Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama’s disapproval rating threatens to swamp his campaign

By Rebecca DiFede

In a nation consumed by the upcoming election, leading GOP candidate Mitt Romney is coming ever-closer to overcoming the campaign king, our illustrious incumbent President Obama.

And according to a Fox News poll, he may be closer than expected.
The poll was pretty extensive, and gives a specific look at how the country is feeling about the president versus the projected GOP nominee. But the general consensus is that despite his previous lead, Obama might have some competition from the Governor from Massachusetts.

The poll has reported that Romney is leading Obama 46-44 percent nationally, which is only the beginning.

Obama’s loudest cheering section, the mainstream Democrats, only report an 80 percent support of his presidency, down from 86 percent last month. This is a fascinating development because despite his faults, Democrats had always been completely infected with Obamarama.

However, perhaps when they look at their dwindling bank accounts, and borderline useless stock projections, they have begun to come out of their daze.

Another group that is important to focus on in this upcoming election are the Independents. Because of the polarization of this election, it’s pretty much going to come down to a popularity contest, and the Independent vote is going to be crucial in deciding a winner.
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