Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nun gets nearly 3 years in prison for nuke protest

An 84-year-old nun was sentenced Tuesday to nearly three years in prison for breaking into a nuclear weapons complex and defacing a bunker holding bomb-grade uranium, a demonstration that exposed serious security flaws at the Tennessee plant....
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Reported by Powell Gammill

Ex-Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Family Dies

02-18-2014 AP

A former soldier convicted in 2009 of raping and killing a teenage Iraqi girl and using a shotgun to gun down her family died in an Arizona prison over the weekend in what officials suspect was a suicide....
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Reported by Powell Gammill

North Korea Abuses Human Rights: Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

02-19-2014, Ivan Eland
Yet public criticism of its human rights record by international bodies, such as the United Nations, and individual states, such as the Unite States, usually causes North Korea to deny it, then fume, and then continue or escalate the abusive practices just to spite the international community.
And Kim Jong-un, the young ruler of North Korea, may be even more ruthless and erratic than his despotic father, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Yet the almost 65-year U.S.-led effort to isolate this regime has failed--as also has the 55-year attempt to do the same with the Castro brothers in Cuba. In both cases, isn't it time to try alternatives to these "isolationist" policies?
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U.K. authorities grill Edward Snowden’s lawyer at Heathrow Airport

02-19-2014 TechDirt

One of the most chilling moments so far in the Snowden saga was when Glenn Greenwald's partner David Miranda was held and interrogated for nine hours at London's Heathrow airport by the UK authorities, in a series of moves worthy of a tinpot dictatorship. And in case you thought that was a one-off, they've done it again -- this time, to Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer who represents Snowden and has spoken on his behalf several times. Here's what happened....
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Reported by Powell Gammill

NJ Port Authority probing whether officer drove Chris Christie ally through Bridgegate area

02-19-2014 .
.... A source close to the Port Authority Police Department told The Star-Ledger on Sunday that the probe will focus on reports that Michaels, a 15-year veteran of the department and a member of its GWB unit, chauffeured former Port Authority official David Wildstein through Fort Lee's traffic-congested streets on the first of four days of closures. Wildstein is the former Christie-backed Port Authority official who ordered the closure of two of three local-access lanes from Fort Lee to the bridge....
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Reported by Powell Gammill

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daryl Brooks Successfully Resists the State’s Attempt to Silence Him

Daryl Mikell Brooks

I got a  call from my friend Daryl Brooks last week.  You may recall that he did time for a travesty of justice that I will not get into.  To this day he has denied the allegations.
He was paroled.  The parole board told him to admit guilt but he would not.  He was paroled anyway.  He has been living, more or less, in the Trenton area and has resumed his activist ways over the past few years.  He has run for various offices, including the US Senate, even though he had no money or party support.  He has continually pushed for Immigration reform, prison reform, oversight of the criminal justice system, and for conservative causes.  The local politicians want to be rid of him because he tells the truth to anyone who will listen.
During his most recent parole review the board again told him to admit to the “crime”.  He refused.  They then took action to revoke his parole.  New Jersey Parole Board employees arrested Brooks May 2012, they charged him with violating conditions of his parole, citing his failure to admit guilt during counseling the Board forced him to undertake a few years ago despite years of infraction-free parole.
Brook’s May arrest forced him to spend his rent money on bail resulting in his eviction.
In bashing Brooks for parole violation Board personnel also barred him from the Internet.
Well, last week Daryl won.
The court threw out the state’s attempt to put him back into prison.  In doing so they upheld the first and  fifth amendments and the rights of everyone to resist the state’s attempts to control us.
Daryl is not yet out of the woods.  He is do to be done with all of parole this year.  The New Jersey goons will be watching his every step.  No doubt the want to arrest him for littering or jay walking.
In the eyes of the state Daryl Brooks has several strikes against him:  he is a conservative, he is an activist, and he stands up for what is right rather than what is convenient.  He has demonstrated the courage of his conviction (no pun intended) and has provided an example that most of us should follow.
By George Hathaway