Tuesday, January 31, 2012

African American Community in Dallas Boycotting Korean Businesses

For a little over a month, African-Americans in Dallas have been boycotting a Korean owned gas station in a mostly black community.

It all began when an African-American customer requested that the Korean-American owner lower the minimum purchase amount since the gas prices at the Korean gas station were higher than in other areas. The gas station owner refused. In response, the customer told the Korean owner to go back to his country, to which the owner responded “go back to Africa.”

This confrontation triggered a boycott of Korean and Asian businesses by the black community. This is not the first time that tensions between Asian business owners and their African-American consumers have reached a fevered pitch. Twenty years ago, there was a massive Los Angeles  riot by African American consumers over their mistreatment by Korean merchants.

At issue is always the treatment of black consumers by Asian business owners, many of whom don’t seem to respect African American consumers and are perceived as takers; people who use the black community to make a quick buck, all the while despising the very community they serve. It would seem that the real and lasting solution isn’t these on again, off-again boycotts, but to grow black businesses in black communities.

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Anonymous said...

The "customer" told the Korean business owner to "go back to China" (Koreans aren't from China).

Certain human characteristics must be recognized. To wit: Look at Africa; the entire continent is a basket case in the world of existence. Egypt and Libya are soon to be dominated by Sharia-loving fundamentalists. Liberia, founded by freed slaves, is in the toilet. South Africa is moderately successful; it was run by white people for an extensive portion of history.

So, what or where is the successful African nation? Maybe Kenya, as they have oil to sell. Otherwise, none. South Korea and China are economic powerhouses. Is there an African economic powerhouse? Umm, no. Perhaps the 800 pound gorilla in the room (reference intended) must be addressed: Success might actually depend on the people that are successful.

Maybe "african-Americans" should stop whining about shit that happened 150 years and more ago, and thank God that they aren't stuck on a shitty, unsuccessful continent. Asian immigrants come to this country and achieve success; maybe muslim ministers should focus on striving for such success, rather than bitching about "unfairness".