miami trio on the court, including fellow Heat teammate Mario Chalmers, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul, the Washington Wizards’ John Wall, the Atlanta Hawks’ Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson, the Houston Rockets’ Jonny Flynn, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Eric Bledsoe, the Dallas Mavericks’ Caron Butler, the Memphis Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay, the Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo, the Philadelphia 76ers’ Lou Williams, the Golden State Warriors’ Dorell Wright, and the Portland Trail Blazers’ Wesley Matthews and free agent Eddy Curry.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Highlights: Melo vs. Goodman' >Video: Highlights: Melo vs. Goodman</a>

Cleveland Cavaliers first-round picks Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson also are possible participants in the game.

Irving and Thompson are waiting to see if a spot opens up, a source told’s Brian Windhorst. Other rookies, the source said, were interested but there’s no room in the game for other first-year players. There’s no interest in 15-player rosters because players want to be able to play in the game and not sit on the bench.

The source told’s Windhorst that there could have been two games played because there was so much interest from NBA players. The squads will be headlined by Brand Jordan players (Wade, Anthony, Paul) vs. Nike (James, Bosh, Durant).

Comedian Kevin Hart, who has appeared in Brand Jordan commercials with Wade, is expected to coach the Jordan team, while Miami-based rap star Rick Ross is expected to coach the Nike club.

FIU’s U.S. Century Bank Arena can hold 5,000 fans. James has played in several “barnstorming” games over the past month of the NBA lockout, but this is the first time he’s been a part of hosting one.

Chris Broussard covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine. Heat reporter Brian Windhorst contributed to this report. Follow Chris Broussard on Twitter: @chris_broussard

Listeria Outbreak in Cantaloupes Is the Deadliest in a Decade

A listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupes from Colorado has infected 72 people in the US and killed 13, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday. Today's grap.

By Cole Petrochko, Associate Staff Writer, MedPage Today WASHINGTON — The FDA has announced that the multi-state listeriosis outbreak has now spread to 14 states and sickened 55 patients, eight of whom have died. The outbreak, which has been traced to

Health officials said Tuesday that 16 people, including one in Missouri, have died from possible listeria illnesses traced to Colorado cantaloupes, the deadliest food outbreak in more than a decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said

WASHINGTON – Health officials say as many as 16 people have died from possible listeria illnesses traced to Colorado cantaloupes, the deadliest food outbreak in more than a decade. The Centers for Disease Control and

He fell ill with symptoms of listeriosis the illness caused by Listeria infection, including headache and fatigue, on August 30. the next morning, mr. Palmers wife found him unresponsive and immediately rushed her husband to the hospital,

NY prosecutor: Probe of SAT scandal will proceed – CBS News

Daily Mail

CBS News

(AP) GARDEN CITY, NY — A New York prosecutor says she's investigating whether students at other schools were participating in an SAT cheating ring. This follows the arrest of seven current or former students at Long Island's Great Neck North High ...

Governor Chris Christie Speech At The Reagan Library

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave his momentous speech at the Reagan Library which will be heavily dissected by the GOP faithful.
After Speech Christie revels in pleas to run