Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daryl Brooks Successfully Resists the State’s Attempt to Silence Him

Daryl Mikell Brooks

I got a  call from my friend Daryl Brooks last week.  You may recall that he did time for a travesty of justice that I will not get into.  To this day he has denied the allegations.
He was paroled.  The parole board told him to admit guilt but he would not.  He was paroled anyway.  He has been living, more or less, in the Trenton area and has resumed his activist ways over the past few years.  He has run for various offices, including the US Senate, even though he had no money or party support.  He has continually pushed for Immigration reform, prison reform, oversight of the criminal justice system, and for conservative causes.  The local politicians want to be rid of him because he tells the truth to anyone who will listen.
During his most recent parole review the board again told him to admit to the “crime”.  He refused.  They then took action to revoke his parole.  New Jersey Parole Board employees arrested Brooks May 2012, they charged him with violating conditions of his parole, citing his failure to admit guilt during counseling the Board forced him to undertake a few years ago despite years of infraction-free parole.
Brook’s May arrest forced him to spend his rent money on bail resulting in his eviction.
In bashing Brooks for parole violation Board personnel also barred him from the Internet.
Well, last week Daryl won.
The court threw out the state’s attempt to put him back into prison.  In doing so they upheld the first and  fifth amendments and the rights of everyone to resist the state’s attempts to control us.
Daryl is not yet out of the woods.  He is do to be done with all of parole this year.  The New Jersey goons will be watching his every step.  No doubt the want to arrest him for littering or jay walking.
In the eyes of the state Daryl Brooks has several strikes against him:  he is a conservative, he is an activist, and he stands up for what is right rather than what is convenient.  He has demonstrated the courage of his conviction (no pun intended) and has provided an example that most of us should follow.
By George Hathaway

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Anonymous said...

he needs to contact mike brown !
If he uses an attorney, they will take a dive and tank his case