Friday, March 2, 2012

Whitney Houston Casket Photo Released By National Enquirer

Posted by Loraine Stiverson
The National Enquirer has made everyone mad again and it probably won’t be the last time. In 1977 when Elvis Presley died the National Enquirer released Elvis Presley Casket photos. For 2012 the National Enquirer has kept up it’s notoriety for stooping low, by releasing the Whitney Houston casket photo that they paid someone off for.

No one is sure how much the Enquirer paid an insider at the funeral for the photo but you can bet it wasn’t cheap. The cover has the photo clear and easy to see and you can find it in your local grocery store. The publication date is listed as March 5th, 2012 but you can probably find it sooner.

There are details about the funeral as well besides just photos of Whitney Houston in a casket. Apparently Whitney Houston was wearing over $500,000 in jewelry during her funeral inside of her casket. On her feet were a pair of gold slippers to take with her and she was wearing her favorite purple dress inside the casket.

There were celebrity outrages at Whitney’s casket photos and people got pretty upset. Fans are also outrages and taking to Twitter to express their disgust. Comedian Jim Norton wrote a long Facebook post about the photo, a post which has been shared more than 1,400 times. ” I would like the same people who perpetually whine and cry about airport security and how it ‘violates privacy’ to refrain from buying the magazine,” Norton says. “Or from even looking at the photo while standing in line in the supermarket. Ahh, that’s right; it’s only a privacy violation when it’s YOUR privacy being infringed upon.”

The Talk on CBS had this to say about the Whitney Houston Casket Photos released by the Enquirer:

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