Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Man Arrested for Having a Black Granddaughter

A man who is a self-described “Texas Redneck” says that he has been harassed repeatedly by Texas police because his granddaughter is black.  Scott Henson often volunteers to babysit his granddaughter and claims that he is the victim of “babysitting while white.”   On his blog, “Grits for Breakfast,” Henson says that police have been racially-profiling he and his granddaughter for years, and getting very aggressive when they come after him.

This week, Henson was handcuffed and detained by police. His granddaughter was separated from him after someone called and said that they saw a black girl being kidnapped by a white man.   Henson admits that when officers stop him, he is terse and impatient with them.   He says  that he is insulted that they are asking him questions just because his granddaughter is of a different race and that he has no obligation to stop.
Mr. Henson is a retired political consultant and journalist who runs a blog about the Texas criminal justice system.

He describes his last encounter with police and his granddaughter, whom he refers to as “Ty.”
Ty edged up the hill away from the officers, crying. One of them called out in a comforting tone that they weren’t there to hurt her, but another officer blew up any good will that might have garnered by brusquely snatching her up and scuttling her off to the back seat of one of the police cars,” he wrote.
Henson also says that officers refused to call his wife and other who can verify the relationship.  He was eventually released with apologies, but there is no word if he is going to file any kind of legal action.

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