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Colorado Rockies - Nationals Catcher Ramos Kidnapped Outside Home In Venezuela - Sporting News - Mlb

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped by four gunmen Wednesday nighttime at their home within his native Venezuela.

A source near to Ramos' family members informed The Associated Press on condition of anonymity the fact that gunmen took Ramos through his or her home with his pops in addition to brothers present.
Ramos' situation can be not known, plus there is not any concept out of his captors.

Nationals officers could not reply to asks for pertaining to comment.

Ramos' kidnapping may be the hottest in a very sequence regarding reports regarding important league online players in Venezuela, nonetheless it will be very first time that a gamer has been taken. Players' households have been kidnapping targets for years.

In June 2009, this 11-year-old son of then- Colorado Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba was kidnapped, nevertheless delivered safely. No ransom seemed to be paid, in accordance with reports.

In November of their year, that mother of pitcher Victor Zambrano had been consumed from Zambrano's neighborhood in close proximity to Maracay. She ended up being rescued several nights later.

In September 2004, your mummy connected with then-Detroit Tigers pitcher Ugueth Urbina has been rescued right after staying stored captive regarding some 1/2 months.

Earlier inside the decade, Magglio Ordonez along with Richard Hidalgo were thievery victims, while relations associated with Melvin Mora along with Omar Infante were murdered. Kidnappers hit a brick wall in an hope to catch Mora's mother.

Will the U.S. and China Crush Germany into Submission?

By Bill Wilson
There has been no clearer articulation of the coming tyranny to be imposed on the once-sovereign nations of Europe — and what may be in store for the debt-addled U.S. should it fail to restore order to its fiscal house — than a recent piece from the UK Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, “America and China must crush Germany into submission”.

In it the columnist advocates that the U.S. and China essentially force Germany to bail out financial institutions that bet poorly on Greek, Italian, and other troubled sovereign debts, writing, “it would not surprise me if U.S. President Barack Obama and China's Hu Jintao start to intervene very soon, in unison and with massive diplomatic force.”

“One can imagine joint telephone calls to Chancellor Angela Merkel more or less ordering her country to face up to the implications of the monetary union that Germany itself created and ran (badly),” he writes. He accused the Germans of “lacking in deep understanding of what it has got itself into.”

At issue is just who will be bailing out the banks that lent the money to Greece and others in the first place. The consolidated debts of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain, the so-called PIIGS, total more than €3 trillion. Evans-Pritchard wants that somebody to be the European Central Bank.

In the way, Germany has vetoed the use of the ECB to leverage the €440 billion European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) upwards to perhaps €1.4 trillion — since such a decision would violate a recent German constitutional court ruling declaring that “the Bundestag, as the legislature, is also prohibited from establishing permanent mechanisms under the law of international agreements which result in an assumption of liability for other states’ voluntary decisions, especially if they have consequences whose impact is difficult to calculate.”
Moreover, such a move would violate Article 123 of the Lisbon Treaty that brought the Eurozone into being, which expressly prohibits the ECB from printing money to buy sovereign debts.
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History’s Records

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Kasich’s defining moment

By Rick Manning
Ohio Governor John Kasich faces a moment in history where his major initiative to reform the relationship between public employee unions and the taxpayers who pay for them has been soundly defeated in a state referendum.

The question Kasich must answer is whether this was a battle lost due to the mistaken tactic of including highly popular police and firefighter unions into the reforms or whether it is a lost war, dooming the state of Ohio to spiraling public employee costs that are political suicide to attempt to contain.

Public employee unions spent close to $30 million to defeat Kasich’s reform. Ironically, those unions got that money from mandatory dues collected from public employees who are paid by taxpayers. In a nutshell, $30 million of tax dollars that were paid to public employees were then used to convince the voters of Ohio that public employee union reforms should be rejected.

Public employee unions legally used their member’s dues to paint a picture of an Ohio where public safety is at risk due to changes in the relationship between police and firefighter unions and their taxpayer employers.
And Ohio voters, by a 61 percent majority bought it.
Now, reality strikes.
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Rising income inequality?

By Adam Bitely

Numerous reports have come out over the past many days (here, here, and here) disputing the new claim from progressives everywhere that a recent CBO report finally proves that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Well, it seems that those who have closely studied the data believe that claims of an ever widening wealth gap seem to be, well, not exactly true.

As Sheldon Richman put it, “Today low-income people have things the middle class didn’t dream of 40 years ago — and even some things the rich couldn’t have had at any price because they hadn’t been invented yet. And this is not primarily due to consumer debt.”

Even further, as GMU economics professor Don Boudreaux explained several years back, people that bang the drum loudly that the wealth gap is beginning to widen out of control forget to consider that even though the wealthy get wealthier, the poor get wealthier too:

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Joe Paterno: American Icon, American Hero, made a mistake?

Note: The whole situation causes vertigo, makes one nauseous. The hurt is the bigger story, the tragedy for the families and children. This post is way way way down there in importance compared to the horror of what took place. This post only talks about an old man.
Support Joe PaternoAn Ohio State Buckeye friend wrote to me today. “It’s a shame what they are doing to Joe PA.”
I agree. 84 years of integrity and people want to hang the old man.
My take:

He’s a coach. He follows the rules.

He reported it. He knew there was an ongoing investigation. He thought it was being handled, he was told it was being handled.

It’s not in that generation to second guess the line of command.

What’s he supposed to do? Become a cop? A private citizen trying to get to the ‘bottom of things’ like in a cheap movie after he told his superiors about the ex-coach Sandusky?

What about the human factor? He worked with Sandusky, built Penn State with the guy for thirty years and he hears this? Wouldn’t that shock you to the core? Wasn’t Joe in shock?

He must have heard about the prior complaints after this happened and that there was an investigation ongoing. What was he to do? Wouldn’t anyone assume the poor child was attended to?

Joe’s a coach. A single minded driven entity. Most wins in history. You don’t get that type of single minded success being the most well rounded human. He probably just turned it off after reporting it and went back to Penn State football and the next game, just like he wanted to this week.

What gets me are all the losers pointing their crooked fingers at the great man and trying to dance on his misery and burn him at the stake. I guess it takes them out of the reality of their failed lives for a while and makes them feel superior for once in their lives. Good for them. Good for the mob.

Did he make the best decision on the matter? No. He should have assumed his bosses wouldn’t call the police and that they would try to cover it up. He should have assumed gross incompetence and criminal acts from his bosses.

He should have got a Colombo coat and ‘sniffed around for clues.’ But he didn’t, he’s not perfect, who is?
Nope, he’s just an old coach that loves Penn State football and he assumed too much and put his head down and went about his business.

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Richard Uzelac, Penn State 1980 

Nixon nearly "blew my stack" over Watergate tape gap – Reuters

AP Photo - FILE - In this Aug. 9, 1974, file photo, Richard Nixon says goodbye to members of his staff outside the White House in Washington as he boards

Nixon nearly "blew my stack" over Watergate tape gap
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Richard Nixon told a US grand jury that he "practically blew my stack" when he learned of the long gap on White House tape sought in the Watergate scandal investigation, according to ...

Nixon defended his legacy in grand jury tapeAtlanta Journal Constitution

Nixon's long-secret grand jury testimony releasedLos Angeles Times

Nixon shed no light on tape gap to grand juryAlbany Times Union


Breaking News: Fear of a Black Republican Film comes to Trenton

From the Civil War to FDR, the GOP was the party for African-Americans.  Today, less than 10% of African Americans consider themselves to be Republican.  This documentary film explores the phenomenon of Black Republicans, their battles with Democrats and their own Party, their struggle for power and acceptance within the African-American community and how this affects Black America and Urban America.

Today, many Black Republicans keep their political views to themselves or within family circles.  Some endure insults like “Traitor,” “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo Cookie.”  Based on their political beliefs, some question whether one can really be Black and a Republican at the same time.  What does this mean for the future of America’s Two-Party Political System and Urban America?
Film Maker Kevin Williams

Beginning in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, independent filmmaker Kevin Williams takes a non-partisan journey over four years, two Presidential Elections and eleven states to find out if the Two-Party Political system in Urban America may be failing his city and the country.  In taking a self-critical look at his own Republican Party, Williams focuses his camera on the GOP’s efforts in the African-American community and examines the history and lives of Black Republicans; the GOP’s campaign strategy in urban areas versus the suburbs; media perceptions of Black Republicans; Republican Party efforts to recruit African-Americans; Democratic Party efforts and success in retaining the African-American vote; what both parties are doing today and what it means to be a “Black Republican.”

After Williams’ mostly failed attempt to find Black Republicans at the 2005 Bush Inauguration, FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN follows the GOP’s efforts to improve their standing in the African American community around the country.  To explore what Black Republican candidates go through, the film takes an inside look at the 2006 Republican Congressional Campaign of Catherine Davis for Democratic U. S. Representative Cynthia McKinney’s seat.  The results are eye-opening and an example of what happens when a Black Republican runs for public office in a Black majority district.  The sights, sounds and struggles of the campaign bring the audience to some real-life experiences that they will never forget.  Heading into the 2008 Presidential Election, Williams attends the Conservative Political Action Conference to see where the Republican Party was headed and what the future may hold.

To complete his journey, Williams speaks with scholars such as Professor Cornel West and  Professor Howard Taylor; political leaders like former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and now Republican Party Chairman, Michael Steele and previous RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman; Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Jim Gilmore and John McCain; Conservative thinkers such as Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist and Ann Coulter; and Political and Media Commentators Tavis Smiley and Michelle Malkin; amongst others. Also interviewed in the film is the first and last Black Republican Senator popularly elected since Reconstruction, former Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusets.

On Nov. 12, the film will have its hometown premiere at the New Jersey State Museum Auditorium, 205 W. State St., complete with a 5 p.m. kick-off reception followed by the 6 p.m.

Michael Steele, former RNC Chairman in Trenton NJ Nov 12th at the New Jersey State Museum.