Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piers Morgan bullies Milwaukee Sheriff who said his citizens should arm themselves

The other day Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke released a PSA advising his citizens to get the proper gun training and arm themselves because, due to layoffs and furlows, calling 911 is no longer the best option. Well of course this caught Piers Morgan’s attention and he had Clarke on his show as well as Milwaukee Mayor and failed recall candidate for WI governor Tom Barrett.

Of course, what ensued was a bully campaign against the Sheriff from Piers Morgan, despite the Sheriff’s reasoning for even making the ad. He told Morgan that due to budget cuts he’s had to layoff 42 officers and the Milwaukee police department is furlowing about 4500 officer hours. In short, they just don’t have the resources. But Morgan accused the Sheriff of creating a ‘wild wild west’ atmosphere with a ‘racy Hollywood ad’ that’s causing citizens to just start firing their weapons over nothing. And when the Sheriff couldn’t supply the personal defense statistics on-demand that Piers Morgan asked for, Morgan accused him of not ‘having a clue’ and it went on from there.

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