Friday, February 3, 2012

Ex-New York Cop Admits To Murdering Wife Over Finances

Ex-New York Cop Admits To Murdering Wife Over Finances
Your Black World reports:

Ex-New York cop, Clarence Cash, admitted to authorities that he killed his wife because of financial strain.

“I just shot my wife,” said Cash, 49, merely a few hours after he allegedly pumping 10 bullets into wife, Tracey Young, 42, in their ritzy Queens condo.

Young was a tax attorney who specialized in busting tobacoo, according to the New York Post. Replaying his heinous crime to officers, including how he shot his wife a a few years three times in the face, Cash cried, “My wife, she didn’t deserve that.”

In a tragic twist of fate, according to a neighbor, Young’s mother was murdered by a lover when she was just child.

According to sources, Cash punched Young in the face during an argument over finances, including the fact that he had recently bought her an expensive Louis Vuitton purse. Negligent neighbors admit that they heard the altercation and what sounded like gunshots, but none called the police.

Cash told authorities that he tried for seven hours to gather the nerve to commit suicide, but couldn’t force himself to do it.

“He took her gun and went to Rockaway Beach to kill himself,” said Queens Assistant District Attorney Robert Hanophy Jr.

The burly ex-cop turned himself in to authorities, bringing with him his Glock and Young’s registered Sig Sauer. He was charged with first-degree murder at his arraignment and held without bail.  At his lawyers request, he will be placed in protective custody at Rikers Island.

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Ex-New York Cop Admits To Murdering Wife Over Finances

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