Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New 16-Year-Old Gymnast Shining Brighter than Champion

Gabby Douglas, 16, is an incredible gymnast that many say has a chance at making the Olympic team for London's Summer games in July.

The Summer Olympics is only five months away and America’s team looks like they will prevail with the same luster and strength as the past.  We already have a world champion on the American team, but there is new talent on the block upstaging her and she is also American.

The new kid on the block is 16-year-old Gabby Douglas and she outshined everyone on her team as well as the others at the American Cup which was held at Madison Square Garden Saturday.  The present world champion in gymnastics is Jordyn Wieber, but Douglas surpassed her in points.  Unfortunately, her points didn’t count because she was competing as an alternate.

But, it is the hope that this performance, the Huffington Post called “near perfect,” will not be discounted when the team is completed and finalized for the Summer Olympics.  She has shown the world that she is a true contender and more than qualified to be in the building.  She told the Huffington Post:
“When we won the team title it made me more confident,” Douglas said. “I realized, `Wow, I’m one of the best ones in the world.’”
The gymnastics world is excited about Gabby Douglas and so are we.  Read more here on the Virginia Beach native who moved to Iowa to perfect her skills and follow her dream in gymnastics.
-J.C. Brooks

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