Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It’s Official! Peyton Manning is Released from the Colts

Peyton Manning is being released from the Indianapolis Colts today.

The quarterback position is the coveted spot on the football team that everyone remembers for game losses, the game wins, and the great mistakes.  In this year’s Super Bowl, one of two star brother quarterbacks made it into the game…one did not.  The other held back from the football season with an injury.  But after that injury has healed, the team has decided to let him go.

Eli and Peyton Manning represent the New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts, respectively.  Their father even played the game for a while, but now the Colts want to retire Peyton Manning.  He’s shown that he’s ready to come back to the game, but they are going to announce today that he will be officially cut and not pay his $28 million roster bonus.

But don’t get pissed so quickly, Peyton will be a free agent and has been given the green light for a doctor to go back to the grid iron.   He will be relentless when he is picked up by any team.  He is a hot ticket that is being dissed for the new guy fresh out of Stanford, Andrew Luck.  This is the choice of a new management that has taken over the Colts.

Peyton walks away a four-time MVP winner and there’s already talk that the Miami Dolphins are looking to pick him up.  You had a good run Peyton.  Good luck out there!  Read more here.
-J.C. Brooks

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