Thursday, April 5, 2012

No African-American senators likely in near future

(CNN) - Few might realize it, but Tuesday's primary elections might have quietly sealed the racial and ethnic makeup of the U.S. Senate for a couple of more years.

On Tuesday, C. Anthony Muse, thought to be the strongest black candidate for U.S. Senate this year, lost his Democratic primary race in Maryland, coming in a distant second to Sen. Ben Cardin, the incumbent. CNN found only one other African-American on a Senate ballot, a Florida candidate who isn't getting much attention among a wide field of contenders.

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FBI Posts Gotti Surveillance Film on 20 Year Anniverary of His Conviction

By Allan Lengel

Twenty years ago to this month, the feds finally nailed Godfather John Gotti, convicting him after several failed attempts.

As the FBI points out on its website, he was known as the “Dapper Don” for his nice threads and the “Teflon Don” for his ability to avoid convictions.

To commemorate the victory, the FBI has posted surveillance video of Gotti in the 1980s and 1990s.
Gotti died prison in 2002.

In the end, his son John (Junior) Gotti proved to be the Teflon Don. The feds failed to convict him on multiple charges after four times and finally gave up.

Ex- Secret Service Agent Writes Fond Book About Jackie O

By Allan Lengel

Ex-Secret Service agent Clint Hill has penned a book on his fond memories of protecting Jacqueline Kennedy.

NBC’s TODAY Books reports that Hill, who protected Jackie O for for years, and became her confidant, has written a book entitled “Mrs. Kennedy and Me.”

At one point in the book, Hill describes a conversation with Jackie O in which she expresses concern about having any privacy with the Secret Service always around.

“I’m worried, Mr. Hill,” she said, as her brow furrowed slightly, “about losing all semblance of privacy.

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Buffett rule heads to the Senate; Let the tax season begin

By Rebekah Rast

Nothing like a little tax question from the president to get you ready for April 17:

“When it comes to paying down the deficit and investing in our future, should we ask middle class Americans to pay even more at a time when their budgets are already stretched to the breaking point? Or, should we ask some of the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share?” President Obama said in his weekly address.

Interesting how the only option is an either or. Tax one group or tax the other — take your pick.
Obviously, the president would like to tax the “rich,” using his favorite model provided by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Under the Buffett rule everyone making more than $1 million will pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes — whether it comes from income or investment.

According to the Huffington Post, Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that if the Buffett rule is enacted, it would only collect $47 billion through 2022 — a drop in the bucket compared with the $7 trillion in federal budget deficits projected during that period.

Where are the trillions of other dollars going to come from to pay down the deficit, Mr. President?
You see, even if Obama got everything he wanted, no strings attached, it wouldn’t help bring down the deficit. Taking more from one group to use on another is nothing but the redistribution of wealth. It does not create new wealth and will not get America a balanced budget.

In fact, a likely scenario if the Buffett rule was enacted would be to see the country go from bad to worse — further troubling the fiscal crisis facing America.

The wealthy in this country usually invest their earnings. They invest their wealth so it grows, but their investment also provides capital for the growth of businesses, small and large alike. If suddenly both investment and regular income are taxed at a much higher rate, less money will become available for American businesses.
Even The Christian Science Monitor explains that this rule sounds good in theory, but won’t work in practice:
“The Buffett rule sounds good in principle. High-income taxpayers should pay at least as large a share of their income in taxes as the rest of us. But most already do. On average, middle-income households will pay 2015 taxes totaling about 15 percent of their income (using the legislation’s definition). Without the Buffett rule, more than 99 percent of millionaires will pay more than that and only about 4,000 will pay less. Barely 10 percent of them will pay less than 20 percent. The proposed legislation would certainly raise taxes on a lot of high-income taxpayers. But the price would be even more complicated tax code.”
Even those media outlets that typically support the president can’t get all the way behind this plan. Nevertheless, the plan is scheduled for a vote in the Senate on April 16.

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NLRB numbers add up but the rhetoric doesn’t

By Mark Wohlschlegel II

As has been his practice, Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon released his annual summary of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) activities for the Fiscal Year.
One would expect all doom and gloom considering the harsh picture painted by critics of the union election process and how hard they and members of the NLRB had to fight (both internally and externally) last year to push through their “streamlined elections” rule. It was heralded as necessary to “reduce unnecessary litigation” and “streamline pre- and post- election procedures.”

If you listened to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the process was a “broken, bureaucratic maze.” Rep. George Miller (D-CA) also criticized it as vulnerable to manipulation and delay.

Yet, despite all this criticism, Acting General Counsel Solomon praises the work of NLRB in Fiscal Year 2011 as “once again outstanding.”
This praise seems rather out of place given the harsh rhetoric above that describes a system that is both “broken” and “vulnerable.” However, upon investigation of the numbers, one cannot help but notice a clear contradiction.
As indicated in Table 1, the NLRB’s efficiency in conducting elections has remained rather steady over the past four years.

Table 2 makes the point that the NLRB has accomplished this despite having a fluctuating caseload over the past four years.


Similar to our comment submitted on NLRB’s Streamline of Elections Rule, the numbers here do not justify either the harsh criticism of the process, or the NLRB’s curious urgency in implementing the sweeping reform of “streamlining” union elections. Overall, the NLRB has maintained steady progress in both its effectiveness and efficiency of handling its workload. In FY 2011 the numbers dip slightly. That being said, the NLRB admittedly still met most of their targets for the year:

The Agency exceeded two of its three ambitious overarching goals and came close to achieving the third, closing 84.7 percent of all representation cases within 100 days (target 85 percentg), 72.5 percent of all unfair labor practice cases within 120 days (target 71.2 percent), and 83.2 percent of all meritorious unfair labor practice cases within 365 days (target 80.2 percent). The target for each 2011 overarching goal was higher than in FY 2010 and has been increased for FY 2012.
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Big government is extremism

By Bill Wilson

As originally published at
One of the most time-honored tricks in politics is the act of accusing your opponent of your own worst crime. Doing so confuses the mass of the population. It allows the trickster to assume the mantle of righteous indignation, wrapping their stern lectures in the aura of high morality. And, of course, it is all a lie, nothing more than a device to try to escape accountability.

This came to mind as I read the ravings of the hard-Left in the “main stream” press. From Krugman to Dionne, the arbiters of what is acceptable socialist thought in America have screamed their buzzword – “extremists.” What has them all worked-up is the possibility that the Supreme Court will follow the Constitution and as much as 69 percent of the American people and throw the Obama healthcare takeover into the trash where it so richly deserves to be.

“Extreme” they yell! Where are the “good Republicans” of the past, those quisling souls who always agreed with the underlying assumptions of the all-powerful centralized state, those “moderates” who were the first to concede to the demands of the Left, who only wanted to make the state “run efficiently”? Where are they? I can tell you – they’re hiding, worried about being defeated in primaries or run out before there were defeated. They never represented the conservative movement.
Dionne can try to rewrite history all he wants but the facts remain – the “good Republicans” he longs for were never more than a fraction of the GOP and today are far less.

For a generation or more, the Left has worked to spin the illusion that there was a consensus in America in favor of the all-powerful, unrestrained, ever-growing federal government. The only debate was a matter of degree, mere nuance. Any true alternative was by definition “extreme.” But this was the greatest lie perpetrated on the American people in the post-World War II era. There was no such consensus and there was in fact no constituency inside the GOP for it. The deep alienation of millions of Americans – Republicans, Independents and yes, Democrats – from their government is a direct result of government pushing the policies of the Big Government Illusion to the exclusion of policies that actually have the support of the people.
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Pau Gasol is Blake Griffin's most recent victim

18 Responses to “Video: Blake Griffin With a Monster Putback Dunk Over Pau Gasol”. ben zonah Posted: Apr.4 at 11:37 pm. all the haters best stfu. if u dont like dunks go watch the wnba. nbk Posted: Apr.4 at 11:39 pm. Smh

Pau Gasol didn't know what was going on until it was way too late. Blake Griffin came form the three point line and was quietly resting his junk on Pau Gasol's shoulder by the time Pau even thought about boxing out. Tweet
Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers has become the latest victim of the terror that is Blake Griffin in last nights highly anticipated game between the LA Lakers and.

Another game, another flurry of monster dunks by Blake Griffin. The supporting actor in Blake's latest highlight reel: Pau Gasol.

At the beginning of the game, Blake Griffin jumped over Pau's back for a huge dunk that left Gasol crumpled up on the floor. In the third quarter, Griffin cocked back and dropped the hammer on Gasol. If you look closely, you might notice Pau get hit

Muslim Brotherhood envoys met with White House officials in DC – Fox News

Fox News
Muslim Brotherhood envoys met with White House officials in DC
Fox News
White House officials met this week with envoys from the Muslim Brotherhood, in the latest sign that the Islamist group is returning to prominence in post-Mubarak Egypt after years in political exile. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said ...
Brotherhood candidate registersBBC News
Supporters hail Brotherhood bid for Egypt presidencyReuters Africa
Egypt clerics: Brotherhood candidate promised Shariah law is final goalChristian Science Monitor

Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030

By Eric Pfeiffer

The Sideshow

A new study from researchers at Jay W. Forrester’s institute at MIT says that the world could suffer from “global economic collapse” and “precipitous population decline” if people continue to consume the world’s resources at the current pace.

Smithsonian Magazine writes that Australian physicist Graham Turner says “the world is on track for disaster” and that current evidence coincides with a famous, and in some quarters, infamous, academic report from 1972 entitled, “The Limits to Growth.”

Produced for a group called The Club of Rome, the study’s researchers created a computing model to forecast different scenarios based on the current models of population growth and global resource consumption. The study also took into account different levels of agricultural productivity, birth control and environmental protection efforts. Twelve million copies of the report were produced and distributed in 37 different languages.

Most of the computer scenarios found population and economic growth continuing at a steady rate until about 2030. But without “drastic measures for environmental protection,” the scenarios predict the likelihood of a population and economic crash.

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