Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fan Gives Best Account of Whitney’s Funeral and Life Ever! (Video)

Willie Moore Jr. sets us straight on Whitney and what her funeral meant to us all.

Whitney Houston would be proud to know some of her fans personally.  But, this guy has got to be her No. 1 fan.  The very moment he begins to talk about her funeral, you get a little fearful of what is coming out of his mouth next.  But, his take on what happened that day and what her legacy truly is goes straight to the core of all that she was and all that she was to us…whether we knew her or not.

Willie Moore Jr. gives a humorous account of her funeral and legacy in a way that makes one feel as though they’re hearing Whitney’s thoughts at times and her mother’s at others.  He reminds us how we only knew her work, but not knowing her personally did not keep us from receiving the message of her.

At one point he even reminds us of how much American television has taken Jesus out of most programming…but not Whitney’s funeral!  It is a refreshing, light-hearted testimony on how her life affected him and others around the world.  He spoke about  her with love saying:
“A few bad chapters can’t ruin a whole book….Even in her death, she still was ministerin’! …Say what you want, Jesus was exalted today…I ain’t neeeever heard so many Jesus’s on mainstream TV…. Get your fresh start, so God can get the victory out yo life like he did with Whitney!”
Learn more about this young, ordained minister that is spearheading the Young Fly and Saved Movement through his ministry and music here. He is truly worthy of the award he received in 2010 for Excellence by Dr. Noel Jones for his commitment to young people. He is definitely “bridging the gap between the Church and the streets” if this is an example of his work. PREACH BOY!
-J.C. Brooks

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