Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sharpton Invites The Donald To The Hood To Prove Poor People Have Role Models


Your Black World reports:

Donald “Birther” Trump, appeared on the “Today Show” with Matt Lauer, and co-signed his capitalist-in-arms, Newt Gingrich, who recently stated that poor children have poor work habits and no role models.
“Maybe it wasn’t politically correct, but it happens to be the truth,” he told Lauer. “I think one of the reasons he’s surging, I mean he’s like a rocket ship, is the fact that he says it like it is.”

Making the media rounds to plug he and his hair’s scheduled moderation of the Dec. 27 GOP debate, the man who’s spent more time in bankruptcy than a Catholic sinner in confession, made one exception --- then just as quickly walked it back, saying that “President Obama is the inner city’s only role model,” but “Unfortunately, he hasn’t turned out to be much of [one].”

He never backed down from his statement, even when nudged by Lauer to admit that there had to be more than one role model in urban (read: Black and Latino) communities, and Trump said there was not one --- and “it’s sad.”

You already know who got upset, right?

Enter, Reverend Al Sharpton, who immediately took offense to Trump’s statements, saying in a statement:
“I have known Donald Trump for many years and will not let the negligent statement he made on the “Today” show go unchallenged,” said the MSNBC PoliticsNation host. “He needs to retract his comments immediately or we will organize direct action against him.”

Sharpton, who is also President of National Action Network, is joined by Reverend Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Chairman of National Action Network and Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, in extending an invitation to The Donald to take a field trip to Harlem, or any other major city in the world, to show him hard-working people who exemplify what it means to be a role model everyday without accolades or recognition.

“I am appalled that a man in his position would make such an irresponsible and ignorant comment on a national forum and ignore the contrary fact that there is a plethora of black role models in this country,” said Rev. Richardson. “His insensitivity is what fosters negative imagery and the perpetuation of racism in this country.”
Weigh in YBNews Readers: Do you think Donald Trump will take the Reverends up on their offer?

Judge Zagel: Blago Set and Sought Senate Seat Price

Ex-Gov on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice
By Danny Fenster

Rod Blagojevich is facing the first of a two-day sentencing for convictions on public corruption charges.

The usually chatty ex-governor had walked quietly out of his home earlier in the morning and into the courtroom via a passage blocked off to the media he once revelled in, a Chicago Tribune blog reported.  He declined to comment to the media.

Before the trial began Blagojevich bent over to kiss his wife Patti, saying “I love you.”

The defense argued Blagojevich did not gain any money from the allegations, while the prosecution pointed to “bountiful” evidence of what Blagojevich expected to gain.

Of the $1.5 million Blagojevich sought for the senate seat, Judge James Zagel said “”It was a price he put on it. The price he expected to receive,” tweeted Chicago Tribune reporter Annie Sweeney.

Blagojevich, arrested in December of 2008, was convicted of 1 of 24 counts — lying to an FBI agent — in his first trial. The second proved far more fruitful for the prosecution, which convicted him on 17 of 20 counts, including his famous attempt to sell or trade Barack Obama’s Senate seat for his own benefit.
During the feds probe of Blago, the FBI caught his now-famous line on tape: “I’ve got this thing, and it’s [expletive] golden,” he said of the Senate seat. Since his arrest state lawmakers approved a series of campaign finance reforms and transparency laws.

Before and during the trial Blagojevich repeatedly proclaimed his innocence in the national media, appearing regularly on news and talk shows, including The View. Many speculated early on that the media campaign could hurt him at sentencing.

“Throughout, on his television appearances, he showed a failure to accept responsibility for his actions. He maintained his innocence and seemed to be willing to do anything to continue maintaining that,” Rodger Heaton, a former U.S. Attorney for Central Illinois, previously told ticklethewire.com. “I think that will be one factor.”

Blagojevich served as a state legislator in both Washington and the Illinois capital of Springfield. He got his start in Chicago with the help of longtime city alderman Richard Mell, a powerful Democratic politician on the city’s Northwest Side. He was elected governor of Illinois in 2002 and impeached on January 9, 2009. He was banned in a separate vote from ever holding public office in the state of Illinois in the future.

Why Aren’t the Bankers in Trouble?

By Danny Fenster
In the wake of the financial sector’s meltdown, many were on the hunt for the blood of bankers. But convictions for wrongdoing on Wall Street have been remarkably scarce in the aftermath of the industry’s collapse–no small part of why Occupy Wall Street protestors have gathered in lower Manhattan.
A Wall Street Journal blog explains why prosecutions in the financial sector have been so slow to surface. Federal agent’s “hopes slowly gave way to frustration over how to prove criminal intent,” the blog post notes, citing former deputy assistant director of the FBI David Cardona.

Much of the Justice Department’s criminal investigations “hinge on disclosure” Cardona told the Journal. “What does adequate disclosure mean? And those are really technical arguments that sometimes get lost with a jury.”

Many of the FBI’s criminal probes into financial wrongdoing have gone nowhere, according to the Journal, including probes into top financial firms like AIG, Goldman Sachs and Washington Mutual. After a jury acquitted Bear Stearns in 2009, US officials have been wary of trying crimes in which a jury may decide losses were due to bad judgement or the market rather than actual criminality.

“Thus, cases that turn on technical issues such as disclosure are being left for civil-enforcement actions.”
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Elderly Women Complain of TSA Screening at JFK Airport

file photo
By Danny Fenster

Two elderly women claimed this week that TSA employees, during private screenings at John F. Kennedy International Airport, embarrassed them by asking them to lower their pants and expose private items to the officers, reports WPLG. One claims she was made to lower her pants and underwear so her back brace could be inspected; the other said she was made to lower her waste and show officers her colostomy bag.
The TSA says the officers followed proper procedures in both cases, the station reported.

But with the aging US population, such searched may become even more common, according to the WPLG report. Many prosthetics and medical devices cannot go through regular scans.

“You have pacemakers, you have artificial hips, you have artificial knees,” Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said, according to the station.”As we get older and we keep ourselves together, it’s going to take more and more surgery. There’s going to be more and more medical improvements, but that can create what appears to be a security issue.”

Prosthetics can set off metal detectors, while bags and catheters create bulges in people’s clothing that security officials are likely to question.

The TSA says it continues to try and tailor screening procedure for different demographics. The agency has formed an advisory committee, with 70 disability groups, to adapt screening techniques.
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Supreme Court to Hear Case of Cheney Back-Slap

By Danny Fenster

As Herman Cain knows, it’s a fine line between a friendly pat on the shoulder and a little too much touching. Now, Steven Howards will find out the same.

On Monday the Supreme Court agreed to decide whether or not Howards can sue the Secret Service for denying his right to free speech when protecting then-vice president Dick Cheney during a 2006 incident in Colorado.

At a mall in Beaver Creek, Colo., a Secret Service agent said he heard Howards speaking into his cellphone, describing his plan to ask the vice president “how many kids he’s killed today,” according to the New York Times. Howards later approached Cheney, telling him his administration’s “policies in Iraq are disgusting,” then touched Cheney on the shoulder.

The shoulder tap has been variously described as a pat, a slap and a strike, which caused Cheney’s shoulder to dip, according to the Times. When agents confronted Howards he denied touching the vice president and said “if you don’t want other people sharing their opinions, you should have him avoid public places.” He was then arrested for assault and given to local authorities, charged with harassment–charges which were later dropped.

A federal district judge in Denver ruled that the suit against the agents could proceed.  A three-panel on the Court of Appeals subsequently reversed some of that ruling, saying that agents had a right to arrest Howards after he touched Cheney. Conversely, it ruled that the Howards’s claim for retaliatory arrest could  proceed to trial, saying his First Amendment rights may have been violated because agents could have been “substantially motivated” to take action against him based on his remarks, the Times reported.
The Supreme Court will now take on this touchy issue.
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Dozens dead in rare attacks on Shiite targets in Afghanistan – Washington Post

BBC News

Dozens dead іn rare attacks οn Shiite targets іn Afghanistan
Washington Post
KABUL — A suicide bombing οn Tuesday targeting Shiite worshipers during thеіr holiest day οf thе year left dozens οf people dead іn Kabul аnd threatened tο stoke ethnic tensions thаt сουld markedly complicate thе Afghan conflict аѕ thе West charts аn
Afghan President Karzai cancels UK trip аftеr bombingsBBC News
'Grim nеw precedent': Dozens die аѕ sectarian violence erupts іn Kabulmsnbc.com
Suicide bomber strikes Afghan shrine, 59 deadHindustan Times
CTV.ca -Voice οf America -ABC News
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Jailing Opposition Leaders, Russia Moves to Quell Election Protests - New York Times


Riot police detained a Russian opposition activist taking part in an unauthorized rally, on Triumfalnaya Square in central Moscow, late Tuesday. By ELLEN BARRY MOSCOW — Russian authorities acted decisively to quash a second day of anti-government ...
Moscow police clash with anti-Putin demonstratorsUSA Today
Troops Patrol Moscow to Prevent Election ProtestsVoice of America
Post-election clashes continue in MoscowCBS News
BBC News -Fox News -Telegraph.co.uk
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How is Newt the anti-Romney?

By Adam Bitely

Contrary to popular belief, Newt Gingrich is not a limited government supporter. If he is, please produce the record. For every action he has taken in the name of moving the country towards a more limited government, he has taken three actions against it.

Consider the following.
In 1993, Newt Gingrich supported health care mandates, similar to the ones imposed by ObamaCare. He supported such mandates as recently as 2008. Now, as a candidate for office who suddenly saw the light on how damaging such mandates could be, Newt has changed his tune and now opposes them.

On climate change, Newt has a similar story. He famously appeared with Nancy Pelosi in a 2008 television ad urging Americans to pressure government to take action on climate change. Now that he is trying to pass himself off as a limited government candidate, he opposes the government taking such action.

And on government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we learn that Newt was a proponent of bad housing policy, accepting $1.6 million from Freddie Mac to garner support from Republicans on Capitol Hill in an effort to get favorable policy for the company. Newt claims that he was not paid to be a lobbyist, but he has changed his story several times over the past week as to what exactly he was paid to do. And beyond that, Newt now claims he opposed the reckless nature of Freddie Mac and would, if elected President, work to undo policy that he had a hand in selling.
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Team Obama Spotlight: Hillary Clinton

Video by Frank McCaffrey
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The Fall of Herman Cain: A Conservative's Lament

By David Bozeman

There is not much original left to say. No, it is not fair that the media has taken out yet another charismatic conservative. Yes, the media actively promoted its preferred candidate, Barack Obama, in 2008, with very little vetting and no concern over his dubious associations and radical worldview.

But I'm going to say it anyway. The mainstream media would rather search the closets of Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, and now Herman Cain for skeletons rather than it would examine the cozy relationship between the current administration and Solyndra.

For every American who knows that Herman Cain gave money to a woman claiming to be his mistress, how many dozens don't know that the Democrats are today's true darlings of Wall Street, raking in over $15 million, far ahead of any of the GOP presidential contenders.

To those who remark that Cain has no one to blame but himself, that he fumbled in response to the sexual misconduct allegations, just what is the correct method for mollifying a media hostile not only to conservatism but to its messengers? And then there is this faux concern over his — gasp! — hesitation in responding to a question about Libya.

You want to talk about verbal gaffes like“57 states," mispronouncing “corpsman”, outright errors such as confusing Memorial Day and Veteran's Day and rambling sentences of incoherence when unaided by a teleprompter? Look no further than our much-lauded 44th President.
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Ron Paul Slams Donald Trump: ‘I Didn’t Know He Had The Ability to Lay Hands and Anoint People’ Posted on 05 December 2011

by Solomon Horn

Donald Trump can’t seem to keep himself out of the Republican primary spotlight. Instead of running his own campaign, Trump has become a sought-after endorsement by the Republican candidates, except for one. Presidential candidate Ron Paul says that endorsement actually damages the Republican brand. So much so, the Texas Congressman actually rejected Trump’s invitation to a primary debate moderated by Trump himself.

CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul about his latest feud with The Donald on Sunday’s ‘State of the Union.’

“One of the concerns that I had was really how he was treating the Republican Party of Iowa, and he didn’t treat them well because he had agreed to come to their biggest fundraiser of the year because he was talking about running. When he changed his mind about not running he canceled on them. They had to cancel the event. And that was a bit of an insult to them. I’ve gotten a lot of good favorable responses from the people of Iowa, even the people in the party that appreciated the fact that I mentioned, that because they were very unhappy with the way he treated them by just stiffing them and walking away from it, and they were left holding the bag.”

The Congressman was asked why Trump has become such an important endorsement for Republican candidates and why he’s been so critical of the Paul candidacy.

“I don’t quite understand it,” Paul said. “I don’t understand the marching to his office. I mean I didn’t know that he had an ability to lay on hands, you know, and anoint people.” … “He probably doesn’t like my position on the Federal Reserve. You know, easy credit for developers and investors. You know, they like easy credit and they like the Federal Reserve and they like that for bailing out.”

Obviously, an egomaniac like Trump would never let criticism of himself go without a petty response. Trump told the New York Daily News,
“Few people take Ron Paul seriously and many of his views and presentation make him a clown-like candidate. I am glad he and Jon Huntsman (who also declined), who has inconsequential poll numbers or a chance of winning, will not be attending the debate and wasting the time of the viewers who are trying very hard to make a very important decision.”
Few people take Paul seriously? Except maybe the people of Iowa and New Hampshire, whose support puts him in second place. Paul is also one of the only candidates to see his poll numbers consistently rise in those two most important primary states.

Clearly, Trump is just mad that a couple candidates had the audacity to question his king-making ability. His response only demonstrates his pettiness and clown-like character.
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So Why Really Care That Jon Corzine Spent The Money Of Others?

Posted by Repair_Man_Jack 
The clowns and villains who run America have accomplished something really epic: they have vanquished meaning. Nobody knows what anything means anymore. Anything goes now. All bets are off.
(HT: James Howard Kuntsler)
Given Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s eager determination to right all wrongs in America and extend the shining light of equality from coast to coast; and to all 57 states in between, I eagerly await the frabjous day when Jon Corzine does his perp-walk in the dingy, orange pajamas. I’ve been informed that Godot is running a few minutes late this morning and he would appreciate it if I just remained patient. Kuntsler addresses the issue less sardonically below.
Is there still an Attorney General in this country? Will somebody please follow Eric Holder down a hallway and see if he leaves a trail of sawdust on the floor…. And by the way, what is the US Federal Reserve doing handing out billions of dollars to the Royal Bank of Scotland? Was Scotland admitted to the Union by stealth, too? Or did Jamie Dimon just buy it as a birthday present for Barack Obama, who likes golf.

But then again, why pick on poor Jon Corzine. He was a good Progressive in the US Senate and as Governor of New Jersey. As a professional politician, he spent his entire career spending the money of others as if it flopped out of his rectum and could fertilize the turf. People reelected him as a public official several times as he behaved precisely the same way he would later with MF Global. Now that he does the exact same thing in the private sector, we suddenly get our shorts all wadded up?
And it’s not as if our public officials in DC are any different than Barack Obama’s Wall Street Guy, Corzine. Our illustrious VP, Huey “The Kingfish” Biden recently visited Athens to discuss the recent string of Corzine Events afflicting the national governments of Southern European countries.
Biden said: “This man represents the Treasury department. He’s brought hundreds of millions of dollars.”…. Asked what his message to Europe was, Biden said: “Hang in there.
Funny guy that scrappy, Scranton Joe! We should have sent him to Somalia in 1993. I can imagine it now.

“This man represents the Peace Corps. He’s brought a big sack of rye bread and turkey. Hang in there and avoid the war lords, and he’ll make you one heck of a Rueben Sandwich!”

Corzine is a convenient symbol for whom I’ve expressed a certain level of condign execration. Yet without we the people, Corzine would be in charge of a Hoboken Bucket-Shop. Millions of voters, expressing their own personal preference for ungodly corruption that pays them a short-term stipend, have elevated this man to a great pinnacle of power, influence and access to other people’s spare investment funds.
As the great and wise JRR Tolkien famously wrote: “Evil oft Evil mars.” Jon Corzine could accidentally serve a positive purpose. Spengler offered the following back-handed praise to fraud-miester Bernie Madoff awhile back.
I am Bernard Madoff. Well, not really. But I wish I were. Few Americans have done more to punish stupidity, pretension and complacency than Madoff, whose apparent US$50 billion swindle calls to mind the caper by Mephistopheles in the second part of Goethe’s Faust. The fictional devil persuaded the emperor to issue paper money against buried treasured yet to be discovered.
The only thing Mephistopheles and Faust screwed up is their failure to refer to this action as a counter-cyclical economic stimulus package. Had they done that, our modern commentaries would indubitably express an even greater sympathy for the devil. And yet there is always the chance that we could finally learn our lesson and extend it without loss of generality to the charlatans who our nation sends to Congress and The White House.
We were offered condign warning by a personage of no lesser stature than Pope Bendict XVI what would happen if people like Bernie Madoff, Jon Corzine, Spencer Bacchus, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama were given the reins of power over the economic conditions of others. Back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, he wrote the following.
It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact of economic history that the development of economic systems which concentrate on the common good depends on a determinate ethical system, which in turn can be born and sustained only by strong religious convictions. Conversely, it has also become obvious that the decline of such discipline can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.
So execrate Jon Corzine. Burn him as your scapegoat. Toast a few wieners over his carcass while he fries. But remember who handed him the keys. Remember who gave him the position and the influence that he used to steal $1.2Bn with an air of brazen and utter contempt for his victims. And when you vote in 2012, remember who he worked for and think twice before you trust any other Democrat more than you would trust Jon Corzine.