Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pau Gasol is Blake Griffin's most recent victim

18 Responses to “Video: Blake Griffin With a Monster Putback Dunk Over Pau Gasol”. ben zonah Posted: Apr.4 at 11:37 pm. all the haters best stfu. if u dont like dunks go watch the wnba. nbk Posted: Apr.4 at 11:39 pm. Smh

Pau Gasol didn't know what was going on until it was way too late. Blake Griffin came form the three point line and was quietly resting his junk on Pau Gasol's shoulder by the time Pau even thought about boxing out. Tweet
Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers has become the latest victim of the terror that is Blake Griffin in last nights highly anticipated game between the LA Lakers and.

Another game, another flurry of monster dunks by Blake Griffin. The supporting actor in Blake's latest highlight reel: Pau Gasol.

At the beginning of the game, Blake Griffin jumped over Pau's back for a huge dunk that left Gasol crumpled up on the floor. In the third quarter, Griffin cocked back and dropped the hammer on Gasol. If you look closely, you might notice Pau get hit

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