Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fundraiser For Martin Luther King Jr. SCLC Is Coming To Trenton, NJ

Daryl Mikell Brooks
My friends, America is a troubled place and we have all seen too many dreams fade away. We have millions who are impoverished, millions in prisons, and millions more without access to a quality education. We live in a nation where not one, but both of the leading parties - yes Democrats and Republicans - have abandoned those who need them the most in order to guarantee the privilege of those who line their pockets. But there is one thing they have forgotten; there is one thing that they have underestimated. They have forgotten that it is precisely those who struggle, who built this country, and it is the poor the oppressed, and the neglected who will fight to make it great.

As the Future President of the Trenton, NJ SCLC, I have joined people of faith in Trenton, New Jersey and all across this country in taking up the banner of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To say that we must not let dreams of a better world remain dreams. We must fight to make those dreams a reality. We must always pray with our hearts, but we must also pray with our hands for a where equality, opportunity, peace and justice are not just nice words at campaign time but the lived experience of every generation.

And what kind of prayer will that be? It will be a prayer to reform a criminal justice system that continues to indict the color of skin. It will be a prayer that begs that all people are to be treated with the dignity they deserve, that they will have access to health care. It will be a prayer that seeks to squash poverty, to fight for better schools, we that protects all God's children. It is a prayer to preserve this creation that God has so blessed us with and to restore suburb, city, and country. It will be a prayer that ends senseless violence in our communities.

My dear citizens, it will always be dangerous to raise our voice as the citizens of old once did. We will always be in danger for attempting to right wrongs, but I must ask: if not now, then when? If not us, then who? The time has come for a new voice, one that places peace and justice at the very heart of its ideology. The time has come to admit that the party we have supported for so long has taken us for granted. It is time now for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The Issues 1.Non Violence Education 2.Voter Empowerment 3.Justice System Reform 4. Education Reform 5. Direct Action 6. Fair Employment Practices 7. Occupational Justice and more to come..

Support We need $3,000 to kick of this new chapter that will bring a new christian light to the city and state of New Jersey . So we are asking for your support for this new chapter that will start in February.

                                                 Board Member/Marcus Johnson

Daryl Mikell Brooks and George Davis

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