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Today's News NJ: 2012 Top Republican VP Picks

Well, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, and I’m having the same feelings of disappointment that I had in 2008 with Mc(needs a)Cain leading the charge. However, McCain did have a glimmer of hope and a surge of excitement that came from an unlikely source – his VP choice of Sarah Palin. Say what you want about the events that followed, but there is no denying that Sarah Palin brought the only glimmer of hope to McCain’s campaign. Romney has a LOT of convincing to do with conservatives, but I think he could pull off a win against President Obama if he were to choose one of the following potential VP candidates.

Here are my top 2012 Republican VP choices in a nutshell. I chose them all for their own unique reason – and this is only my surface review. I don’t have the time or resources to vet them, but as far as public knowledge goes, they could all benefit Romney in the general election for various reasons.

Allen West

2012-vp-choice-allen-westAllen West is a U.S. Representative (Republican) for Florida’s 22nd congressional district. West took office in January of 2011, and he is the first black Republican Congressman from Florida since Josiah T. Walls left office in 1876. West brings a life-long career of military leadership and national defense experience and knowledge to the table. His conservative values and his support from the Tea Party have brought him to the spotlight, along with his blatant outspokenness and opposition regarding radical Islam and the potential threat from the Middle East to the United States. West is also an advocate of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” policy, and has stood in the gap for black conservatism, which is somewhat of a taboo in the United States. Allen West would make a great Vice President because he has some contrasting experience in comparison to Mitt Romney, and his ability to communicate resonating messages with black conservatives would help capture and possibly split the “black vote.”

Rick Santorum

2012-vp-choice-rick-santorumRick Santorum was able to catapult his campaign during the primaries and captured the attention of the media and conservative Americans around the country. Santorum is widely known for his passionate socially conservative views, and his deep love of American family values. Mitt Romney’s conservative (or lack of) record has created doubt in the minds of true conservatives, and Santorum would help seal in the ultra-conservative vote – voters who would potentially stay at home during the General Election. The downside to Santorum would be that some have taken his ideas out of context and have painted him as a conservative extremist, which is the same thing as a terrorist to the media.

Marco Rubio

2012-vp-choice-marco-rubioMarco Rubio is a United States Senator (Republican) from Florida, and in my opinion, Rubio is the future of American conservatism. Marco Rubio is a huge threat to the left because he represents the reality of the American dream – coming from literally nothing. His conservative message resonates with the vast majority of the country, and like Allen West and Herman Cain, he would be able to capture the votes of those he has had cultural influence on – the Latin community. The only caveat with Rubio is that he is a junior Senator and lacks experience. Another thing to consider is that a VP run with Romney might be future political suicide. I, personally don’t believe this, because I think he has something special going on that even Romney couldn’t negatively affect.

Sarah Palin

2012-vp-choice-sarah-palinI can already see the reactions to this one. You think I’m crazy, I know. Sarah Palin has a lot of baggage, but with that baggage comes millions upon millions of supporters, and sometimes the best way to measure a persons influence and success is by the number of enemies that they have. Sarah Palin was the single determining factor in any sliver of hope that McCain had in 2008, and her tenacity to not back down despite the completely disgusting treatment of her and her family inspired people to get behind her. A lot has changed since 2008, but her
popularity has only grown, and I think that she would provide the same electrifying results that we saw in 2008… only this time with a somewhat viable presidential candidate.

Paul Ryan

2012-vp-choice-paul-ryanPaul Ryan is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, and has served since 1999. He is a member of the Republican Party and has been ranked among the party’s most influential voices on economic policy. Ryan is not quite as exciting as some of the others in regards to public appeal, and his experience isn’t quite as contrasting as the others either, but he does more than just talk a big game – he actually proposes real changes. Agree with him or not, he has led the charge in effort to balance our national budget and cut deficits. This would put dual-authority figures in the field of fiscal issues.

Herman Cain

2012-vp-choice-herman-cainHerman Cain… the black conservative business man that fell victim to a modern-day media lynching when he was accused by several unknown women of sexual misconduct. Of course, as soon as Cain dropped from the race, the allegations mysteriously disappeared and nobody ever heard from the women again – proof that it was all a political ploy. Cain was subject to this because he is NOT a politician, and he hasn’t spent his life in the corrupt line of Washington politics. He’s a successful business man with conservative values, and a knack for taking the liberal ideology head on. Herman Cain is also a Tea Party favorite.

Chris Christie

2012-vp-choice-chris-christieChris Christie is more of an honorable mention for me than he is a valid candidate for my conservative tastes. Christ Christie is somewhat of a RINO (Republican In Name Only) in my opinion due to his pro cap and trade support and the fact that he endorsed Mike Castle in Delaware during the 2010 Senate race. He also has a cloudy record on gun control, and advocates compromise in order to get Republicans elected. The good thing about him is that he is a take-no-prisoners debater and sticks to his guns when he gets behind an issue. I like someone who goes against the grain. If Tim Palwenty would have had his attitude and outlook, I believe that Pawlenty would be the Republican front-runner right now.

BY Kevin Webb

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Anonymous said...

I think that Rubio would be a great candidate as would Allen West. Ryan would be my third choice. Maybe Nikki Haley or Condi Rice. None of the others would be able to excite the conservative base.